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Technology Entertainment Information by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


The Academy Awards




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Because of the influence and inspiration of just a few individuals, billions benefit, though the recipients remain largely obscurant regarding their benefactor. And because of the graceful humility of the provider, billions, are enabled to benefit from the beneficence of such benefaction, though bereft of knowledge regarding the origination of their source provider. Knowledge and appreciation seldom coalesce to provide solace to the millions of individuals who labor to maintain form and function within and for our daily lives. In essence, we depend, on the performance of our activity, within our daily routines, as we go about our business, without a thought or notice as to the influence, we have upon each other. Finding meaning to the daily activity we perform for ourselves and for others, loses its perspective, when we fail to take the time to investigate, the impact, that our actions provide to those around us. We function as one organic whole, never experiencing the fundamental nature of the totality of our individual actions, as the activity of a symbiotic congress to attain meaningful fulfillment for ourselves and for others.

Let me provide some examples:


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Information Technology

The Machine That Changed The World

(1) Giant Brains (1992)

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Sergey Brin & Larry Page founders of Google Inc.

Internet/Arpanet/National Science Foundation

Vinton Cerf

World Wide Web

Tim Berners-Lee


Steven Jobs


Xerox GUI


Hardware, Firmware, Software

History of Computers




Machine language

History of Software

Fortran, Cobol, Basic


Nikola Tesla


Logic Gate

US Patent

John Ambrose Fleming

Fleming Helps Marconi Circumvent Tesla's Prior Art & Patents

Hong, Sungook, in his Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box to the Audion, MIT Press, 2001, p. 72. "In his letter to Marconi on February 19, 1901, Fleming reassured him by saying that Tesla could not do anything, and that ‘if you can receive there [in America], you will establish priority" [Hong, 2001: 72]. Comment: This establishes that Fleming was knowingly connected with suppressing Nikola Tesla by 1901, and in fact was in contact with Marconi to advise him (Marconi) in trying to bypass Tesla’s actual patents and prior art. When Marconi later tried to bring lawsuit against the US Army Signal Corp, he lost. Tesla had already demonstrated priority of art.

James Clerk Maxwell

Maxwell acquired his knowledge from Michael Faraday, who acquired his knowledge from Sir Humphry Davy. From these humble beginnings evolved our modern technological base. Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla provided our modern age of AC/DC power systems, electrification, industrialization, and ultimately the modernization of all mankind. Humanity owes these three individuals recognition for their elevation of the standard of living, that they presently enjoy.

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