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The Control Paradigm (Summary) by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009


The culmination of the foregoing research with respect to Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm and Site:LRP:Overunity Asymmetric Systems is the result of three primary individuals who entered my life during various stages of my social development. (1) Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc. captured my interest while attending Seton Hall University (1972), while researching the relationship between technology and revolution. His three (3) volume study: Site:LRP:Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development [1917-1965] catapulted me towards a lifetime experience of research and verification, incorporating Sutton’s discovery of a secret society embedded deep within the American culture, hidden behind the façade of government and social engineering ostensibly for the ‘public good.’ We have been ‘pawns in the game’ of a serious ‘Hegelian Dialectic’ program secretly maneuvered into selective ‘managed and controlled’ conflict scenarios, recently, into our current, war within Iraq, fighting for an agenda, whose intent is still not openly espoused, nor concluded. Ostensibly we are fighting an illusive enemy who is targeting their assaults against our ‘freedom’ and ‘way of life,’ but in reality, are being, destroyed and impoverished by those same forces and ‘secret society’ goals. Americans need to wake up and throw out the rascals once and for all. The Russell Trust Association is our problem, for it is they who have lied to us, deceived us, and have squandered our wealth and resources, in order to accomplish their hidden agenda, which is the elimination of the United States and its significant population. Their intent is to eliminate the existing ‘middle class’ and economic system based on the monetary system of the US Dollar, by replacing the US Dollar with a new form of currency called the Amero. If you will recall, this was already accomplished in Europe: The Intent became fact, when the European Nations were merged into the European Union, and their currencies were merged into the new currency, called the Euro. The goal of the New World Order: merge countries into one entity: merge currencies into one aggregate value: thus creating the New World Order: by default. (Endgame accomplished).

Dr. Sutton apprised me of the technologies of 4-Space, such as Site:LRP:Cold Fusion, sending me his serious research regarding the history of cold fusion research and explaining the then accumulated knowledge of 4-Space technologies. This was an eye-opener, which catapulted me into further research. His then current book on The View From 4-Space captivated my attention span, providing me with a lifetime interested in 4-Space technologies. (2) Thomas Eugene Bearden, one of the inventors of Site:LRP:Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, an associate of John C. Bedini (Energenx) has provided me with firsthand primary source documentation. I am grateful for such intervention and assistance, in exposing significant aspects of the 4-Space phenomenology. As a member of the New Energy Congress, I have provided serious documentation, substantiating the phenomenology of 4-Space. (3) Sterling D. Allan ultimately provided me with an appropriate venue to express my findings. It is under his auspices that I am able to set the official record straight with respect to 'novelty of fact' technologies.

Substantial exhaustive documentation has demonstrated the reality of a significant "control paradigm" already presently "in place" preventing the fruition of newer technologies from coming into the forefront.

The 'controls' are multilevel and multifaceted spanning the entire spectrum of this planet’s social, economic and political life. The 'controls' appear to be absolute, encompassing every imaginable reference and criteria. Because of this, I’ve provided a serious venue to examine the effectiveness of those controls via my personal research. However, there appears to be a lingering glitter of hope, that maybe, just maybe, positive change for the better is possible. There appears to be factions within the ‘control’ paradigm who are willing to acquiesce, and allow some measure of advancement. Only time will tell.

All the Best,

Leslie R. Pastor

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In a recent email dated April 12, 2007, Tom Bearden states:

"I’ve been doing a bit of difficult research on negative energy and negative probabilities, to get at the difficulties the conventional community has with these concepts, etc. Making progress, but a bit slowly. My conclusion after this "looksee" and "digest" is that my precursor engineering approach using negative energy and negative probabilities is quite valid. Am now able, I think, to properly express it.

Site:LRP:Precursor Engineering And The Falsification of Modern Physics

And this means that watergas experiments (such as by Boyce and by Professor Kanzius) are perfectly valid examples of (1) engineering the vacuum (precursor engineering), (2) then using this altered vacuum’s interaction with the matter to accomplish unusual engineering (NOT the brute force "tear it apart physically" methodology usually envisioned, and (3) deliberately use the AB effect, microwave pulsing, etc. to get really good engineering of that precursor vacuum and its ongoing processes and energy, and then let it do the job for you. In short, you really can just "vanish" the H-O-H bonds themselves.

So it would appear that Boyce and Hathaway, and Professor Kanzius, are ushering in experimental proof of the desperately-needed precursor engineering. This will eventually represent a vast extension of the scientific method itself, and particular chemistry.

Kanzius, e.g., first used it to cure cancer, and the animal experiments have been completed showing that it works magnificently (as it should!). The big pharmaceuticals are not going to like that one, if he can get it on into and through successful human trials, then get FDA approval for use of the process to heal patients. Meantime, his watergas process also works beautifully – as does Boyce’s process."

Cheers, Tom.


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