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Site:LRP:Research Reference

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Research Reference

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



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Behold A Pale Horse by Milton Bill Cooper


'''Mermaids - The New Evidence (Discovery Channel - Jon Frankel) March 6, 2013 Dr. Torsten Smidth (Danish Team) Islandic Government.

'We now know that something is wrong with the Animal Planet’s Mermaids. A video has surfaced that exposes an Actor, who plays the part of a “Dr. Paul Robertson”, who has also played another ‘role’ and another “Person”. This is clearly evidence of a FRAUD having been perpetrated upon the Viewers. Why did Animal Planet do this? Why risk credibility? For ratings – ridiculous even to contemplate, one can only speculate at this point, having no evidence for the reasons why. Was this a pressure driven event to cover-up a full disclosure after the release of a previous “real” revelation about a “real” discovery? We will never know. What we should do is research the folks at the Discovery Channel and examine the essential facts pertaining to their intentions regarding this fraudulent presentation. Trust must be earned and once lost, may never be recovered.'

'''Dr. Paul Robertson - IS A FRAUD - View the Evidence:


'''Dr. Paul Robertson - IS A FRAUD - View the Evidence:


'Animal Planet Shows Real Mermaids ~ Pictures and Videos'

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Jesse Ventura achieved the Governorship of Minnesota with a mere $300,000 dollars, a pittance in political spending, a significant phenomenon, and the CIA became a significant part of his entourage shortly thereafter. They maintained a permanent office inside his government capital (basement). Apparently the "control" paradigm does not want the 'average' citizen running things. Only the favored few are allowed to rise to political office. Jesse Ventura despite his fame and support from his fans, chose not to run for reelection. He had, had enough experience from his past career to know that he was not appreciated by the power elite.

Here is why no one invades Switzerland. They believe in arming their people, even supplying them with bullets to defend their country. Something to think about, when you consider that the current administration is attempting to disarm the American people.

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Nikola Tesla intended that his inventions benefit mankind, never realizing that the control paradigm would circumvent his intent. All technologies invented are tested for their weapons capability, and if found promising are allowed to proceed to market testing and commercialization, both as commercial and military applications. Weaponization of the Tesla Technology is given credence by the following videos: Barrie Trower: Microwave Warfare and "Tesla HAARP Eastlund".

Survivors of the USS Liberty provide first-hand account of what took place in the Mediterranean while under attack from Israel and the coverup that followed.

IDF Snippers Killing American Soldiers in the Middle East

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Microwave Warfare: Barrie Trower

Miko Peled, The Son of an Israeli General (Matti Peled) Speaks Out Regarding the Plight of the Palestinians

Nick Cook: UFOs The Secret Evidence

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