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Site:LRP:The Conspiracy of The Control Paradigm

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The Conspiracy Of The Control Paradigm by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor

The Who & How, They Control it All


The Sheriff is the only duly authorized police authority allowed by the US Constitution and most State Constitutions, and the control paradigm knows it. They are just now challenging their authority because they do not want the people of the United States to have such authority via their duly elected and authorized representative. They are doing this because of their desire to fast-track the New World Order: Sheriffs Bush-Whacked ~ America's Free Press


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Conspiracy is the most difficult activity to prove, primarily, because it is conducted in secret. That stated, let us define the concept, as an activity, involving those that ‘breathe together’ as a group.

A coalition that functions, to fulfill an action in order to fulfill a hidden objective, plan or goal, that necessitates absolute ‘secrecy’ for its fulfillment. And hence the difficulty, to prove the ‘conspiracy.’

In warfare such activity is understood, and thus acknowledged as conduct recognized within a theater of operations, on the part of opposing forces, who are determined to prevail against each other in their objectives. Military leaders conducting campaigns of secret acts of sabotage using covert means, recognize "conspiracy" as a military tool (Navy Seals, Army Rangers, Special Forces) to win strategies in fulfillment of goals, necessary to accomplish their strategic objectives.

When ‘conspiracy’ is used in ‘peacetime,’ then such activity is suspect, since it is outside of the norm, and thus hidden from everyone not privy to the intent or the fulfillment, and since it is secret, it is usually, unknown to all but those who share and objectify in the goals and strategy of the planners. Thus unless, the objectives, goals, or the individuals are revealed, they will remain secure in accomplishing their intent.

Conspiracies due to their (secret) nature are only apparent upon revelation. And due to their insidious nature remain hidden, and obscured, unless, deliberately or forcefully exposed and revealed openly, either to competent (official) individuals, or to authorities directly affected. Such was the case of the revelation of the Illuminati by the Bavarian government, when a member of that group, was fortuitously struck down by lightning, while on a secret errand via horseback. Upon examination, it was discovered that the horseman carried secret (Illuminati) instructions between their members who were high ranking officials embedded deep within the European governments.



"An evangelist preacher and Illuminatus named Lanze had been sent in July 1785 as an emissary of the Illuminati to Silesia, but on his journey he was struck down by lightning. The instructions of the order were found on him, and as a result its intrigues were conclusively revealed to the government of Bavaria."

"The diabolical nature of Illuminism now remained no longer a matter of doubt, and the Order was officially suppressed. The opponents of Barruel and Robison therefore declare that Illuminism came finally to an end. We shall see later by documentary evidence that it never ceased to exist, and that twenty-five years later not only the Illuminati but Weishaupt himself were still as active as ever behind the scenes in Freemasonry."

[Nesta Webster: Secret Societies and Subversive Movements]



Once exposed, the investigation began to reveal the extent of the conspiracy, its objectives, the conspirators involved, and thus alarmed the Bavarian government, as to the true nature of the intent, to bring about ‘revolution,’ to unseat, and therefore challenge the existing governmental order. Only after this fortuitous revelation, did it become apparent, that, there were significant intentions to foment revolution throughout the European continent, unseating the established order.


European history records several ‘revolutions’ believed influenced by ‘conspiracy’ whose objectives were governed by such intent. The French Revolution guided by the Jacobins, with its extensive bloodletting of the French population, ending in the Napoleonic wars, in the attempt to create a novel Napoleonic empire.

The Illuminati (Jacobins) succeeded in the elimination of the existing order (the nobility and the church), replacing it with a revolutionary republic guided by a dictatorial hand, whose objectives culminated in the realignment of the European alliance, with the help of the British and the Russians.

Likewise the 1848 revolutions throughout Europe attempted to challenge the existing order further. Karl Marx with his "Communist Manifesto" attempted to challenge the middle class unsuccessfully, due to the inability of the working class to solidify their ‘class struggle.’ Antony C. Sutton through his research, ultimately revealed that the "Communist Manifesto" had nothing to do with the liberation of man, but everything to do with the elimination of the Middle Class, by the power elite. Dr. Sutton revealed that, it had been Philadelphia bankers, who funded the publication of the Communist Manifesto, and thus revealed a hidden agenda, not favorable to the classes at all.

Not until I discovered Antony C. Sutton, and his significant publications, did I personally become aware of the reality of a conspiracy so massive that it literally boggled, and shocked my consciousness, in the mind’s capacity to accept such reality. Prior to my discovery (Antony C. Sutton), any and all reference to conspiracy, simply, escaped my perspective, primarily, because there was no proof, that was readily verifiable, not to mention, allowed by academia, or the established publishers. No one believed that revolutions were caused by ‘conspiracies,’ and anyone attempting to prove via a doctoral thesis, that such was the case, simply lost their funding, grants or academic tenure back in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Antony C. Sutton broke the paradigm barrier, by providing the appropriate research necessary to recognize the anomaly, and thus present it as a significant viewpoint. Henry Regnery recognizing the serious import of Dr. Sutton’s manuscript, redirected the thrust of Dr. Sutton’s viewpoint towards the Hoover Institution (Stanford University) where, the manuscript fortuitously landed on the desk of the recently retired Assistant Director For Domestic Intelligence, Alan H. Belmont. Belmont, while at the FBI had conducted his own investigation of known domestic Communists, and along with J. Edgar Hoover had been a virulent opponent of communist espionage from the Soviet Union. Upon reading Dr. Sutton’s manuscript, "Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development, 1917-1930," Belmont offered Sutton a job as Research Fellow at the Hoover Institution.

This arrangement benefited both the FBI and Dr. Sutton, since their association provided each an opportunity to fulfill the others objectives. The Hoover Institution was a unique repository of significant documents, and references, providing Antony C. Sutton access to government files, and government funding, enabling him to sustain his objectives. Funding was obtained from the Relm Foundation, enabling him to acquire State Department documents, specifically State Department Decimal Files, revealing hidden objectives via hidden transactions, under the color of diplomatic immunity.

Notwithstanding the significant documentation uncovered by Antony C. Sutton, he nonetheless, was neither able to extrapolate nor define any linkage connecting the specifics, to names, identifiably related to each other. He knew that a ‘conspiracy’ existed linking his research, but was unable to identify specifics, or individuals, as co-conspirators to the specific actions of government agencies. He objectified his research as hypotheses and concluded his theory as anomaly. The FBI, on their part, acknowledged Dr. Sutton’s hypotheses, and decided to conduct their own ‘investigation’ applying their own initiates, as Operation Solo.

After twenty-six (26) publications, Sutton, recognized a ‘conspiracy,’ but being unable to prove, remained reticent in his approach, until, he received an unsolicited ‘membership list’ from a member in an ultra-secret society.

The membership list, came from one of the members of the secret society, thus it was a revelation, with intent, by one of the co-conspirators to reveal, the hidden objectives of the society. Dr. Sutton, researching, the names of the members, was now able to identify the names with specific associations, activity, and ultimately discovered the ‘hidden’ intent of the Order. Dr. Sutton now had the proof he needed to write a detailed account of their activity. He did so, by publishing, "America’s Secret Establishment," revealing the objectives of the Russell Trust Association, the incorporated name of the "Skull and Bones" senior year society at Yale University, one of several on the Yale Campus.

Antony C. Sutton demonstrated that the ‘intent’ of the Order, was to control the very fabric of American society, specifically, the political and socio-economic activity of the citizens of the United States, essentially dominating not just the political intent of the nation, but the very fabric of its economic well-being. Dr. Sutton considered, "America’s Secret Establishment," as his defining work, since it was the culmination of his research.

This resultant work, cost him dearly, for it interrupted his goals and his life’s ambitions, essentially curtailing his marriage and the loss of his family life. He paid a heavy price for his endeavor, one that most would never pay because of the personal loss involved. Such was the integrity of Antony C. Sutton. His search for truth, deprived him of an academic career, tenure at a prestigious institution, and the recognition of scholarship, in the uncovering of one of the most profound revelations of human history.

This will be the ground work that frames my acknowledgment of the anomaly of the ‘conspiracy’ of the "control" paradigm, hence my understanding of the objective of this anomalous group, which has remained hidden since the fall of mankind from the Creator’s initial intent.



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We have been lied to, on a massive deliberate scale. A scale so big, that the human mind refuses to believe that such a lie is real or practical. Since most of humanity was born within the construct of the lie, it is understandable, that humanity does not recognize the anomaly. Indeed, most of us, who do stumble upon the outskirts of the body of lies that encompasses the totality of the deception, have difficulty recognizing the fabric, or the individual threads, that sustain not just the anomaly of the conspiracy, but the groups or the associations who conspire to keep us uninformed and distracted, within a naïve, unthinking and unquestioning bubble.

Early on during the start of my academic pursuit, I questioned the known history of humanity, specifically, the official policy of deliberate denial of conspiracy regarding revolution or conspiracy pertaining to ideology. A simple question, easily dispelled, the established criteria of causes and effect regarding human objectives. "How are Revolutions started (caused), sustained, and ultimately maintained (and or managed)?" As an academic student, this questioned the established criteria, and ultimately fomented academic heresy, regarding (first) causes and effects (objectives) pertaining to the official version of history, which was based, solely on the objective analysis of history as a mere collection of facts or records resulting from warfare and alliances, as mere data assimilation.

Not until recently, with the advent of personal computers and powerful search engines, was I able to bring my considerable research regarding this subject-matter up to date, and thus recognize the composite pattern of the deception. So let us begin to examine the available data, that sustains the argument.

The United States was founded by a significant group of conspirators, whose intent defied an Empire. A conspiracy of Freemasons, who decided to breakaway from the British empire, because of injustices and usurpation inflicted upon them by the arrogance of the British monarchy of King George III.

Site:LRP:Conspiracy Theory And The History of Conspiracy

The revolution was sustained by the intervention of the French monarchy, and the support of the people of France, not to mention the considerable help from the nobility of other European countries, (Steuben, Lafayette, Pulaski and others).

The United States remained relatively free, until the intervention of foreign banks, who attempted to establish commerce based on debt obligations financed through the collection of government securities held as collateral against the people of the United States. This was accomplished via the monetization of debt, used as currency, sustained by the collection of interest directly from the US government. This arrangement was repeatedly curtailed and ultimately dissolved with the election of succeeding administrations, who recognized the tyranny of such practices. The United States remained relatively free from debt from 1812 until 1913. The US Treasury did not collect any income taxes during this time period, and the bulk of commerce was sustained by individual state chartered banks which issued their own currency backed by gold, silver and the commercial transactions of the individual states. The value of the currencies was sustained by the aggregate value of the commerce within each of the towns, communities and the value of the labor performed, in the production of resources acquired from the land, within each municipality and state.

Global Banking or rather International Banking has effectively modified the past from the present.

Site:LRP:Central Banks, International Banks and The World Bank

Indeed, world bankers, as revealed by Antony C. Sutton’s research have consistently interjected their influence into the affairs of global governance, manipulating the direction and outcome of both wars and world commerce. Bankers have consistently been the direct influence of wars, revolution and global upheaval, as revealed by Carol Quigley in his book: "Tragedy and Hope." A book so revolutionary, that it was suppressed, from publication, because it revealed a hidden strategy of financial controls to collectivize all human activity into one cohesive methodology of control.

The Conspiracy of the Control Paradigm, the subject of my research, establishes the hidden relationship between revolutionaries, global finance and the ideological controls that subjugate the ability of mankind to recognize the very nature of their bondage, or the controls created to subjugate them. The skilled methodology used to entrap and to entrain the mindset of the totality of humanity is known as ‘cognitive dissonance,’ once established, becomes an irresistible barrier, to all but those among us, who are able to recognize the methodology, or who because of their diverse education are able to remain clear and focused.


[1] Antony C. Sutton Discovers An Anomaly. He discovers that a Secret Society exists, founded at Yale University, that has taken complete control of the United States.

Books by Antony C. Sutton [online]

'Wall Street & FDR'

'Wall Street & Rise of Hitler'

'Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution'

'Wall Street & The Best Enemy Money Can Buy'

Trilaterals Over America [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required]

America’s Secret Establishment [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required]

'''Antony C. Sutton On How He Received The Membership List of "Skull & Bones"

Lecture Given By Antony C. Sutton (1976) (Antony C. Sutton) (Part 1) (Antony C. Sutton) (Part 2) (Antony C. Sutton) (Part 3) (Antony C. Sutton) (Part 4) (Sutton)(Part 5)

[2] Carroll Quigley is given access to secret information regarding the plans of a secret group. He publishes his findings in a book called "Tragedy and Hope."

Carroll Quigley (Georgetown University) Mentor To Former President William Jefferson Clinton.

Carroll Quigley explains in his own words, the suppression of his book, Tragedy and Hope

He reveals significant details of secret societies incorporated within historical revolutions. Carroll Quigley is probably, the most important proponent of hidden/referenced documentation pertaining to The New World Order. He reveals in the following audio/private discussion how a significant attempt was made to suppress the publication of his book: Tragedy & Hope. "Our Tragedy, Their Hope." (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4) (Part 5)

[3] Members of Yale’s Russell Trust Association ascend to power within the United States, controlling the Presidency.

William Howard Taft

George H. W. Bush

George W. Bush

Zbigniew Brzezinski along with David Rockefeller established a secret conclave hidden in plain sight: The Trilateral Commission

[4] The Bush Presidency brings about a hidden agenda, the beginning of the New World Order.

[5] A false flag operation brings about the curtailment of freedom to the people of the United States.

[6] A war on terror is the result of that false flag operation, and it provides cover, for the enactment of laws, tightening the noose around the people of the United States. Aaron Russo Explains:

[7] The Bilderbergs (a global gathering meeting each year) set the agenda, and provide the plans to bring about fulfillment of the New World Order.

Jesse Ventura: The Bilderbergs: (1 of 6)

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[8] It is revealed that the population of the world must be reduced by six (6) billion people, in order to sustain the planet. This is accomplished via the control of water, food and nutrients.

[9] The control of the population is accomplished via inoculations and the introduction of inserting RFID "chips" directly into human beings. Both of these are accomplished via injections.

[10] The intent is to divide the people, weaken them, and then control their activity. Those that do not submit to such control are removed and liquidated.


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