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Stanford R. Ovshinsky -- Made In America by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Stanford R. Ovshinsky 1922 - 2012

Scientist, Inventor Stanford R. Ovshinsky Dies at 89

Inventor, solar innovator Stanford R. Ovshinsky dies at 89

Stanford Ovshinsky, Battery Genius Behind Smartphones And Hybrids, Dies At 89

Stanford R. Ovshinsky Dies at 89, a Self-Taught Maverick in Electronics By BARNABY J. FEDER Published: October 18, 2012

Site:LRP:Hydrogen for the Future is Absolutely Possible

Stan Ovshinsky was arguably the greatest physicist in recent history within the United States. His (remarkable) achievements consistently defied the pundits and the naysayer. He was self-taught, principled, and altruistic. He and his second wife, Iris, built a formidable research laboratory, determined to solve (serious) significant energy problems, threatening to engulf the entire planet. Undaunted by momentary setbacks, and by the personal loss (death) of his beloved, Iris, Stan remarried, and immediately reset his goals of achievement, presently, involving hydrogen based technologies.

His achievements were staggering, indeed, breathtaking, when you examine the level of their effectiveness in helping the planet to progress forward technologically.

His discovery of the amorphous semiconductor, revolutionized the way we use copy machines to say the least. The pundits claimed that the amorphous semiconductor was impossible, refusing to fund his discovery. Undaunted, Stanford Ovshinsky simply turned to the Japanese, who, cheerfully, financed his discovery, enabling him to establish one of the most effective research laboratories on American soil.

Stanford R. Ovshinsky's Historical Achievements


Serious Advice From Stanford R. Ovshinsky To Young People:

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'Thirteen Year Old Genius Has a Solar Power Breakthrough'


Interview With Stan Ovshinsky


Radio Interview: Stanford R. Ovshinsky: The Promise of Tomorrow


Video Interview: Stanford R. Ovshinsky:

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Yp2p78U8qcY (Part 2)


Stanford Ovshinsky's Efforts At Building A Battery For The EV-1 Were Sabotaged By The Oil Companies. General Motors Bought Up The Ovonic Battery And Then Sold It To Chevron.



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Commentary Regarding Stan Ovshinsky by Tom Bearden

"Ovshinsky was correct when he stated that we could use water as a hydrogen source to burn hydrogen in our cars. Several legitimate watergas cases or processes are available.

I particularly regard Dr. John Kanzius' watergas process as directly illustrative of a very good watergas process, since it has been rigorously -- even ruthlessly -- independently tested by a leading water chemist. Though not understanding the precursor engineering way to cause the OH bonds of water molecules to "unhappen", thus freeing bubbles of H2 and O2, the water chemist stated unequivocally that this was the greatest advance in water chemistry in 100 years.

The process actually uses "Dirac-tickling" of the local vacuum in which the water resides, to form additional negative energy/negative probabilities acting on the molecules by the altered vacuum, in addition to the normal positive energy/positive probabilities. The result is that, by adjusting the Dirac-tickling, the ongoing "virtual particle vacuum bubble interaction process" creating the water molecule is directly affected, and the OH bonds of the water molecules in the "tickled" volume begin "unhappening" statistically. This gives the necessary watergas bubbles, but in a local vacuum wherein the OH bond is now difficult to produce, so that the mixture of O2 and H2 is not explosive since the OH bond formation has become severely restricted.

By then simply piping the resulting gas bubbles a few inches outside the "Dirac-tickled" vacuum area, and out of the container and into the combustion chamber of a combustion engine a few inches away, the vacuum in the chamber is not tickled and is thus "back to normal" where the ability to easily form the OH bond is restored. Consequently the mix burns cleanly, powering the combustion engine and with only water vapor exiting the exhaust from the combustion process.

Put in water, get it to "fall apart" appreciably into H2 and O2 mixed, then pipe the H2 and O2 mix outside the tickled-vacuum area where the OH bond formation probability is again restored, and voila! One can use water as a fuel, as rigorously shown by Dr. John Kanzius and as independently verified.

The same process also furnishes a cancer cure by Kanzius that is being developed by a recognized cancer research institute. In phase one animal trials completed a few months ago, sensational results were obtained: 100% of the tumors were cured -- easily, cleanly, and cheaply -- by the Dirac-tickling process with its resulting negative energy/negative probabilities added for "unhappening" the last and most energy-consuming change in the basic vacuum virtual particle bubble interaction process that continually creates and sustains the flesh and the tumor that grew in it. The tumor -- last and highest energy thing -- unhappens first, and thus the tumors "fade away" and are "cured". They just disappear!

There are several other ongoing processes that unwittingly already use this "unhappening" effect in materials occupying a Dirac-tickled vacuum. We will have a paper on our website shortly which gives these other successful processes."

Best wishes,

Tom Bearden

February 9, 2009

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Site:LRP:Hydrogen for the Future is Absolutely Possible