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Socialism in America by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


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Most Americans born within the United States after 1980 have little or limited understanding of Socialism. They don’t realize that socialism is the precursor to communism. And that it was imposed upon the United States because the United States refused to acquiesce to any form of control by outside influences. Most Americans subscribe to a republican form of governance, in which they vote for representatives who are elected to represent them in both chambers of the US Congress. Most Americans in the past trusted their Congress persons, although, many are beginning to take notice of how their representatives are voting, especially, their votes on legislation, that they don’t even promulgate, nor read, before they enact such legislation into enforceable laws by their uninformed and unprincipled voting. (If they don't write the legislation, then who indeed is promulgating the laws and for what purpose....and is Congress subject to such legislation?).

Senator Joseph McCarthy was smeared and politically destroyed when he attempted to inform the people of the United States, that, their government had been infiltrated by those, whom he believed where supporters of ‘communism’ during the early 1940s and 1950s.

Antony C. Sutton apprised the FBI in the early 1970s that US Corporations were actively creating the Soviet Union, and were actively transferring technologies to the Soviet Union, enabling Russia to become a super power. Antony C. Sutton proved to Al Belmont (the former Assistant Director of Domestic Intelligence) of the FBI, that Western Technology transfers were enabling the Soviet Union to become an independent viable threat to the United States. Antony C. Sutton while protected by Al Belmont, nonetheless suffered significant persecution from the ‘control’ paradigm. He was denied tenure, denied supporting income, so that his marriage broke up and he lost his wife and daughter in the process. Dr. Sutton paid the ultimate price for telling the truth, he was made into a non-person.

George Soros, a socialist billionaire, who represents Rothschild interests within the United States, deliberately provided Obama with $400,000,000.00 when he realized that Congressman Ron Paul would have been able to receive significant and sufficient amounts of money directly by the American people via the Internet. He provided the funds as soon as it was realized that Ron Paul had the potential of winning.

The United States of America was the most powerful and richest country in the entire world, up until it was deliberately destroyed by the Russell Trust Association and the Soros/Rothschild Conspiracy. Together, these two (2) groups conspired to subvert the American intent, and to divest all of its assets to foreign shores under NAFTA and GATT treaties by a treasonous US Congress and its leadership. The ‘conspiracy’ to destroy the United States was also hidden in plain sight, and completely open to the general public. Nothing was hidden, but the American people did not recognize the significance of that openness. They never do, for they are continually deceived, by very significant deceivers, who skillfully mesmerize the American people with misdirection and ‘bread and circus’s’ (TV programming, Media control of Newspapers, News programs, and psychological influences pertaining to crowd and group control).

Antony C. Sutton revealed that Marxism is merely a device to suppress the Middle Class, and to ultimately destroy their ability to rise above further than the ‘control’ paradigm would allow. Once empowered the Middle Class would become unstoppable and thus become more powerful than the global elite rich. In that regard, taxation is merely a device to suppress any and all advancement economically by the working and skilled classes of the United States. We now recognize that NAFTA was a hidden device to transfer the actual wealth mechanism of the people of the United States. Under NAFTA, technologies have been moved off shore and off continent to Mexico, South America, China, Japan, Russia, thus, enable our competitors to surpass and to excel far ahead of us, and thereby destroy the United States and its indigenous population.

Americans were consistently told that there was no money in the budget to enable the US Congress to reinvigorate the domestic economy. Whenever there was a major calamity or environmental assault upon our shores, Americans were forced to borrow money to restart their lives, their homes and their businesses. Americans were consistently fettered with ropes of financial bondage in an attempt to sandbag them from successful fulfillment of their God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We now know that Americans have consistently been lied to, again and again. How do we know this. Because when Obama became President, he acquired $13,000,000,000,000.00 so that he could saddle the American people permanently from ever rising up again as a free, viable and successful, enterprising people.

How did he acquire this money?

He borrowed it from the privately owned and US Congress created “Federal Reserve System.” The money was created out of thin air. It was printed, and then loaned to the United States as currency.

The US Constitution already authorizes the creation of currency by the US Congress, they do not have to borrow it. The Russell Trust Association encouraged the Chinese Government to loan the United States trillions of dollars, ensuring that the people of the United States would be in servitude to the government of China. Prescott Sheldon Bush II arranged for the establishment of the US-China Chamber of Commerce, which enabled the Chinese to gain a foothold in the American economy, and the American financial markets. The Chinese Government using sophisticated capitalistic principles as State Capitalists, ultimately usurped and thus trumped the US markets, and with the aid of NAFTA, dominated, by under pricing American made products.

Once Obama gained power, as the US President, he abandoned the US Constitution, and, with the aid of socialists within the Democratic Party began to carve up the US Economy wholesale. Obama took control of the auto industry, and is trying to control the medical industry, by using hidden powers, granted to him via special legislation buried deep within patriot sounding legislation, which will quickly enslave the American people by using the very machinery of the US Government to impose special sanctions upon the people of the United States, such as "Cap and Trade" and "Climate Gate" (Global Warming) taxes pertaining to the usage of fuels. While at the same time preventing the establishment of non-fuel based systems, such as magnetic motors, ‘energy from the vacuum’ technologies and the development of truly independent alternative modalities of energy transformation independent of the ‘control’ paradigm.

Neither the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party can be trusted to enact legislation that would benefit the American people, for both Parties have proven themselves corruptible. American voters need to elect from among their true constituents, those who fully represent their wishes, and who will truly limit the power of government, downsize the US Government, and create a monetary system, without taxation (the US existed for 100 years without an income tax from 1813 to 1913). John F. Kennedy was murdered because he tried to circumvent the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, by authorizing the establishment of silver certificates as US currency, thus attempting to first compete with the Federal Reserve Notes, and then supplanting them altogether, as the American people would have favored the US Treasury Notes (based on silver) as the preferred de facto currency.

Unless the American wake up and realize their predicament, they will be destroyed. The Hungarians have an interesting poem by Petofi Sandor, in which he exhorts Hungarians, “Talpra Magyar, Hi a Haza, Itt az ido, most vagy s hoha. Rabok Legyunk vagy Szabadok, Eszt a Kerdes, Valaszatok.” Roughly translated it means: and I will Americanize it: “To your feet Hungarians/Americans, your country calls you. Here's the time, now or never. Shall we freemen be or slaves. [That’s the question], Choose the lot, your spirit carves.”

If we continue to do nothing, we will not have a free country for long, and we will be destroyed both from within and from without. Once freedom is lost, we and our children’s children will be slaves, subject to the harshest form of slavery, crushing taxation, and the loss via economic servitude. Once lost, never to be regained.

Vote this November for Candidates, who truly represent your wishes of 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' Don’t vote as usual, but vote like your lives depended on it, for it does. Vote the issues, not the personality. Vote from among your peers, not along Party affiliation. Check the voting records of all of the candidates. The way they voted indicates who they are, and whom they actually represented. Was it for your best interest, and that of your children, or did they vote according to an agenda, that you’re not familiar with. You decide.



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The Tea Party Movement is the result of massive disillusionment in the Democrat and Republican Parties.

Americans are fed up with business as usual politics from both Parties, and they are extremely disappointed in the Obama Administration. The “Change” they are experiencing since Obama has taken office, is anathema to most Americans who view Obama as a secret Marxist-Leninist, who is bent on destroying standard, traditional values based on the US Constitution, which is the birthright of every single US Citizen.

For that matter, many are convinced that Obama is not even a US Citizen by virtue of his lack of a genuine birth certificate showing that he was born within the United States. Many Democrats are proving themselves to be supporters of the Obama Administration regardless of their constituents wishes. And those constituents are voicing their objections at the ballot box (Primaries). The November elections will provide added reaction by the electorate, who are determined to voice their concerns by unseating all those who have opposed their wishes under US Constitutional mandate.

Obama has significantly altered the US tradition via his intervention in Health Care (ObamaCare) and his direct participation in a series of maneuvers to change the political character and tradition of the US economy, via “cap and trade” and the takeover and control of US industry (General Motors/Government Motors).

Many Americans believe that the US Congress is responsible for the collapse of American industry because of their former enactment of NAFTA and GATT, which allowed US Corporations to transfer jobs, markets and profits overseas. All of this having provided massive unemployment exceeding 10%. They suspect that Obama has taken his lead from George Soros who has been financing a significant ‘socialist agenda’ worldwide.

All of these actions have weakened the US economy and Americans are frightened of their potential outcome. The Tea Party Movement takes its impetus from the original Tea Party in Boston Harbor, staged by American patriots who dumped imported Tea from England, when the British Crown demanded a ‘tax’ on all imports. That Tea Party led to the American Revolution of 1776, which enabled the American colonies to separate from Great Britain and thus form their own union and then become an independent nation.

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Date: Monday, September 20, 2010


President's Socialist Takeover Must Be Stopped

By Jeffrey T. Kuhner

The Washington Times