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Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm III

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The Control Paradigm III by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


What we take for granted, didn’t exist back in 1980, for we didn’t have Personal Computers, we had no Graphical User Interface, and we did not have an Internet that connected banks of data and information.

We did not have powerful search engines, enabling the ability to collect massive amounts of qualified data, regarding any subject-matter desired by the user. These things simply didn’t exist. All we had were libraries, such as community and university libraries which were limited by the amount of books and periodicals that they contained on their shelves.

Apple Computer created the first GUI (Graphical User Interface) in 1987, while Microsoft created the first software architecture enabling computers to associate (operate and connect) with each other. These were the seminal years, the so-called formative years of the early developmental stage. The concept of communication with other users only became available via specific user based protocols established by the intelligence communities and their associated partnership with special university protocols over dedicated T-1 (AT&T) lines.

Within just thirty (30) years we have the most sophisticated knowledgebase the world has ever known. Information is expanding so fast that knowledge is becoming infinitely exponential, limited only by the imagination of the specific user. The virtual world has become the primary world for our knowledge box.

We depend on it, whether we like it or not, because of its ubiquitous nature and character. And as long as we remain addicted to it, it will continue to solidify each and everyone of us to each other.

While the technical ability to gain greater knowledge is apparent, as a nation, we have become less educated, and therefore hostage to the control of others. This is not the fault of the Internet, or the system that we use to gain knowledge, but the content of the subject-matter presented at our educational systems.

Students simply are not taught to reason for themselves, or to think outside of their group peers. Students have been taught to think collectively, and not as individuals. Instead of becoming leaders, they have been taught to follow the advice of others. This is the very heart of the intent of the control paradigm.

Those that can think for themselves, and have learned the requisite criteria, such as history, science, physics, government, mathematics, chemistry, language, at least have a formal reference, which enables them to maintain a consistent milieu that structures their private reality, sustaining them as they encounter life’s challenges.

The point is that the tools of learning and achieving a knowledgebase is easier and simpler today, than at any other time in history period, due to the fact that the Internet via search engines such as Google enable the user to verify any and all subject-matter instantaneously. Knowledge, information, data, news, email not to mention entertainment is just a mere keystroke away. We now refer to the net, as the ‘information superhighway.’ We are no longer confined to the limitations of the control paradigm, such as the establishment media, establishment press, or the established political criteria. We can now research anything, anyone, anywhere, and at anytime. The control paradigm does not appreciate that, and is actively doing something about it.

The control paradigm does not like Net Neutrality, and they are actively voicing their opposition to the relative freedom that the Internet provides the average individual. For example the individual is free to achieve answers on their own, simply by researching all of the available data, references and criteria for their particular concern, or questions. For those of you who can remember when Cablevision became a reality in the early 1980s, they can recall how nice it was to view a program without the bothersome commercials that were ubiquitous on regular TV. In fact, that was one of the major selling points of Cablevision. No commercials, just good quality programming, such as entertainment, educational programs, movies, science programs, 24 hour news programs (CNN) were just starting in their infancy. They were effectively competing with the establishment, and they were the alternative to the establishment. This became a major selling point to those who did not want the fluff, commercials or the limitation of the establishment media.

Finally we had an alternative, a distinct dichotomy separating the past from the present, and hopefully providing a better future for those wishing to maintain their sense of equilibrium in an uncertain world.

Eventually the establishment recognized their de facto separation and their collective intent resurfaced once again, until there is virtually no difference between the two. Only now Cablevision customers must pay for the commercials that they are forced to listen to, and are unfortunately subject to media content that is provided by the establishment without regard for the wishes of the individual users. The control paradigm is ever present, and is a continuous drain on the limited resources of the community.

Net Neutrality was the ability to collect information freely from any and all sources tied directly to the Internet, without regard or need to maintain any quality but direct access. Information was free to anyone who had access to a provider, and it was unlimited. In short order we became hooked on the easy access to a knowledge base unparalleled in human history. Our knowledge box was limited only by our imagination, and the willingness to acquire information.

And unless you voice your objection to their intent to remove Net Neutrality, your ability to continue as usual will be curtailed permanently.


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Fritz Springmeier is a significant Christian and a follower of Jesus. His revelations of the Illuminati, their culture, and their hidden mysteries, forced the Illuminati to curtail his activity by imprisoning him on trumped up charges. His discovery and revelation of the Illuminati mind control formula, demonstrated that this mystery has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. It is a Satanic system of ritual child abuse, enabling multiple personalities or alters to switch from a front alter of normal personality in appearance and observation, to a deviant, or Satanic personality, as needed, in fulfillment of any type of action that is secretly required of any of their members at any given timeframe. Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation provided a significant start point for my investigation of how the Illuminati controls its paradigm. John Todd Collins is probably the most interesting discovery for the serious minded skeptic-analyst, because he provided revelation as an ‘insider’ turned ‘convert’ and therefore provided both confusion and credibility. Most Christians, at least the nominal groups, have no understanding regarding anything other than their upbringing and conformity within their own religious traditions and teachings. So when they are confronted by ‘real’ individuals who claim to be from the Illuminati, they refuse to accept reality, primarily due to the structured ‘cognitive dissonance’ that they carry with them their entire lives. Those Christians, however, who, are gifted by the Holy Spirit, are not subject to ‘cognitive dissonance’ but have spiritual discernment, and can recognize what it is that they are appreciating, as they are led by the Holy Spirit.

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