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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Preface: The Control Paradigm Copyright © 2009


Most people are unaware of how difficult it was for anyone to recognize the anomalous nature of the 'control' paradigm that had already established itself within the United States. I was fortunate, in that I was never acclimated, and thus structured via the powerful 'cognitive' controls, already established, in the early part of the 20th Century. Additionally, most people, therefore, are also not aware of the powerful 'cognitive dissonance' that they are subject to, when confronted by the stark reality of those 'control factors' hidden deep within the subconscious of the American mindset, as a result of the takeover by the Russell Trust Association way back in 1832 at Yale University. I strongly urge those who believe that this is mere 'speculation' on my part to purchase a copy of Antony C. Sutton's book: "America's Secret Establishment: An Introduction to the Order of Skull & Bones" Dr. Sutton knew so very well the tremendous difficulty that prevented him from overcoming the paradigm barrier of such conformity by the established and entrenched mindset of the existing professional academic.



America's Secret Establishment by Antony C. Sutton

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The prevailing 'weltanschauung' of his generation of educated skeptics and professional 'pundits' prevented him from exposing his unique 'novelty of fact' regarding the already well entrenched secret society that had taken control since 1832, and officially formulated and established itself in 1856. Even today such hidden control is still exerted against his work in such notable bookstores as Borders and Barnes & Noble, where his 'magnum opus' is treated as 'Speculation,' while Alexandra Robbins’ book: "Secrets of the Tomb: Skull and Bones, the Ivy League, and the Hidden Paths of Power," is given higher 'pecking order' perch placement on the commercial shelf.


I became aware of the 'anomaly' because of my direct participation in analyzing the nature of 'revolution' and 'technology' and their dual control attributes within a structured 'managed and controlled' framework. Having been educated briefly within the European school system and exposed to the formal German/Hungarian system of 'thought' analysis, I became aware of the significant dichotomy and dual nature of the American school system, when I returned to regain my formal education within the States. Being receptive therefore of the difference in approaching the 'hidden agenda' factors, I was able to decipher 'fact from fiction.' This was my first exposure to the established Hegelian Dialectic, and it absorbed the shock of discovering the hidden truths revealed by Antony C. Sutton's monumental work being published by the Hoover Institution (Stanford University), while attending Seton Hall University in 1972. Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development 1917-1930 1930-1945 1945-1965 revealed a 'hidden agenda' via an ultra secret (clandestine) group entrenched deep within the framework of the upper layers of the American Bureaucracy. As Dr. Sutton adjusted his research, regarding the anomaly, he was forced to conclude, the total irrationality of his discovery. That is until he was given a copy of the membership list of the Russell Trust Association. Only then did the apparent 'irrationality' of the prevailing system begin to make 'cognitive' sense.

'Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (1917-1965)' [1] [2] [3]


Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.., initially attempted to publish his work commercially via Regnery Press in Chicago, being rejected as non-commercial by Henry Regnery himself. Regnery recognizing the significance of Sutton’s work, advised and redirected the manuscript to the Hoover Institution, where it was fortuitously accepted and appreciatively received by Alan H. Belmont (FBI), who allowed the manuscript to breakthrough the paradigm barrier, unmolested and intact as a complete self-contained composite work. Belmont was probably the only person within the whole of the United States, who was able to guaranty the publication of Antony C. Sutton’s monumental research. Belmont knew first-hand regarding the effort by the Soviets to acquire American technology, and therefore provided the intellectual protection Sutton needed to expose the 'technology transfers.' Without Belmont's intervention, Sutton would have withered away, and none of the anomaly would have been revealed. Nonetheless, Antony C. Sutton experienced significant opposition by members of the CIA, because such 'exposure' revealed significant 'inadequacy' and a significant 'perceptions problem' on the part of our Intelligence community. A 'perceptions problem' that appears to have continued (Iraq/Iran) to our present estimates within the Middle East. I hope that military intelligence and the present FBI will shed proper light on our proper course requirements and estimates regarding US Military Policy. Mistakes cost valuable military assets, and those assets are reflected in our sons and daughters who serve valiantly under extreme circumstances and difficult situations. We need the best estimates and proper intelligence, to minimize the loss of those assets. (Personally I wish they were home guarding our borders and with their families). I appreciate our military personnel grateful for their commitment and perseverance. I do not want to see them squander their lives on foreign battlefields. I wish to see them home protecting their families and loved ones. We love them, need them here within the United States, and are proud of their ambassadorship abroad. Reference:


Dr. Antony C. Sutton had discovered an interesting anomaly, that the Soviet Union had been created by the corporations of the United States and European manufacturers. The historical facts have corroborated this, in spite of the prevailing pundits who ridiculed anyone who tried to present a convincing argument to the contrary, or doctoral thesis proving the veracity of the already published facts, from technical manuals and trade books from the timeframe of that period (1956-1960). Dr. Sutton knew that he would have to provide massive overwhelming documentation proving his 'novelty of fact.' At the Hoover Institution during the early 1970s, Alan H. Belmont provided the resources enabling Dr. Sutton to set the official record straight, convincing Belmont regarding the necessity of informing the FBI to conduct their own investigation, with their own agents (Morris Childs) ultimately known as Operation Solo. Upon completion of his third and final manuscript, he attempted to show the affect of such technology transfers that were being used by the Soviets, specifically the technology developed within the United States, was being used to kill our own troops in Viet Nam, by the Viet Cong and their suppliers. This exasperated the conservative Dr. Sutton, who questioned the apparent lunacy of such a program, that he wrote about it in his fourth (4) volume: National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union. Whereupon he was forced out of the Hoover Institution by the CIA, the very people who wanted to cover-up their failed 'perceptions' and failed 'estimates' regarding the Soviet Union's capabilities.


The first volume, Hoover Publication 76 West Tech 1917-1930 published 1968, provided nothing less than the total rebuild up of the Russian Military Industrial Complex from the Soviet point of view. In more precise terms the actual first Five Year Plans desired by the Soviet leadership, complete, such as the (Chapter 2) overhaul of Russia’s Oil Drilling Technology at Baku and Batum, thereby enabling the Soviets to become the largest producers of oil development in the world, providing Russia with hard currency, financing and thus extending the scope and power of the fledgling Soviet Union. The Nobel Brothers had been forcefully ejected and replaced by American companies and their latest technologies. ["The Russian Rockefellers: The Saga of the Nobel Family and the Russian Oil Industry," by Robert W. Tolf, Hoover Publication 158]

The coal and Anthracite mining industries received help from Germany and technical assistance contracts from Stewart, James and Cooke Inc., including Roberts and Schaeffer and Allan and Garcia contracts. The complete overhaul and redeployment of Russia’s economic base was provide as ‘concessions’ from American firms doing business throughout the Russian continent, which massively surpassed the landmass of the United States by a factor of threefold. It was a prodigious unique undertaking, never surpassed until recently via the transference of the modern Red Chinese mainland, by the same families and their favored American and European firms.

Gold, Platinum and asbestos Mining was provided in similar fashion (concessions). The industrialization of agriculture, hunting, fishing and canning industry were again (concessions) provided for by American technical assistance and engineering expertise. The restoration of the Russian Lumber Industry, and the Sovietization of the Tsarist Machine Building Industry (General Electric/Westinghouse) were also the result of technical transfer agreements by American and European firms. In short, the electrical industry and the manufacturing industry were arranged as technical ‘trust’ agreements. The Chemical, Compressed Gas and Dye Industries, not to mention the Clothing, Housing and Food concessions along with Transportation and Transportation Equipment Industries followed by the RCA technical assistance agreement amply enabled the Soviet Union to appear self-contained, self-sustained and autonomous as a world power complete with its own infrastructure and resources. Every facet of ‘soviet’ technology was absolutely provided by European and American technical knowledge, including the reconstruction of the Russian Shipbuilding Industry, shipping operations along with the Russian Aircraft Industry.

Dr. Sutton goes on to explain the significance of those foreign concessions and technological transfers, he attempts to provide his theory of the Foreign Firm and the Arms Length Hypothesis, with great difficulty.

With names such as Armand Hammer (Occidental Petroleum), Charles Haddell Smith (Inter-Allied Railway Commission in Siberia), the American-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Chase Manhattan Bank, not to mention the organized and disorganized governments directly involved, including the State Department and the acquisition of technology, both strategic and military in nature, presented formidable challenges to rationality of such strategic transfers. To put this in its proper perspective, all of this was accomplished, while ‘official’ Washington regarded the Soviet Union as a strategic mortal antagonist. The State Department appeared powerless to prevent such developments, in spite of the violation of official Washington DC., policy to the contrary.

All of this activity transpired during the Bolshevik (1917-1936) Revolutionary Period, complete with the mass deportations to the Soviet Slave Labor Camps, using those very technologies transferred to the Soviets.

Large contingents of ‘exiles’ (dissidents) were shipped to distant confined locations via the newer transport systems provided by the Western firms, (railroads and cargo vessels) never to be seen again. Mass executions and starvation of whole (genocide) populations (Ukraine) was accomplished because of such technology transfers (complete harvesting of the wheat and grains via foreign farming technologies provided by the Western firms). In short, the Bolsheviks could not have accomplished their objectives, had it not been for such technology transfers.


The second volume, Hoover Publication 90 West Tech 1930-1945 published 1971, sustains the initial argument of an empirical study of the relationship between western technology and entrepreneurship and the economic growth of the Soviet Union. In his own words, Antony C. Sutton states: "The continuing transfer of skills and technology to the Soviet Union through the medium of foreign firms and engineers in the period 1930-1945 can only be characterized as extraordinary." Through a series of significant agreements, [(Nazi-Soviet trade agreement, August 1939) and (American Lend-Lease after 1942)] the Soviet economy was carried well into the 1950s. In fact, "Stalin paid tribute to the assistance rendered by the United States to Soviet industry before and during the war. He said that about two-thirds of all the large industrial enterprises in the Soviet Union had been built with United States help or technical assistance."

The reason Sutton considered this as 'extraordinary' was because the United States was not alone in providing such assistance, but France, Britain, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Finland, Czechoslovakia and Japan participated as well, including providing help and technical assistance. In short, the Western world was first creating and ultimately establishing the military industrial complex of a significant and potentially advanced military antagonist. In fact, the West created a significant 'Hegelian dialectic', which I recognized as a 'managed and controlled' secret agenda, hidden behind those technical agreements. To the rational mind, this was suicide, and Antony C. Sutton said so in a book published soon thereafter: National Suicide: Military Aid to the Soviet Union.

To be sure the Russian science and physics departments are well established and are significantly resourceful, as mentioned by Thomas E. Bearden regarding their ‘energetics’ program. The Russians obviously are capable and can demonstrate significant resourceful activity in their own right. Therefore, the questions remain. Why the significant intervention and why did the West intervene? Whom did such intervention really benefit? Those are the kinds of questions, serious analysts ponder, all pointing to variables that were so elusive, that, only serious direct revelation would satisfy. Sutton was probably the only academic sufficiently motivated to provide such analysis, as demonstrated in his West Tech series. He provided the appropriate research when he examined the direct role Wall Street, Engineering, Investment and Legal firms provided in the reconstruction of the former Czarist Russian Empire forcefully expropriated by Bolsheviks in 1917 and repackaged in 1950 as the ’modern’ Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

The conclusion in Volume II (Publication 90), West Tech 1930-1945 is significant, in that Dr. Sutton firmly establishes that the premise presentation of the Russian Five Year Plans is nothing but a sham. Russian industry was built and financed by American firms doing business directly with their Russian counterparts.

From the Albert Kahn Company to the Ford Motor Company, Russian Industrial capacity was significantly improved. In essence the East was completely rebuilt by the West, as demonstrated by Werner Keller’s book: Ost Minus West Gleich Null (The East Without The West Equals Zero). The Albert Kahn Company built a massive industrial base for the Soviets, enabling them to advance strategically, in lockstep with their Western counterpart. The Ford Motor Company built the Kama Truck Factory, which was converted into a military operation, building Tanks and Jeeps for shipment to Viet Nam.

Victor Herman wrote a book: "Coming out of the Ice," in which he reveals that 300 families from the Ford Motor Company went to the Soviet Union to help build and work in the newly built factories Many of those families were not permitted to leave Russia, in order to keep that fact secret. The dirty little secret is that Russian Communism was a total composite creation of the West, specifically, by the collaborative enterprise of the RTA Inc.,and their favored firms organized at 120 Broadway, NYC during 1917-1922 and the Federal Reserve Bank also located at 120 Broadway. This was a massive (secret) global enterprise unparalleled in human history. An undertaking so colossal, that it could not have been accomplished without the total commitment, collusion and acquiescence on the part of the United States Government. Again, Antony C. Sutton was forced to conclude the total irrationality of such actions.

The reason Antony C. Sutton concluded ‘irrationality’ was because this was so totally uncharacteristic of the American people, because this was a violation directly proportional to their concept of a republican form of governance. Not until Dr. Sutton received the secret membership list of the Russell Trust Association (Skull & Bones) did he surmise that a serious problem existed. The United States is a Republic, a representative democracy, where the people elected representatives to promulgate the laws, and to frame the legal apparatus of their government. The United States was supposed to have sufficient (significant) checks and balances (as safeguards) against such actions. Sutton realized immediately from viewing those names on those membership lists (RTA Inc.) that a secret (illegal, criminal and unconstitutional) enterprise was taking place, quietly, while the American people were kept in the dark. This was treason on the part of the RTA Inc., and he said so. They are still committing treason today in Modern China and their intent is still the same. They intend to bring down the power of the United States and transfer it, leaving the American people defenseless. Study the facts, read the evidence and establish your own research protocols regarding this matter………the evidence is staring you directly in the face.



The third volume, Hoover Publication 113 West Tech 1945-1965 published 1973, established a 'hidden' agenda, that could be studied, interpreted, even published, but NOT OPENLY. The facts contained within these three (3) volumes, were de facto 'secret knowledge,' whose anomalous aspects remained 'hidden' from 1917 until 1981-82. The revelation of the secrecy, especially secrecy maintained exclusively by a favored group, of selected individuals, organized for specific roles and functions only surfaced with Dr. Antony C. Sutton’s further research incorporating Wall Street’s direct participation, including the special interests who participated through intermediaries and investors, far from the actual enterprise and activity. Source: