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Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - East

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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor The Control Paradigm (East) [Control by Extermination] Copyright © 2009


There is another aspect of the control paradigm rarely mentioned or analyzed by the general populace or academics, and that is the Eastern portion of the equation. I’ve already presented the appropriate links in explaining the Western section of the Control Paradigm.

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm is the most misunderstood aspect of the Western political spectrum, causing confusion and misrepresentation regarding controls in politics, economics and technology. I’ve attempted to rectify this by providing the appropriate qualifiers and the proper subject-matter regarding this issue. The Hegelian nature of the paradigm becomes apparent when you begin to recognize the structured dichotomy of managing two separate spheres of influences and how both eastern and western halves of the Control Paradigm equation are ultimately being maneuvered against each other.


FBI Files On Owen Lattimore]<pesn type=[" str="Owen Lattimore and the Loss of China"></pesn> US vs. Owen Lattimore


'Documentation: Institute of Pacific Relations – 82D Congress 2d Session – Report No. 2050'


: Second Session Pursuant to S. Res. 366 (81st Congress)



: July 2 (legislative day June 27), 1952.—Ordered to be printed


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The Control Paradigm – East, is the study in the ultimate form of control, i.e., suppression and liquidation of whole populations via genocide, ethnic cleansing, and outright extermination in all forms: Death by Government written by R. J. Rummel is a very good synopsis of this subject-matter. The Curriculum Vitae of Dr. Rummel adequately explains Rummel’s expertise regarding this subject-matter. Death by Government explains what many academics have feared to provide, namely, an accurate assessment of what the absence of freedom will ultimately lead to, namely death and destruction at the hands of a despotic dictatorship.


Stalin eliminated his opposition in the Ukraine, by starvation, in the millions. Ukrainian farmers refused to form collectives, as instructed, hording seed, and storing food for their families. Stalin retaliated by forcefully harvesting the wheat, and other grain stocks, leaving the Ukrainians to slowly starve inside their homes, villages, and countryside. He positioned troops inside the Ukraine, preventing those farmers and population from leaving their homes and villages. Within a month every man woman and child were dead, dying horrible deaths of malnutrition from forced hunger. Such was the cruelty of Stalinism. History has slowly begun to reveal this horrible truth.


The Rape of Nanking by Japanese Forces

(These Chinese were buried alive by Japanese Forces)


And while death, resulting from brutality and inhumanity is extreme, nothing compares to the horrors of the Russian Slave Labor Camps,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=18a173eca8d2a192located in the North Siberian region of Russia. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn wrote about his own personal experiences within the Soviet Slave Labor Prison System.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn 1918-2008






The Barnes Review: The Jews In The Soviet Union (Part 2) Two Hundred Years Together (Alexander Solzhenitzen)

Two Hundred Years Together (Alexander Solzhenitsyn)

An interesting book written by Solzhenitsyn just before his death, a book that the West refuses to publish in the English language. Solzhenitsyn was an orthodox Russian Christian, who decided to describe his jailers, their philosophy, and their intent to destroy more than sixty-six (66,000,000) million Russian Christians in the Russian Gulag system, primarily because they were innocent Christians. And a reminder that millions of Armenians were slaughtered, just because they were Christians as well. What is being hidden from the English speaking world? Why won't the Western World publish the book in the English language?

Review of the Book: Two Hundred Years Together: Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Two Hundred Years Together by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Interview with Solzhenitsyn about Two Hundred Years Together

English Translation

Soviet Forced Labor Camps - And the Struggle for Freedom

Forced Labor Camps

Gulag - Communism's Penal Colonies Revisited

Kolyma - Journey into the Gulag Archipelago

Kolyma - The Road of Death

'''Kolyma - The Land of Gold and Death

Kolyma - Land of the White Death

Kolyma - The Artic Death Camps

Soviet Gulag Era [in pictures]

White Sea – Baltic Sea Canal

Vorkuta - The Soviet Holocaust



China today is the last vestige of repressive totalitarianism. It continues because of an economic policy created by the West called NAFTA and the support of the Russell Trust Association and its members. This relationship is creating one of the most powerful economic and military superpowers on the face of the Earth. China is fast becoming a dangerous military and economic weapon against Western Interests, which ultimately is developing into the next Hegelian dialectic of potential managed and controlled conflict origination.

Because of my knowledge of Antony C. Sutton's Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1965 I recognize immediately the same type of system is being engineered and fostered by American and International corporate interests right now within China. Because of the declining birthrate, aging population of the United States, and the wasteful spending of our economic wealth and young military assets, I am witnessing the deliberate engineering of the collapse of the United States by our own political leadership. This decline of the West, particularly the United States, may ultimately enable the Chinese to invade the United States and enslave it as well. Think about it!


China - The World's Biggest Slave Labor Camp

Laogai—The Chinese Gulag by Hungda Harry Wu [Book Review]

Harry Wu On The Real China

Tibet - China's "Siberia" Slave Labor System

Falun Gong - Where in China are your Dolls & Toys Made?

Women Killed For Writing "Quit CCP Slogans on Bank Notes

Americans Fund Slave Labor

Chinese Slave Labor Floods NAFTA Marketplace


Cambodia Under Pol Pot

Pol Pot

The Killing Fields of Cambodia


Ethnic Cleansing


Population Control Agenda


Why The AIDS Epidemic Hasn't Been Resolved (or) Culling The HERD

FDR: The Other Side of the Coin: How We Were Tricked into World War II by Hamilton Fish

FDR: Communist Dictator

The Jewish Conspiracy Theory

'Mordechai Chaim Rumkowski'

'The Rothschild Money Trust'

'Zionism vs Orthodox Judaism Arguments'