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Site:LRP:Sustainable Development And Agenda 21

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Sustainable Development and Agenda 21 by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Neither the left wing nor right wing Media are helping in this regard, they are merely playing a ‘good cop – bad cop’ scenario. Fox News is revealing its true colors little by little they are weaning the media of the essential core group of individuals who have been sounding the clarion call regarding the biggest and most secret takeover of the planet. And it is up to the individual to perform their own due diligence, to uncover the information pertaining to the biggest grab-bag heist of the millennia.

'"Agenda 21" The UN's diabolical plan for the world is explained on the "Glenn Beck Show"'

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Twenty-five (25) years ago, (give or take a few) an attorney presented me with a tape, and asked me to listen to it, and then find out what I could make of it. It was an interesting audio tape, and it sparked my interest. I never forgot it. We now know what the intent is twenty-five (25) years later: Climate-Gate, aka Global Warming, aka New World Order, aka a global feudalistic system that will control every single person (man, women and child) worldwide. George W. Hunt was the provider of the information on that tape. And he is the primary source of the primary information related to the UNCED, Agenda 21, and Global Warming Agenda. Review his documents, videos, and references for a complete composite, enabling you to know the truth about the Sustainability Development and Agenda 21 Conspiracy.


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The intent of these elitists in creating these "debt for nature" and "debt for Conservation" swaps, is to save their wealth, while the rest of the world is flushed down the toilet. Nature, the Wilderness, and Global Resources are ‘monetized,’ while the population of the Earth is enslaved, reduced to ‘carbon based’ units, and relegated to abject poverty or simply exterminated.

George W. Hunt - Maurice Strong - I. Michael Sweatman (World Conservation Bank)

Research: Maurice Strong (Glenn Beck) (Part 1) (Maurice Strong) (Part 2) (Maurice Strong) Part 3) (Maurice Strong) (Part 4)

Conversations With George W. Hunt

Obama - Maurice Strong - Al Gore (Climate Change - Carbon Tax)

Obama (years ago) Helped Fund Carbon Program He is Now Pushing Through Congress

Sustainable Freedom: Surging Opposition to Agenda 21, “Sustainable Development” Alex Newman, New American -- July 11, 2012


Alabama Adapts First Official State Ban on UN-Agenda 21

What is meant by Sustainable Development?

Financiers Search For Sustainable Futures


'President Obama Executive Order 13575 Rural Councils Fox News Agenda 21 July 4, 2011' ?

Obama’s Executive Order 13575 -- Supporting UN Agenda 21

Administration of Barack Obama, 2011

'Executive Order 13575—Establishment of the White House Rural Council June 9, 2011'



These Programs Are Dead Serious About REDUCTION of POPULATION -- Former FBI Agent Ted Gunderson Reveals "Death Drop" Chem-Trails "Genocide"

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While I personally have nothing against legitimate goals pertaining to saving the environment and enhancing the ecological needs of the planet Earth, I’m well aware of the deliberate false use of legitimate cover, as the hidden strike plate to foment the deliberate sabotage of legitimate governments, in their quest to remain free and independent. That said, let me remind the reader, that such a subterfuge was attempted and successfully accomplished when, William Boyce Thompson, under cover of the American Red Cross (established by Clara Barton), funded the Russian Revolution of 1917. Trotsky and his associates were funded by American Financiers, who were given American passports and assistance (by the highest echelons of our own Government) in order to facilitate their success in transforming Russia from a monarchy into a ruthless socialist oligarchy, which ultimately starved 20,000,000 Ukrainians to death and slaughtered 60,000,000 in slave labor camps under Lenin and Stalin.

Site:LRP:Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - East (Control via Extermination)

George Washington Hunt discovered something significant in the early 1980s, when he was allowed to attend the World Wilderness Conference in Colorado at Estes Park. He discovered that the Global Elite had plans for the redistribution and reallocation of the wealth of this Planet. And they hid their intent and their agenda embedded deeply within the benign and benevolent sounding name of the Fourth World Wilderness Conference. As an attendee, George W. Hunt was able to observe and listen to each of the speakers as they presented their views before this august assemblage. Maurice Strong introduced Edmund de Rothschild to the Conference:

They intend a significant power grab of the wealth of this world, via an elaborate scheme. They intend to decouple their potential loses via the transference of the debts of nations via an elaborate “debt for nature” swap, in which they will gain control of the assets of nations via the transference of fiat monies in exchange for the monetization of natural global resources within each respective debtor nation. Once acquired, they will then begin to monetize those resources once again as debt instruments, thus maintaining their control paradigm of the entire planet. George W. Hunt explains in the following documentation:


George Washington Hunt & His Discovery

George W. Hunt - Maurice Strong - I. Michael Sweatman (World Conservation Bank)

Research: Maurice Strong (Glenn Beck) (Part 1) (Maurice Strong) (Part 2) (Maurice Strong) Part 3) (Maurice Strong) (Part 4)

Obama - Maurice Strong - Al Gore (Climate Change - Carbon Tax)

Obama (years ago) Helped Fund Carbon Program He is Now Pushing Through Congress

'Obama De-Population Policy Exposed'

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For those interested in extrapolating further, you can Google the following:

George W. Hunt - Maurice Strong - Edmund de Rothschild - David Lang


Edmund de Rothschild directs I Michael Sweatman to proceed with their program, and he acknowledges Gro Harlem Brundtland as the initiator and a primary impulse to facilitate the changes needed.

Gro Harlem Brundtland became the point person spearheading Sustainable Development for the United Nations, the forerunner of which was the League of Nations, which was an earlier attempt by Woodrow Wilson to solidify the governments of Europe and the United States into a global entity. For those who doubt my research, I invite you to go to the State University of New York at Stony Brook, Long Island, and go to the library stacks, where you will see the actual Treaties of the former League of Nations on the shelves situated right next to the Treaties of the United Nations in lockstep indicating that the agenda was advanced regardless of the sovereign wishes of the people of the United States. Gro Harlem Brundtland the leader of sustainable development, the original agenda of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers:

"Upon a request by the UN Secretary General, Brundtland establishes the World Commission on Environment and Development. She chairs the convention, which created the term "sustainable development."


Gro Harlem Brundtland

The Brundtland Commission

Sustainable Development

Secretary General (UN) Appoints three (3) New Envoys On Climate Change

Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development suggests that the Earth must be managed selectively and electively by the elite, because mankind is unable to sustain continued expansionary development. Hence the need to effectively downsize human expansion both in population and in consumption of scarce resources.

'Agenda 21 - Part 1'...........................................................................................'Agenda 21 - Part 2'

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Agenda 21 For Dummies