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Site:LRP:Report To The Congress IV

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Report to the Congress IV by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


It has become obvious to me that the NEC is comprised of skeptics and obfuscators, electrical engineers, computer programmers and unique bloggers interested in promoting dynamics and systems based on the standard model of energy acquisition, having little or no interest in overunity (non-standard model) based on more energy output than the energy supplied by the internal generation based on input.

Members of the NEC fail to realize that overunity can only derive from systems based on non-standard systems having nonequilibrium thermodynamics (Ilya Prigogine). These systems are derived from broken symmetry applications, which enable additional input from ‘energy from the vacuum’ source dynamics. Skeptics such as Eric Krieg and Mark Dansie fail to appreciate their lack of such understanding. They immediately attempt to mitigate their lack of understanding of such systems, by denigrating inventors Tom Bearden and John Bedini.

A mere study of the actual work of such inventors and their achievements should be enough to enable them to recognize ‘energy from the vacuum’ applications. This they refuse to do, due to cognitive dissonance and their failure to step outside of electrical engineering and into the world of quantum mechanics and discoveries based upon such luminaries as Paul Adrian Maurice Dirac.

After having studied such systems with Tom Bearden and recognizing the efficacy of the work of John Bedini, I determined to evaluate the ‘energy from the vacuum’ protocol directly. Notwithstanding, that I had already vetted Tom Bearden, via Jean-Louis Naudin, and found Naudin in complete agreement with Bearden’s findings, and in complete support of Bearden’s M.E.G.

Site:LRP:The Thirty (30) Coil MONOPOLE System built at my behest by Rick Friedrich, vindicated the theoretical work of P.A.M. Dirac, demonstrating the reality of the Dirac monopole and the reality of negative energy from the vacuum, having unique characteristics indicative of reverse timewave dynamics, enabling the ability to unhappen the sulfating process of a standard battery. Structured properly, the thirty (30) Monopole system can and will provide overunity dynamics, when properly formatted.

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