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Site:LRP:Original Documentation Page

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Original Documentation Page

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



Report To The Congress

Site:LRP:Nothing is Simple

Site:LRP:Report To The Congress

Site:LRP:Report To The Congress II

Site:LRP:Report To The Congress III

Site:LRP:Report To The Congress IV

Site:LRP:Report To The Congress V



The Control Paradigm

Andrew K. Dart and His Analysis

Paul Harvey and The Naked Communist

[ The Control Paradigm ]

Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance


Site:LRP:History Repeats Itself





Antony C. Sutton Videos

Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.

Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: The Hegelian Dialectic

Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: Report:Technological Treason

Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: The View From 4-Space

Site:LRP:Western Technology & Soviet Economic Development

Site:LRP:The Morgan-Rockefeller Influence

Site:LRP:American International Corporation

Site:LRP:Military Industrial Complex

Site:LRP:The Federal Reserve System: The Global Cartel


The Grace Commission Report - Revealed IRS Front for Banking Dynasties in 1984

The US Debt Clock in Real Time

Site:LRP:Central Banks, International Banks and The World Bank


Site:LRP:Sustainable Development And Agenda 21

Site:LRP:Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association


Site:LRP:Conspiracy Theory And The History of Conspiracy

Site:LRP:Conspiracy (101) For Dummies

Conspiracy Part 1 Dennis L. Cuddy - News With Views - March 3, 2014

Conspiracy Part 2 Dennis L. Cuddy - News With Views - March 17, 2014

'''Conspiracy Part 3 Dennis L. Cuddy - News With Views - March 31, 2014

Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming - Climategate

'''Founder of Green Peace Testifies To US Senate “Global Warming is a Fraud.”

Source: US Senate Official Transcript

Site:LRP:William Boyce Thompson: The Copper Magnate Who Funded The Russian Revolution

'Woodrow Wilson: Disciple of Revolution' (1938) by Jennings Cropper Wise on page 647 states:

'"Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport." '


Additional Reference:


News Media Obsolescence

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm (The Control of the USA by the RTA Inc)

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm (a)

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm II (The Control of the USA by the Obama Administration)

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm III

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm IV

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Islam

'Governor Chris Christy of New Jersey : "Tired of ObamaCare - Elect a New President"'


Site:LRP:Affordable Care Act known as ObamaCare

Site:LRP:Fair & Balanced vs. Controlled & Contrived

Site:LRP:FBI Agent Ted Gunderson and CIA Agent "Chip" Tatum

Obama Documentation

Site:LRP:Breitbart's Commentary


Site:LRP:George Soros


Site:LRP:Who is Obama?



''Many are Beginning to Suspect that Obama is the Anti-Christ

'Ten (10) Videos that Suggest that Obama is the Anti-Christ'

'The Anti-Christ Doesn't Need a Birth Certificate'

Site:LRP:Obama the Anti-Christ Circumstantial Covert Overt Evidence

Site:LRP:The Audacity of Fraud

Site:LRP:The Obama Georgia Eligibility Court Case

'Is Obama Constitutionally Eligible To Serve?'

Site:LRP:The Obama Birth Certificate Controversy

Site:LRP:The Obama - Soros Documentation

Site:LRP:Sheriff Joe Arpaio (Investigation ~ Documentation) Cold Case Posse

Site:LRP:The Obama Documentation

Site:LRP:Obama's Czars and Their Left Wing Affiliation

Site:LRP:The Supreme Court, The US Constitution and President Obama

Site:LRP:The ObamaCare/HealthCare Bill Is UNCONSTITUTIONAL

Site:LRP:The Cap and Trade Agenda

Site:LRP:Socialism In America

Site:LRP:The Obama Agenda

Site:LRP:Wiki-Leaks: Historical Documentation

Site:LRP:Walter Burien/CAFR Another Aspect Of The Control Paradigm

Are The States Really Broke OR Hiding Assets ~ Devvy Kidd (Feb 3, 2009)

George Noory Interview of Walter Burien and the CAFR



Site:LRP:Climate Change Myth & The Agenda To Remove The Sovereignty of the United States

Evidence of a conspiracy to suppress the facts about global warming - Climategate

Founder of GreenPeace Testifies to US Senate: TRN - February 27, 2014

Source: US Senate Official Transcript


Lord Christopher Monckton Videos

En7MpEYPY14 XS8q2bsraP4

Site:LRP:The Persecution of Lord Christopher Monckton

Exclusive: Pioneering scientists turn fresh air into petrol in massive boost in fight against energy crisis

Global warming stopped 16 years ago, reveals Met Office report quietly released... and here is the chart to prove it. The Global Warminng Conspiracy is indeed a Conspiracy


George Washington Hunt 1939 – 2013

George Hunt passed away peacefully as he slept through the night in his Longmont Colorado Home. . He died of natural causes (December 23, 2013).'''


Historical Video Reference:

Twenty-five (25) years ago, (give or take a few) an attorney presented me with a tape, and asked me to listen to it, and then find out what I could make of it. It was an interesting audio tape, and it sparked my interest. I never forgot it. We now know what the intent is twenty-five (25) years later: Climate-Gate, aka Global Warming, Climate Change, aka New World Order, aka as a global feudalistic system that will control every single person (man, women and child) worldwide.

George Washington Hunt & The Big Bad Bank

George Washington Hunt & The New World Bank

George Washington Hunt & The World Conservation Bank

MMUzB8nNHcI vPgU_pqeUYo PyJ_3UKf4Yc

vKwEdiqcL2Q WmxVUlN8F0I JUdgiehz9dU DexLCszj1wM


The intent of these elitists in creating these "debt for nature" and "debt for Conservation" swaps, is to save their wealth, while the rest of the world is flushed down the toilet. Nature, the Wilderness, and Global Resources are ‘monetized,’ while the population of the Earth is enslaved, reduced to ‘carbon based’ units, and relegated to abject poverty or simply exterminated.

Site:LRP:The Gulf Oil Spill Volcano

Site:LRP:Ideological Subversion Measures/Tactics To Subvert The United States Revealed

Site:LRP:Current & Recent Actions of The Control Paradigm

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - East (Control via Extermination)


[Significant Online Video Documentation - Aaron Russo & Tom Cryer, J.D.]

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm:Notes



Site:LRP:North American Union & The Amero



Monsanto Acquires Big Data Company - Food Activist Concerned Freedom Post, Octover 11, 2013

'''Site:LRP:Food - The Ultimate Control Paradigm

LSDEkoPwMfk oPvkZv5MfRw T-IJikX1144!

Back To Eden

Site:LRP:Vitamins and The Control Paradigm


'''Site:LRP:The Control of Health and Natural Cures versus Medicine

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski:

Case Dismissed! Texas Ends 15-Year Fight Against Cancer Doctor Burzynski -- January 19, 2013

Burzynski Cancer Treatment:

High-dose vitamin C injections shown to annihilate cancer Ethan A. Huff - - February 19, 2014

Ketogenic Diet - Key to Starving CANCER and Recovery


Flu Vaccine Modifies Human Behavior

Site:LRP:The Pandemic Control Paradigm (H1N1 - Swine Flu & Bird Flu - H5N1)

Stolen Skies, The Chemtrail Mystery (and what is behind it)

Site:LRP:CHEMTRAILS:The Control Paradigm: From the SKY

Chemtrails Poison From the Skies

Chenmtrails Over America [

Conspiracy Theories in American History ~ Chemtrails over America

Chemtrails - US Military Continues To Spray Chemical-Laden Skytrails

Flight Radar Commercial Aircraft (24) Hour Sequence

Chemtrails in the Sky & The New Microbes

GeoEngineering Watch

'''The Carnicom Institute (GeoEngineering Institute & Morgellens Data)

Ten Years into the Chemtrail Wars - The Breakdown Of The Immune System

Chemtrails: Special Report: Chemical and Biological Test on Human Beings: 2.19.03

Extremism: Prof. Richard Parncutt: Global Warming Deniers Should Be Given The Death Penalty

Site:LRP:Weather Engineering

_yy3YJBOw_o xo-T_KvLNdQ [

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm IS NOT Absolute/YOU CAN FIGHT BACK

Fritz Springmeier Media Collection

b5vWze0xhnI qir8ME2-Pds

Site:LRP:The 9-11 Anomalies

Breaking News On 911 ~ QRS11 Exposed ~ Civil Suit Moves Forward

9-11: What Planes?


6r2p5eyg09c snOyTlenQ9o!!

Sterling D. Allan:

BXw3jJ3021o QnnXTrw88P4 RqbcsU0_RjU!!

'''Site:LRP:WTC Nuclear Demolition


9-11: Why Are Americans Afraid of the Truth? ~ Devvy Kidd (September 30, 2012)


GM3DkC1skY0 Fshcmgw87bw 2tBHe6hwQhc!!!!


'''Site:LRP:WTC Nuclear Demolition

aoAa_B2kRuo 11KAnrCJeTY 7ZMjVXtNUec

Site:LRP:The Patriot Act

The USA Patriot Act - Andrew K. Dart

3Rzlb4Zwl74 ZWjktDuIhR8 cuTp7HkpW7U!

Where Did The Towers Go?

:'Watch Closely As The Steel Beams Turn To Dust -- Now Why Did That Happen & By What Means Did That Take Place?'


'''Site:LRP:WTC Nuclear Demolition

Site:LRP:Is The Government Losing On Substantive Legal Issues?

Site:LRP:Is Your Voting Process Secure & Legitimate?

Coleman vs. Franken (Minnesota Election) Andrew K. Dart

Dishonest and Inaccurate Polls

Electronic Voting and Election Day Issues

Eyewitness Accounts of Voting Machine Turning Romney Votes into Obama Votes

Allen West's Congressional Seat Stolen

Allen West, Mitt Romney and The Massive Voter Fraud Machine

Allen West A Victim of Voter Fraud and Crooked Democrat Officials

Voter Fraud in Florida Analyzed by Allen West - Sean Hannity - 11-12-12


Site:LRP:The Ron Paul Phenomenon

Site:LRP:The Ron Paul Revolution

Site:LRP:The Libertarian Alternative

Site:LRP:Foundations: Their Significance & Their Ultimate Goal

Rene A. Wormser wrote a book regarding "Foundations" that has been suppressed for over fifty (50) years.....until now. Norman Dodd is interviewed by G. Edward Griffin.



Tea Party News Network

The Tea Party Caucus Returns

The Tea Party. Net

Tea Party Training Organization

Site:LRP:The American Tea Party Grass Roots Movement

Site:LRP:The New York Tea Party Movement

Site:LRP:US Congress In Session 2011

Records of the US Senate National Archives - Washington DC

Site:LRP:The Internet Arpanet World Wide Web

Site:LRP:The US Constitution And The War Against It


Site:LRP:The Tenth Amendment To The US Constitution

Site:LRP:The New World Order

Site:LRP:China & The New World Order

Site:LRP:The Enigma Hanging Like A Cloud Over President Obama

Site:LRP:The Investigation of President Obama and The Control Paradigm

Site:LRP:Revolutionary Acts In An Emerging New World Order


Site:LRP:The Conspiracy of The Control Paradigm

Site:LRP:NDAA and Enemy Expatriation Act




Pedophile Rings Rule The World

Panic in Jerusalem Jewish News and Politics


The Railroading of Dr. Jeffrey R. MacDonald

The Jeffrey R. MacDonald Case

'''Ted Gunderson's Research on

The Finders Report - Ted L. Gunderson


Pawns in the Game by William Guy Carr

Free download - Pawns in the Game







Class E Modulated Tesla Coil

Site:LRP:The United States Already Has Free Energy Systems


:Maxwell's Equations: Confirm The Book of Genesis


Site:LRP:James Clerk Maxwell


Site:LRP:Changing The Form of ENERGY

Site:LRP:Stanley Meyer - The Water Fuel Cell

Site:LRP:Blacklight Power

Blacklight Power Demo January 28 2014

r1Fy8Iv5qMM [

Site:LRP:Dan Solomon - Rauland-Borg

Site:LRP:The MONOPOLE Energy System

L3L2mwyn7-g CxUGfWUKu4o 6KkRPI7Go2Y

Site:LRP:The Thirty (30) Coil MONOPOLE System


Site;LRP:Explanation: The Thirty (30) Coil Monopole System

Site:LRP:Report To The Congress V

Site:LRP:The Russian Scenar Device

Site:LRP:Creating A NOVELTY OF FACT Invention


Site:LRP:Precursor Engineering And The Falsification of Modern Physics


Site:LRP:Multiple Dimensions in Space-Time Exist - Harvey D. Norris Provides Proof - Is Immediately Censored


Site:LRP:The Energy Non-Crisis

Lindsey Williams Website


'The Unmitigated Assault on Cold Fusion (Pons & Fleischmann) Research Despite its Documented Verifiable Validity'

'Actual "Cold Fusion" Demonstrations Presented by Jean-Louis Naudin at Fountainbleu (Paris) France'

'Cold Fusion - More than Junk Science'

1 MW E-Cat Cold Fusion Device Test Successful by Sterling D. Allan & Hank Mills (PESN) Oct 28, 2011

LMh2HCUCWPE uMFvzohuVew 17436337

'Within Twenty Years Dr. Eugene Mallove was found murdered on his Property, and the Advocacy of Cold Fusion Ceased With His Death'

'Present Generations Will Have To Wait Until The Existing Paradigm of Hot Fusion Ceases To Exist And Its Proponents Die of Old Age'

Cold Fusion In The News

Site:LRP:Cold Fusion [Condensed Matter Nuclear Science]

The Boy Who Played With Fusion

Fusion Powered Car Project - Part 2



Site:LRP:Quantum Physics - Quantum Mechanics (Qualified and Quantified)


Nikola Tesla Monument Unveiled in Shoreham - Newsday - September 23, 2013

Serbian President Unveils Tesla Statue at Wardenclyffe

Tesla Statue Mounted at Wardenclyffe Unveiled September 23, 2013 (Sterling D. Allan)

Video Recording of the Event


'Photo credit: Newsday/John Paraskevas | With the statue of Nikola Tesla behind him, Serbian president Tomislav Nikolic holds a banner made up both the Serbian and U.S. flags Monday at the dedication of the Tesla monument on the grounds of Wardenrclyffe in Shoreham. Tesla, a Serbian-American, located his laboratory on this site and made many of his discoveries there. (Sept. 23, 2013) COURTESY PHOTO | Serbian President Tomislav Nikoli? speaks on Monday at Wardenclyffe.'


GjmlvNwc8Bo pN4pxk2weM8

Class E Modulated Tesla Coil

'Tesla was able to deliver on all of his claims regarding his inventive genius. The following video shows that his Tesla Coil was indeed able to transmit voice, sound, music, information and energy, just as he claimed he could. Pay close attention and you will notice that all of this was done without speakers——the sound emanating from the coil itself.'



Google Earth Location of Nikola Tesla's Last Laboratory at Shoreham (Wardencliffe) NY: 40° 56? 54.25? N, 72° 53? 53.69? W

Site:LRP:Nikola Tesla 1856-1943


History of Shoreham (Long Island) by Mary Lou Abata

Long Island Rail Road - The Forgotten Spur DerekStadlerWordPress

Long Island RR - Wading River Extension

Long Island Rail Road History - Online Museum ARRT's Archives

'Nikola Tesla would travel by train from NYC to the Shoreham Train Station, Long Island, while building the Wardenclyffe Tower. Views from the Top of the Tower showing the Station and 25A.'



Site:LRP:The Westinghouse - Tesla Collaboration

Site:LRP:The Deliberate Curtailment of Nikola Tesla's Primary Energy Source Directory:Tom Bearden and Leslie R. Pastor discuss how the present electrical engineering model (and practice) was severely curtailed to exclude overunity (COP>1.0) electrical power systems that take their excess electromagnetic energy directly from their interaction with the active medium (vacuum/spacetime).


My Interview With Tom Bearden (December 13, 2009) Washington DC

Site:LRP:Supporting Documentation:Deliberate Curtailment of Tesla's Primary Energy Source

Site:LRP:The Conspiracy To Destroy/Obfuscate Nikola Tesla

'The early history of the formation of electrification required fundamental knowledge pertaining to mathematics and physics. Charles Proteus Steinmetz provided a key component involving the transmission of electric current.' -- [ Lectures on Electrical Engineering, Volume 1 by Charles Proteus Steinmetz. Electric Discharges, Waves, Impulses and Other Transients by Charles Proteus Steinmetz (Author).

The Legend of Charles Proteus Steinmetz



Among those Represented:

David Sarnoff, Thomas J. Hayden, Ernst Julius Berg, S. Benedict, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Charles Proteus Steinmetz, A. N. Goldsmith, A. Malsin, Irving Langmuir,

Albert W. Hull, E. B. Pillsbury, Saul Dushman, Richard Howland Ranger, George Ashley Campbell

Credit: Franklin Photo Archive



Site:LRP:Stanford R. Ovshinsky 1922 - 2012

Site:LRP:General Motors Created The EV1:General Motors Destroyed The EV1


Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification


'The Bedini Circuit'

9fYHzJeKgTg g9ARja0DiT0 [

Site:LRP:Simplification: Tom Bearden - John Bedini on 'Free Energy'

Site:LRP:ENERGENX - John C. Bedini - Nikola Tesla

Site:LRP:John C. Bedini Research Documentation

Site:LRP:Tom Bearden Research Documentation

Site:LRP:Rick Friedrich Research Documentation

Site:LRP:Renaissance CDA Conference - November 13, 14, 2010

'The Zero Fuel engine'

Xt7QOPw0kfY zYN9jtT14NY TRLVhKzamUE

Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum

Site:LRP:Motionless Electromagnetic Generator [ M.E.G. ]

Site:LRP:Collaboration with Dr. Thomas Eugene Bearden on Simplification:Procedural Process of the M.E.G.

Site:LRP:The Suppression of the M.E.G. by General Electric

Site:LRP:Evaluation of the M.E.G.

Site:LRP:Overunity Asymmetric Systems

Site:LRP:Hydrogen for the Future is Absolutely Possible

Site:LRP:The Suppression of Stanley Meyer and The Control Paradigm

Site:LRP:The Creation is One Big Perpetual Motion Machine

Site:LRP:Rotation (Powerful Gateway) Needs to Be Explored

Site:LRP:The Quantum Potential & Overunity Asymmetric Systems

'''Site:LRP:STEORN (Overunity) ORBO DEVICE (Verified) by Jean-Louis Naudin

Site:LRP:Explanation of 'Energy' in Answer to STEORN

Site:LRP:A Dynamic Proof of an Overunity Asymmetric System To Be Tested

'''Site:LRP:The Problem: Our Current 'Science' Structure: Our Knowledge/Understanding of 'Energy'

Site:LRP:Problem With Science:Our Understanding of Thermodynamics

Site:LRP:The Ambiguity Factor

Site:LRP:The Solid State Overunity System



Dying CIA Agent Reveals to Richard Dolan (National Security State)

'Area 51/S4 Eisenhower Alien Contact (Corroborates Robert Scott Lazar)'




William Rutledge - Wendelle Stevens - Jack Kasher verify Extraterrestrial Presence above the Earth's airglow, contact in Switzerland and a crash landing site on the back side of the Moon. All of which is documented on Video and saved for posterity. Robert Scott Lazar - aka Bob Lazar, provides information regarding Element 115, and a propulsion system used by UFOs.


The Danish (Denmark) UFO Documentation:




Site:LRP:Astronomy and Optics

58fs5yI8K9I aabVQPlNR4E

Site:LRP:Evidence of Intelligent Extraterrestrial Life Discovered

:'Four (4) Mile Long Extraterrestrial (UFO) Cigar Shaped Vehicle Discovered - Estimated to be over a Billion Years Old - Found on the Backside of the Moon - [Video]'


Site:LRP:UFO Research Documents/References

Eight (8) US Soldiers Disappear Removing 5000 yr old Flying Machine from Afghanistan Cave

UFO Videos - Vintage Film

Tr-fs-5p8C0 slQD0rUqbGo!!

US Air Force Admits They Have Starships

'This commercial was scripted by the US Air Force and at about the 8 seconds mark, they admit they have “Starships.” To watch, click on this link:'

-0Itl5ChyCs bL5Rwb35vbQ

'From Jacques Vallée to Bernard Haisch serious and significant attempt has been and is still being made to decipher the meaning, message and methodology of the UFO experience. The UFO Evidence is legion and yet still remains elusive to most research analyzers leading many to suspect manipulation and subterfuge. While the evidence appears genuine, significant and sanguine, some believe that the truth hidden in both broad daylight and nightly starlight is mere deception by powerful forces determined to alter the public’s perception of reality facts.'

Documentation: 'The Twining Memo: a. The phenomenon is something real and not visionary or fictitious......'

'Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence - by Don Berliner'

'UFOs are Real - But What Are They?'

'Physician (Jesse Marcel Jr.) Who Told of Handling Roswell Debris Dies'



Wendelle Stevens & Robert O. Dean (S4 Vol 1&2)


UFO Hypotheses - S4 Informers Volume Three (01 of 18)
















Site:LRP:The UFO Documentation

Site:LRP:The Billy Meier UFO Documentation

'''Site:LRP:Whistle-Blower Gary McKinnon UFO Documentation

Site:LRP:The Elements 113, 115 Added To The Periodic Table

Site:LRP:The Roswell Legacy/The First Accidental Contact

The Roswell Proof - General Roger Ramey Memo photographed in his hand

Site:LRP:Philip J. Corso: Day After Roswell

Site:LRP:Our Moon: The Hidden Anomalies Exposed

Site:LRP:MARS:The Hidden Truth

Site:LRP:The Crop Circle Ship

The Science of Crop Circles

Message of the Crop Circles

c8oe2eksBj0 yyPI1j_HMi0 6OZ9WLq17D8!

Site:LRP:Current Anomalous UFO Sightings



Site:LRP:Interesting Discoveries of Significant Value




Site:LRP:Skeptics And Skepticism


In a recent email, Tom Bearden requested that I make the following correction regarding

Isotropic/Anisotropic (Permanent) Magnets. He prefers the term Asymmetric (Permanent) Magnets

which more accurately defines his intent and explanation.

Site:LRP:Anisotropic Permanent Magnets

Site:LRP:Isotropic Permanent Magnets



Site:LRP:Broken Symmetry

Site:LRP:Ilya Prigogine

My Correspondence with Tom Bearden regarding Equilibrium, ZPE, Energy from the Vacuum

Site:LRP:Our Models & Physics Laws Are Not Absolute

Site:LRP:Tom Bearden Remembers Walter Rosenthal & Floyd Sweet

Site:LRP:Tom Bearden/Sweet VTA Development

Site:LRP:Tom Bearden Answers Martin Gardner

Site:LRP:Tom Bearden Answers The New Energy Congress

Site:LRP:The "Educated Idiots" Have Missed The Point Completely

Site:LRP:Doyle Noyes



Site:LRP:Solving The Energy Crisis (A Concise and Precise Analysis Explained by T. E. Bearden)



Site:LRP:Suppression: Alternative Energy Systems: (Novelty of Fact) Freely Derived Sources

Site:LRP:Actual Case Histories of Suppression Occurrences (Inventions & Inventors)

Site:LRP:Tom Bearden Reveals Actual Recent (Murder) Suppression At Airport


Site:LRP:The Study of TIME & The TIME Factor


The Ultimate "Control Paradigm" - The Control of The Human Mind

Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation

Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse




Site:LRP:Technology Entertainment Information


'"God is a mathematician of very high order, and he used very advanced mathematics in constructing the universe." ' (Dirac)

The Fingerprint of God

kkGeOWYOFoA PjrK96wasDk




Who is Jesus? - Free University Course - Regent University, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23463

Site:LRP:Ron Wyatt - Wyatt Archaeological Research

Site:LRP:Ark of the Covenant

Site:LRP:God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob