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Site:LRP:The Control of Health and Natural Cures versus Medicine

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The Control of Health and Natural Cures versus Medicine by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


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Many of you probably think that medicine is a topic, that does not require evaluation, since it is widely believed to address significant maladies and provides significant remedies in most cases. Many of us faithfully go to our family doctors, and are thankful for their medical advice and prescriptions. And indeed, they do provide significant solace, when and if, we find ourselves in dire predicaments, necessitating their sage advice and medical remedies.

But there is a significant history pertaining to physical cures, that fall under a different category and a different perspective, that has been hidden and deliberately obfuscated by the "control" paradigm, which I believe necessitates clarification and further revelation pertaining to the human condition.

Royal Raymond Rife discovered a significant principle pertaining to most virus’s, in that they sustained a significant similarity, namely, that they were structured much like ‘crystals’ in nature and thus sustained a significant defect. They could be shattered when subjected to the proper conditions and resonances, incorporating controlled frequencies, fined tuned to their specific nature and structured attributes. To bring this down to common terminology, much like a glass goblet, which can be shattered when subjected to high notes vocalized by an opera singer, who reaches the appropriate frequency attuned and attenuated to the goblet's internal innate structure, thus destabilizing its pattern and frame, until it shatters, collapsing from the stresses provided by the opera singer’s vocal sound waves.]

Due to his relationship with a significant benefactor, Henry Timkin, Rife was provided with a significant laboratory, and funding enabling him to discover the means and methods, to actually view microorganisms, such as bacteria and their associated virus’s. Before there was even an electron microscope, Royal Raymond Rife, created a significant method of viewing such organisms, via a powerful microscope, fashioned, using optics and light wave technologies formulated by his own ingenuity and skill. I will let the documentation provide the appropriate proofs and references.

Rife enabled the ability to view bacteria, virus’s and thereby enabled the ability to destroy these same organisms, via light wave and sound wave dynamics, in essence shattering these organisms within the human body, before the introduction of chemical and pharmacological methodologies. Rife’s methods were immediate and direct, and did not necessitate invasive digestive oral methods or drug use.

Rife in this fashion enabled the significant cure for cancer, and most diseases caused by virus’s and bacteria.

The Control Paradigm intervened and ultimately suppressed his invention:

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The control and political correctness of curing Cancer is breath-taking within the United States. Our modern treatment of cancer remediation is nothing short of experimental and resembles hypothesis and supposition regarding methodology of treatment and experimental usage of chemotherapy and similar drug formats. And in many respects, the cure can be more difficult to handle than the condition itself. With this in mind, there was one individual who, though regarded as a quack, by the Federal Government, provided significant cure rates among his clientele. Regardless of what you might think of Harry Hoxsey, he was well respected by the individuals who went to him seeking remedy of their cancer condition. Hoxsey, provided hope and solace to those who went to him, and in most cases DID cure his clientele, using a topical application handed down from his family. Nonetheless, Hoxsey, was unable to cure his own condition (which was internal).

When a family recently attempted to find an alternative cancer treatment other than chemotherapy, they were subjected to significant, political, psychological and legal controls:

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