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Site:LRP:Points To Ponder - Nikola Tesla

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Points To Ponder - Nikola Tesla by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved.


While most have never heard of Nikola Tesla, those that have, know virtually nothing about him. Most believe that Intelligence is measurable, and therefore identifiable. Then again, most don’t even recognize that there are two levels higher than Mensa. Nikola Tesla, identified with the third highest level.

Tesla Speaks About Cosmic (Negative) Energy

Tesla by far, was the greatest genius, that ever lived, and his accomplishments, due to his understanding of Michael Faraday and James Clerk Maxwell enabled him to provide modern breakthroughs in human history, catapulting humankind from the ‘horse and buggy’ era into the modern age of industrialization.

The tragedy of great men like Tesla, is that they are surrounded by myopic and short-sighted individuals, who lack the clarity and foresight of the greater picture. That tragedy is compounded by the fact, that, those same individuals, disregarded the source of their benefaction, namely Tesla, and essentially stole his achieved accomplishments, claimed those achievements as their own, benefited from them, and ultimately discarding Tesla in the process. That is the great secret regarding the deliberate obfuscation of Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was deliberately obfuscated, in order to protect those guilty of stealing his ideas, inventions, and his knowledge of the Construct. Most are not aware, that, Tesla, designed our modern age, by providing his forty (40) patents to George Westinghouse, who together with Tesla, were both ruined, unseated from their own companies, by powerful individuals, such as J. P. Morgan, and ultimately destroyed.

J. P. Morgan took control of Westinghouse and Edison, replacing Westinghouse and Edison with Morgan's own men on their board of directors, after removing the original ownership. Morgan created the modern Corporation in order to eliminate competition and to establish firm control over everything having to do with energy and finance. He deliberately fomented the Panic of 1907 in order to accomplish that agenda, and to force the creation of central banking, which was accomplished just six years later via the creation of the private Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Nikola Tesla’s ignominy was due to the deliberate falsity of the historical record, which continues today unimpeded. Had Tesla been recognized for his true achievements, he would have become the wealthiest and the most famous individual on this Earth. He was ultimately murdered to preclude any intent on his part to correct this deliberate obfuscation. Indeed, if there were not a statute of limitations regarding theft, falsehood and murder, then the record could be officially reset and corrected by the heirs to the Tesla name and ancestry.

Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2010 All Rights Reserved.


Presentation of the Edison Medal To Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla's Credentials

The Tesla Mystique

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Tesla understood how the Universe functioned from his earlier training as a physics student (Faraday and Maxwell). He knew that there was an infinite energy source that could be tapped and used just for the taking. Today we realize that ‘energy’ is infinite and pervades the entire Universe, and was theorized by Dirac as ‘negative energy.’ That ‘energy’ has now been captured and verified via Dirac’s Monopole system.

Working with a highly skilled electronics technician we built a significant 30 pole monopole system that significantly demonstrates how ‘negative energy’ functions and we now know what it can accomplish. It is the most dynamic fundamental discovery of my lifetime, and I now know via my discussions with Tom Bearden and others that ‘negative energy’ is a continuous process throughout the entire expanse of the Universe. Via rotation of the planets, stars, galaxies, the ‘negative energy’ is continuously created, thereby expanding the Universe indefinitely. Negative energy is probably the elusive ‘dark’ energy, or ‘dark’ matter that is continuously repelled via such rotation forcing the Universe to expand indefinitely.

Dirac recognized the reality of ‘negative’ energy, and understood that ‘matter’ cannot only be changed or altered, but that it can also be ‘unhappened,’ or reversed. With the discovery of ‘quantum mechanics’ we have literally reached the doorstep of the Creator of the Creation with the knowledge of Precursor Engineering (Tom Bearden).

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