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Our Moon: The Hidden Anomalies Exposed by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



NASA's Smoking Gun


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Moon Rising Movie Premier - Jose Escamilla

Jose Escamilla has provided a significant service to mankind by his important revelation regarding the Moon, NASA, and their hidden agenda to keep the people of planet Earth within an uninformed bubble.

Moon Rising (TBLN FILMS) Jose Escamilla

LUNA - Jose Escamilla

(As you will see there are things on the Moon beyond comprehension)

(Why Does The Moon Appear Grey From Earth?)

The Planet Moon - Jose Escamilla

(Moon Views - Jose Escamilla)

Mars & The Moon - Jose Escamilla

Interstellar (TBLN Films) Jose Escamilla

Ed Grimsley UFO Documentary Jose Escamilla

Many others have provided similar documentation. I will present that documentation without commentary, to enable you to come to your own conclusions regarding the references and data presented.


Massive (Moon) Objects Observed (Smugged) On The Surface.



The Moon Anomalies From Clementine

Moon Anomalies & Moon Bases

Indian Moon Mission Pictures Show Triangular Pyramid (January 16, 2009)

New Moon Anomaly Found In NASA Image Folder

Strange Crater On The Moon

The Living Moon

NASA - Air Brushed UFOs

The USGS Astrogeology Projects

John Lear Interview With Richard C. Hoagland