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The Conspiracy To Destroy And To Obfuscate Nikola Tesla by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009


Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Nikola Tesla was born between two ages, epochs if you will, right before the US Civil War and ending with his death, in the middle of World War II. His single solitary life forever changed, the manner and method, mankind would structure its physical reality. He single-handedly raised the standard of living of the western world with his ‘rotating magnetic field, ‘invention of radio’ transmission/reception (his four (4) tuned circuits), ‘robotics,’ 'remote control' and high speed production, not to mention his invention of ‘logic’ gate circuits catapulted mankind into the information age.

He singularly changed the course and shape of human history, providing humanity with innovations unparalleled and unheralded before or since, dramatically restructuring history from the horse and buggy era, into the hustle and bustle, of modern industrial expansion, complete with AC electrification, transmission of power, enabling high speed performance and production in the manufacture of commercial products, thus enabling the rapid deployment of production standards worldwide. Without Tesla, to put it mildly, we would still be in the ‘dark ages’ literally.

Tesla’s contributions are staggering, when you consider his accomplishments. His rotating magnetic field became our modern age of single and three phase motors, (not to mention, his power generation systems), powering such giants as General Motors, General Electric and United States Steel. Because of his rotating magnetic field, the United States became the ‘superpower’ of ‘industrialization,’ unparalleled in human history. The mighty productive capacity of the United States was exported worldwide, through technological transfers and direct sharing of those capabilities directly with the former Soviet Union and currently with Modern China.

Tesla’s forty (40) patents dealing with ‘electrification’ provided the means and methods necessary for such advancement. His collaboration with George Westinghouse enabled the systematic and fundamental dynamic changes that were necessary to bring such advancement to ultimate fruition. Without the beneficial collaboration of these two magnificent gentlemen (Tesla & Westinghouse), none of these accomplishments might ever have come about. Let me explain.

Tesla, enabled the electrification of transportation, his Tesla Coil, allowed for the combustion engine (spark plug), ignition coils, and his logic gates enabled the fruition of the computer age. His four (4) tuned circuits enabled the beginning stages of radio technology and modern entertainment. Fully 90% of the technologies we currently take for granted, originated from the fertile mind of Nikola Tesla.

And yet none of these accomplishments enabled Nikola Tesla a prominent historical accolade, nor historical recognition in our modern age. Why? What happened? Why the apparent, deliberate obfuscation of his successful accomplishments? Make no mistake, while many private individuals have revered and acknowledged Tesla’s brilliant accomplishments, none of those accomplishments afforded Tesla prominence or preeminence by the established elite. Tesla has been relegated to the past, obfuscated and derided as deranged, and obliterated from the present paradigm of modern electrical engineering. Truly, what went wrong? Why the apparent nonsequitor of creative inventive genius, relegated to mysticism, and myopic reclusive exclusivity, unbecoming of the greatness of Nikola Tesla?

I believe, based on the prevailing available evidence, that a conspiracy to destroy Nikola Tesla and those connected directly with him will become readily apparent when the ‘evidence’ is allowed to focus on the appropriate qualifiers.


Tesla's credentials are immense and staggering, considering the degree of his achievements and accomplishments worldwide. His influence truly encompasses global significance unparalleled in human history.



Tesla’s education is significant: (Undergraduate Studies - Austrian Polytechnic Institute at Graz: Separate Baccalaureate degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering. Graduate Studies - University of Prague: Physics.) Tesla first studied Physics (Faraday, especially Maxwell), then Mathematics, Group Theory, then Mechanical Engineering and finally Electrical Engineering. He was equipped to understand the intricacies of certain novelties of fact data. His graduate work in physics provided him with significant insights, due to the fact that James Clerk Maxwell, his contemporary, provided the appropriate partial ‘unified field theory’ then currently known to mankind.

Tesla’s enormous (intelligent) capabilities coupled with his photographic memory, enabled him to recognize specific phenomena pertaining to ‘rotation’ , ‘resonance’ , and ‘frequencies.’ Tesla looking at the workings of the natural world, merely duplicated its principles, harnessing its power, and altering its influences. What made Tesla significant, was his humanitarian approach, his desire to share his discoveries with mankind, not just the power brokers and financiers. He was directly challenging the ‘control’ paradigm of his day. Hence the need for secrecy.


Tesla knew that if he received backing from the powerful financial groups, that he would be controlled. He attempted to forestall ‘control’ by the powerful vested interests, because he knew that innovation, such as that which he was attempting to provide would radically alter the paradigm. Soon after his successful, triumphant return from Niagara Falls, and the installation of his electrification system, unique to all the world, he received terrible news. He was informed that his significant laboratory had burned down:

"Unfortunately his plans were frustrated and delayed. On the night of March 13, 1895, a fire broke out in the basement of 33 South Fifth Avenue and swept through the entire structure, including Tesla’s laboratory. All of his hundreds of invention models, plans, notes, laboratory data, tools, photographs- all were destroyed.

Not only was Tesla’s intellectual capital destroyed on that night, but he had no funds with which to start anew. It was a black, black day for Tesla, blacker than the smoldering ruins of his laboratory." Harnessing The Wheelwork of Nature by Thomas Valone [p. 116 - 117]



J. Pierpont Morgan pressured George Westinghouse to renege on his agreement with Nikola Tesla. He deliberately withheld funding from the Westinghouse Company, until the original agreement between Tesla and Westinghouse was abrogated, thereby stopping Tesla dead cold in his tracts. Tesla, a humanitarian, willingly tore up the original agreement with Westinghouse in order to save the Westinghouse firm. Morgan then proceeded to control the Westinghouse firm, unseating George Westinghouse from his own company, ruining Westinghouse personally and psychologically. Westinghouse died a few short years later, demoralized and completely broken.

Such was the utter ruthlessness of J. Pierpont Morgan exposed, who was not willing that any should benefit from their own ‘novelty of fact’ discoveries, especially, if it would completely destroy J. Pierpont Morgan’s own objectives, goals and ambitions.

Morgan had originally backed Thomas Alva Edison and his Direct Current system, he funded the entire Edison project, worldwide, he invested in the complete monopolization of the electrification system based on DC. Upon the successful completion of the Westinghouse/Tesla Niagara Falls Power Project, Morgan began his “control” paradigm, because he knew that Tesla’s power system would quickly supplant the Edison Electrification system based on DC, which was now ‘openly’ proven to be inferior to AC power generation.

Shortly thereafter Tesla’s laboratory was burned down and Westinghouse lost control of his own company. Morgan sent his own men to sit on the board of Westinghouse, unseating George Westinghouse sending him packing, never to return. Westinghouse died a short time thereafter, completely demoralized. Edison was regarded as a ‘loose’ cannon, and he too was removed from his own company, when Morgan reorganized the Edison firm into the General Electric Company. Morgan, the monopolist, exercised complete and absolute control.

Why haven’t you heard about this before, and why didn’t you read about this in the history books? Simple, because of the ‘control’ paradigm. Morgan and Rockefeller controlled the entire economic fabric of the United States. They supplied the raw materials, infrastructure, and the means of production. They financed all of the technologies, as they were being developed, controlling every aspect of their development. Morgan had invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the DC system, including the establishment of the grid, electrification technologies, and modes of transportation. Morgan ‘monopolized’ all production, including the ‘means and methods’ derived. When he determined the outcome and scope of the project funded, he gained control by owning the controlling stock within those companies. He was able to use ‘moral suasion’ due to his financial control over the newspapers, and advertising within those papers.

Ask yourself, "Why haven’t you heard about Nikola Tesla in your school textbooks?" Because all textbooks are published by the 'control' paradigm. General Electric is continuously promoted as the benefactor of electricity. Any and all references to Nikola Tesla are fundamentally deleted in school textbooks, while Marconi and Edison are promoted as the creators of ‘electricity,’ ‘electrification,’ and wireless communication. Unless you perform your own research, regarding this subject-matter you will never know about the factual reality behind the suppression of Nikola Tesla and George Westinghouse.

Tom Bearden and I have provided a paper regarding the suppression of Nikola Tesla’s primary energy source, explaining just one aspect of the ‘control’ paradigm, giving an interesting perspective regarding the mindset of the investment strategy of investment bankers and their significant intentions. In order to control profits derived from ‘investments,’ bankers are not immune from skulduggery and private strategies of control.

Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source



From: Adam Trombly

To: Leslie R. Pastor

Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 8:27 PM

Subject: Re: Tesla's Death

Hello Leslie,

Yes, in 1981 I was a speaker at the First International Conference on Novel Energy Technologies held at the University of Toronto. After a very warm ovation I was approached by many individuals, as always happens at these events. One individual claimed to be a former New York City Police Department Detective. He was in his seventies. He said that one of his first cases as a Detective was the investigation of Nikola Tesla’s death. He said that at first it was assumed that Tesla had died of old age but that he had found a note in Tesla’s hand that said simply "I have been poisoned". He went into some detail regarding the rather primitive forensics available at that time. He did say that Nikola Tesla was "definitely murdered" but when he and a fellow officer tried to pursue the investigation further, "The Feds waltzed in and took over." He said all the public was "allowed to hear" was that Tesla had died of "natural causes".

Although I do not at this point recall the gentleman’s full name he did indeed provide identification. He also had an old beat up leather briefcase of the accordion variety from which he pulled a very old looking file regarding the investigation he had done and several other related issues. As we were standing there another gentleman approached to introduce himself. Interesting to note this individual was a Captain in United States Naval Intelligence who later became one of my "handlers". I had no idea, at the time, who he was but I have always wondered about that interruption. He was very curious about what the detective had been telling me. Meanwhile (the) old detective excused himself and moved rather quickly out of the Auditorium. That was the last I heard from him.

Hope this helps.

Adam Trombly



The Truth About ZP Technology - An Interview With Adam Trombly



From: Adam Trombly

To: Leslie R. Pastor

Sent: Wednesday, December 17, 2008 8:35 PM

Subject: Re: Tesla's Death


Another detail is that Tesla was scheduled to travel to Washington, D.C. To speak directly to FDR regarding weapons systems that he claimed would obviate the necessity for atomic weapons and also to reintroduce the Tesla Tower proposal to the President. He hoped to convince the President that the towers could provide a nationwide network accommodating the Earth/inductive, generation/communication of power, information, music etc. This of course followed on the first tower project on Long Island which was shut down after J.P. Morgan cut off funding in 1905. When Tesla wrote of this network of towers in 1904 for the New York Times he basically anticipated a generative world wide web.

Going to Washington was a big deal for Tesla not only because it was a face to face meeting with the President but because as an agoraphobe he was very hesitant to leave the building or the little park he rarely walked in across the street. Andrea Puharich told me about this detail. Andrea was brought in by the Feds to help translate many of Tesla’s copious handwritten notes as he was facile in both Serbian and the Serbo-Croatian dialect that Tesla wrote in at times.





In a recent email Tom Bearden (Tuesday, November 04, 2008 5:42 PM) acknowledges and comments:

Hi Les,

Very good work there on Tesla and his study of both group theory and Maxwell's original theory!

As you can see, this was before the birth of electrical engineering and before the flawed old Lorentz symmetrization of the Heaviside equations, Tesla had a truly excellent education for his time. He was already far beyond the electrical engineers who were later to be produced under the heavy heel of that symmetrized Heaviside-Lorentz model.

And in some of Tesla's patented circuits, he could do things that do not exist in electrical engineering even today -- but they can only be seen by a higher group analysis. The sad old EE model won't even show it. My standard reference on proof of that statement is to cite T. W. Barrett, "Tesla's Nonlinear Oscillator-Shuttle-Circuit (OSC) Theory," Annales de la Fondation Louis de Broglie, 16(1), 1991, p. 23-41. Barrett shows that EM expressed in quaternions allows shuttling and storage of potentials in circuits, and also allows additional EM functioning of a circuit that a conventional EM analysis cannot even reveal. He shows that Tesla’s patented circuits did exactly this. And of course Barrett himself is a noted electrodynamicist who along with Harmuth was one of the co-founders of ultrawideband radar.

Bravo and my hat's off to you!

Hang in there,



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