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'''Skeptics And Skepticism by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Most individuals are educated via a ‘controlled’ process involving a variety of attributes, including cultural upbringing, belief systems, mores, and a structured sequence that combines to formulate a milieu, framing our cognitive learning capabilities. What we learn in our youth ultimately structures the way we think, and interact, within our environment, and with each other. Most of us are deselected, within the process, evaluated, and redirected towards goals, systems, and ultimately via our own ‘cognitive’ approach to learning. We develop a system of ‘structured thinking’ which, precludes us from evaluating or analyzing data, that does not fit the established preset mode of prevalent ‘structured thinking’ within a group or frame of reference. We are therefore susceptible to ‘group think’ known as ‘peer review.’

When confronted with ‘novelty of fact’ data, and ‘novelty of theory’ systems, most of us succumb to ‘cognitive dissonance,’ refusing to step outside of the norm that we have created for ourselves, or, which others have created for us.

We are currently living within a ‘control’ paradigm, structured to control our beliefs, conceptions, and our knowledgebase. Most never wake up from this matrix, and succumb to an extremely limited knowledge box, unless mitigated by opposing references, and countervailing data, incorporating ‘novelty of fact’ revelation, verified by ‘novelty of theory’ systems.

Skeptics by definition do not accept anything that does not agree with their knowledge box. Their prior training, or lack thereof, predetermines their proclivity, and their inclination, to denigrate, any concept, thought, or reference that does not fit their established ‘dogma’ or worldview. They become prisoners of their own ideas, concepts and ‘structured thinking.’ Like Saul of Tarsus, they literally need to be smitten with not just the facts, but a revelation similar to Saul, who blinded by the Truth, ultimately became Paul, when he recognized the validity of the reality that he was facing. Without a genuine ‘Damascus road’ experience, skeptics will never change their original proclivity, dogma or structured thinking.

Skeptics can become ‘agents of influence’ or ‘agents provocateur’ conditioned by outside influences or susceptible to direct conditioning by hidden forces determined to obfuscate data, documentation or references, unbeknown to them.

NEC Skeptic Eric Krieg has a history of activity related to challenging significant 'novelty of fact' and 'novelty of theory' systems.

Without a shred of evidence, basing his opinions on mere suppositions, characterizing his claims, with unsubstantiated factual documentation, Eric has literally caused the entire inventor community to rebuff and to rebuke his uneducated pronouncements regarding ‘novelty of fact’ and ‘novelty of theory’ inventions.

He provides neither references, nor documentation to support his claims of fraud. He provides no justification having substantive merit, for his actions regarding subject-matter, that he is neither qualified, nor justified, to perform. His denigrations span from Sir Isaac Newton to modern day inventors such as Nikola Tesla, not to mention Tom Bearden and John Bedini. While claiming fraud, and deriding significant inventions having ‘perpetual motion’ schemes, he forgets that ‘perpetual motion’ is the first law of Sir Isaac Newton, and that Newton’s laws provide the basic foundation for all of the theoretical framework of the modern world.

All of our present knowledge derives from physics, including our present theory of electricity, courtesy of Nikola Tesla, not Thomas Alva Edison. Tesla provided the means, methods and delivery of an energy system second to none, eclipsing Edison’s myopic view of ancient electricity derived from Michael Faraday.

Were it not for Tesla, skeptics like Eric Krieg would not be able to present their proclamations or their pronouncements.


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Press Release: BlackLight Power, Inc. Announces the Achievement of the Generation of Millions of Watts of Power from the Conversion of Water Fuel to a New Form of Hydrogen. In addition to its breakthrough plasma and plasma to electricity producing SF-CIHT cell, BLP announces independent, offsite validation of its electrochemical cell [Enser report Copeland report and solid fuels technologies [Perkin Elmer report]

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