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The Cap & Trade Agenda by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2010



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In 1980, I received a cassette tape from an attorney, who knew of my involvement in researching historical anomaly, and he wanted my impression of the content of that tape. The information was so new that it sparked interest and I listened to it over and over, again and again. I had already discovered Antony C. Sutton, and his FBI backed research regarding technology transfers from the West to the former Soviet Union from 1917 to the then timeframe of 1980. The man on the tape was George Washington Hunt, and he revealed an intriguing and intricate plan to transfer wealth from the middle class to the Illuminati. G. W. Hunt became an usher to a significant gathering of the elite money trust, who were espousing the creation of the Fourth World Wilderness Conference.

Openly it was an attempt to preserve the Earth, its natural beauty, wilderness and wild life. Noble and egalitarian were to be its hallmarks, and man’s best interest was their immediate concern. All well and good, except G. W. Hunt, wasn’t buying it, because, as an accountant, he knew that there was no earnings engine associated with it. And when he attempted to question those attending, about the appropriate funding dynamics associated with their intent, they remained silent and noncommittal regarding the subject.

This peaked his interest, and G. W. Hunt researched the significance of the conference, and discovered it was a plan to transfer or swap nature for debt, as both collateral and as a surety, so that the Illuminati would be enabled to maintain their control over the planet, when their current economic engine imploded.

Those same Illuminati ultimately did discover an appropriate plan of action, and which they effectively set in motion, what has become known as Sustainable Development Agenda 21 to be financed by “Cap & Trade” initiatives.

'The thirty-two (32) states have been divided into three regions regionalism is a trick that uses re-zoning to establish new jurisdictional authority. State compacts and agreements, in addition to state treaties with foreign governments, are unconstitutional. While these regional programs have avoided mention of United Nations Agenda 21, the blueprint for depopulation total control, evidence supports that this is an Agenda 21 Sustainable Development program for the following reasons':


Thirty Two (32) States are Imposing those Cap & Trade Initiatives Right Now!!!

These "Cap and Trade Initiatives" Are Unconstitutional


Commerce Nominee: Cap and Trade Good for ‘Hiding’ Carbon Taxes


The funding engine for their egalitarian program became a tax upon the working and middle classes of the United States in the form of carbon tax/credits to be brokered as commodity exchange. In this manner the Illuminati rich would retain their wealth and their control upon the planet, while the poor would remain poor, and the middle class and working classes would soon join their ranks. They are forwarding their agenda via the reestablishment of socialism/communism, funded by George Soros, who receives his marching orders from the Illuminati. Make no mistake unless they are stopped, their agenda will prevail. The reason being, is because their use of fiat money, has a limitation, fiat money only remains viable if it is managed and controlled. Their reliance upon communists and anarchists can only be continued upon an unsuspecting population. The November 2, 2010 elections have awakened the American electorate, who have decided to reverse their agenda. The US Congress is now divided, and the President (Obama) is looking outside of the country (India, China) to effect his agenda.

The House of Representatives can effectively kill the Obama Agenda, by stopping the funding cold, and they can also repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which will effectively stop the Federal Reserve, destroying their ability to continue ‘monetizing the debt’ and they can then recreate US Constitutional monetary policy, by reinvigorating the Gold and Silver standard as US coinage/currency. We now have both Ron Paul (US House of Representatives) and Rand Paul (US Senate) in the US Government, along with significant Tea Party Republicans, who can effectively reverse the Illuminati agenda.


The United States does not need to borrow money, for it is a sovereign country, having its own US Constitution, which enables the United States to enact legislation enabling the printing of US Treasury Notes as currency, not debt. [Article 1, Section 8, US Constitution].

The private Federal Reserve Cartel created the debt, circulated the debt as currency. When you repeal the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the debt now becomes the obligation of the Federal Reserve, its owners and creators, and it is they who will have to repay the debt, since those debt instruments are owned by the members of the Federal Reserve.

Once repealed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 becomes 'null & void,' whereupon the US Treasury can then exchange those Federal Reserve Notes for US Treasury Notes, which would be debt free, whose value would be derived from the US Constitution, sustained by the industrial character of the people of the United States. The US Congress can then circulate those US Treasury Notes as currency of the Unites States,

backed up by sustained values deemed immutable and inalienable.


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'For those who are uniformed: The individual States of the United States are already implementing significant "Cap & Trade Initiatives" right now':

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