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Site:LRP:Thanks Giving, Happy Birthday, and Merry Christmas - Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden

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Thanksgiving, Happy Bithday, and Merry Christmas - Lt. Col. Thomas E. Bearden

Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Happy Thanksgiving - 2010

Hello Tom,

May I wish you and Doris a Happy Thanksgiving Season (2010) this November, grateful for these past five (5) years together, working on these projects and developing the "field which is not yet a field." At the recent Renaissance CDA Conference 2010, many of us signed a rather large Birthday Card for you, which John Bedini provided for us. Please accept these small tokens of my appreciation for your help in educating me these past few years. (There is more to follow for your birthday and for Christmas 2010).

Please let these token songs of Thanksgiving , and of the Christmas Holidays, remain as a gentle reminder of the significant work we did together these past few years from 2005 to 2010. It is my expression of your great work pertaining to “Energy from the Vacuum” systems, which will inevitably open up the floodgates to over-unity asymmetric systems embodied in the works of many inventors, like John C. Bedini.

I learned a great deal from you, and I wish to acknowledge that! From our very first emails, I was significantly influenced by your revelations. When I joined the NEC, and on their behalf, went to visit with you at your home in Huntsville, you graciously, explained the mechanism of the MEG to me, diagramming its form and function on your kitchen table. When members of the NEC faltered, and expressed their disbelief in your invention, you, remained, steadfast, resolute and calmly explained that the NEC membership needed to understand the Aharonov-Bohm Effect, in order to appreciate its performance. I succeeded in contacting Jean-Louis Naudin, who graciously emailed me back affirming its efficacy, with a replicate demo, copied verbatim from the original US Patent. Throughout our five year relationship as benefactor and student, I gained a significant education, first, via your explanation of ‘broken symmetry,’ and then again, via your explanation regarding the difference between special and general relativity. In numerous conversations, you patiently explained the importance of static voltage which Tesla, incidentally used to power his ‘Pierce Arrow’ in Buffalo, NY. When naysayers attempted to dispel your achievements, you calmly, explained that Ilya Prigogine received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1977, for his discovery of non-equilibrium thermodynamics, which allowed for over-unity. You also showed me that the so-called “laws” were merely ‘models’ (Godel), which were updated when newer discoveries overturned the former ‘models,’ necessitating either refinement or a complete falsification of the former.

Did you know that William Boyce Thompson bought a controlling interest in Pierce Arrow?

1931 - In 1931, Nikola Tesla took a gasoline engine from a new Pierce-Arrow automobile and replaced it with an 80-horsepower, 1800-rpm electric motor. This electric vehicle was driven at speeds of up to 90 mph, and no charging was necessary. One week was spent testing the vehicle. Tesla said his car was powered from the ethers all around us. If no charging were necessary, then there would be no need for batteries except for accessories, which could probably use the same energy ...

I'm grateful to know you, Tom!

All the Best,

Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor

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New Physics is Upon the Horizon - Tom Bearden


Thomas Bearden Sagnac Award 2012



Andrea Bocelli 'The Lord's Prayer'


Johan Pachelbel

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Vivaldi “Except the Lord Build the House”


Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli “The Prayer”


Live: Celine Dion & Andrea Bocelli "The Prayer"



Happy Birthday - 2010

Happy Birthday Tom! "December 17, 2010"

Memory Lane

I thought you'd get a kick out of this item from memory lane. You were doing this at the time of my birth.

The Rhythm Harmoneers

I'm sure you remember your group The Rhythm Harmoneers

The Louisiana Hayride

The Louisiana Hayride in 1951.



Did You Know?

Tom, Did You Know?:

Your Record Auctioned

Tom, Here's your record:

Billy Walker

Tom, Your Comments regarding Billy Walker:



1930 - Tom Bearden born Thomas E Bearden in Cheniere, Louisiana - Tom and The Rhythm Harmoneers were on the Louisiana Hayride from 1952-1954 - Singer, songwriter, aerospace engineer who wrote "New Love Affair" recorded by Red Sovine "Mother Went A-Walking [] recorded by Jim Reeves & Stan Green (Australian Trailblazers Show) "Two Red Lips" & "Warm Red Wine" for Johnny Horton - Army career 1954-1975 - Source:







Merry Christmas - 2010

'One Solitary Life by James A. Francis'


Christmas Music Carols

Jim Reeves

Jim Reeves (Twelve Songs of Christmas)

Sleigh Ride

Sleigh Ride - Boston Pops

The Christmas Song - Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole

Martina McBride & Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas

Sacred Music

Sacred Christmas

Schubert: Ave Maria

Vivaldi - Gloria

Boys Choir - St. Petersburg - Gloria

Sacred Scripture Readings

The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived

Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace

History of Amazing Grace


Amazing Grace: The Story of John Newton

Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw Christmas

Robert Shaw - O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Robert Shaw - Messiah - Hallelujah

Rimsky Korsakov - The Procession of the Nobles




“Adeste Fideles”

“Silent Night - Holy Night”

Shirley Temple

Official Shirley Temple Website

Bo Jangles & Shirley Temple


Buddy Ebsen & Shirley Temple


James Cagney & Bob Hope


The Music of Enya

Caribbean Blue - Orinoco Flow

Storms in Africa

On My Way Home

Only Time

Trains & Winter Rains


The Hit List - Enya Interview

Enya - Greatest Hits

Happy New Year - 2011






Historical Documentation: Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo?ole

Google Reference:


Tom, Secretariat (1973) reminds me of John C. Bedini, who I consider one of the greatest genius's of our time. It is in his tribute that I present Secretariat to you and John. Enjoy





Secretariat’s Final Race (Canada)




May 12, 2011

Lt. Col. Thomas Eugene Bearden (Retired) is not only a mentor, educator but a very dear friend, with whom I have the deepest respect. I mention this because I have frequent discussions with him regarding various topics of interest to the both of us. He was a member of the Rhythm Harmoneers in 1951, when I was just a new borne. He gave me permission to write down what he told me over the phone today:

'Mother Went A Walking written by Tom Bearden and sung by Jim Reeves'

© T. E. Bearden

'The church doors opened one Sunday in a little country town'

'The people all were silent in the rain that misted down'

'And an old gray-haired granddad his shoulders stooped with pain'

'Was holdin' fast a little boy who kept cryin' in the rain'

'And in the dim candlelight within a casket lay so still'

'That soon would lie beneath the earth up at the top of the hill'

'The little boy kept askin' in a low and plaintive tone'

'What's wrong with mommy grandpa won't she be comin' home'

'It's awful lonesome grandpa since daddy went away'

'And mommy's all the reason why I'm happy every day'

'Wouldn't she feel better grandpa if I layed down by her side'

'The old man turned and faced him and with these words replied'

'Mother went a walkin' son away up in the sky'

'Along the brook that winds among the stars up there on high'

'And down the valley where the sun goes home at night to sleep'

'Mother went a walkin' son she wouldn't want us to weep'

'The boy didn't seem to understand just where his mom had gone'

'He couldn't realize that now she wouldn't be comin' home'

'He saw the rain on grandpa's face he didn't know he cried'

'And of course he couldn't hear the words that grandpa said inside'

'Mother went a walkin' son up yonder in the sky'

'And all that we can do down here son is bow our heads and cry'

'She's gone to meet your daddy son and take him by the hand'

'Yes mother went a walkin' son in God's great meadowland'

This song is significant for me because it reminds me of my own mother and the time I spent with her and her untimely death. Mom had, had an out of body experience, when she was thrown into a pond by her brothers, in their effort to try and get her to swim, she took in water and downed. She found herself outside of her body, she had no fear, found it peaceful, and she watched as her brothers fished her out of the water. She came to, and was immediately brought back to life, along with the resultant stress and anxiety of life.

I mention this because of my current research on the afterlife, Heaven, Jesus, and those who have had similar experiences. In that regard, I will always remember Jack von Eschen who allowed me to spend time with my mother when she was terminally ill. (We cried like babies in his office, as he related that his mother was experiencing similar loss of life). There was no FMLA in those days (1981) and Jack provided me with the ultimate in human kindness and dignity by providing the leave for me to be with my mother until her final days on this Earth.