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Site:LRP:NDAA and Enemy Expatriation Act

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NDAA and Enemy Expatriation Act by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


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Who promulgates the laws of the United States? For that matter who writes the bills and enacted legislation that is voted upon by the US Congress? Ultimately who writes the ‘laws of the land’ and its amendments.

Members of our US Congress are asked to vote on important legislation, and documents, without first determining if they are either detrimental or beneficial to the nation and its people, regarding their ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.’ For those who are not well educated, we escaped from a former sovereign dictatorship in 1776 from the Crown of England only to be ensnared in 2012 by the dictates of a sovereign presidency, and a lethargic Congress totally asleep at the wheel of power.

Those who consider themselves Taxed Enough Already are appalled by the recent activity of the US Senate in their unrelenting drive to limit and restrict the power of the people to participate in their own US Government. The Congress and the President are acting as though the US Constitution is no longer relevant -- and by extension -- the people of the United States.

Ron Paul has been chided recently by his running mates in our current Presidential Debates, for not doing enough in the US Congress, for not submitting enough legislation within the US House of Representatives. He is faulted by his opponents as a do nothing Congressman. Actually Ron Paul has done much for his State of Texas and the American people by voting down legislation that would have been harmful to the people. He has remained true to his principles, and has backed a sound monetary policy beneficial to the American people. He has remained a stalwart regarding the need to audit the Federal Reserve, which was recently accomplished (partially) by Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, revealing that the Federal Reserve clandestinely loaned out $16,000,000,000,000.00 dollars to European Banks at very favorable interest rates. For the educated idiots, that sum is greater (at this time) than the entire debt of the United States since its founding by George Washington, James Madison, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams to the present.

While the economy and the business community languish within the United States due to lack of funds and rules and regulations that restrict and hamper their ability to conduct the business of commerce, the banking fraternity literally ‘sweeps the cash’ from among themselves reaping an inordinate profit from such activity, not to mention the issuance of fees and charges by those who merely rely upon the banking fraternity to conduct business via the transaction of commercial paper, bills of credit, lading, and the transfer of interbank loans, transmittals and finance.

Site:LRP:The 9-11 Anomalies of 2001 in New York City, while they are disturbing to those who were directly involved, such as the victims, and their families, not to mention the police, fireman and related rescue workers who attended them, it is becoming apparent that the war on terror, military action, conducted to capture the perpetrators was accomplished with the capture of Osama bin Laden, and the restoration and renormalization of Iraq into the family of nations. The American people are demanding a resolution of the conflict and the repatriation of their sons and daughters within the military to their homes and families. They are not interested in perpetual wars for perpetual peace, preferring to attend to their own agenda of rugged individualism, as entrepreneurs, statesmen and their individual desire for life and liberty in their pursuit of happiness and personal goals of achievement.

Ron Paul, who served within the military (Air Force) and who receives more campaign money from members of the military than any other candidate, is rightfully concerned by what the CIA terms as ‘blowback.’ When former Congressman Charlie Wilson, also of Texas fought the war on terror, at that time, waged by Soviet forces within Afghanistan during the Reagan Administration, after winning the war, pleaded with his fellow Congressman to provide funds to educate the young people of Afghanistan. Having spent $1,000,000,000.00 providing weapons to the people of Afghanistan to defeat the armed forces of the Soviet Union, Representative Wilson then asked for mere millions of dollars to build schools for the children of Afghanistan. Congress failed to act, and that failure cost the people of the United States over $1,000,000,000,000.00 in Afghanistan alone, and the rise of the Taliban.

Paranoia within the US Congress resulted in flowery patriotic sounding legislation, such as The Patriot Act, which on the surface appears justified, is apparently a chimera, creating paranoia among the people of the United States. Their fears are well founded, and their concerns are legitimately placed directly with the US Congress and the Office of the President. Factionalism between the leftists and the conservative ‘nation-builders’ on the right has given birth to the American Tea Party Movement.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans seem to be using the same playbook, albeit, using different strategies in their determination to bring the United States into Site:LRP:The New World Order. The debt structure of the United States via Site:LRP:China & The New World Order was started by proponents within the two previous Bush Administrations, significant ‘true believers’ of the first kind.

The solution to our dilemma resides in the hearts and minds of the American people, who realize that wealth is not a zero sum game, that wealth is generated by new ideas, concepts, products and novelty of fact energy systems second to none. Bill Gates and Steven Jobs proved, that, by their magnificent startups, which ultimately became multi-billion dollar industries, newer jobs and manufacturing facilities could be created. Eliminate the failure of NAFTA, de-nationalize American corporations, such as General Motors, provide a sound monetary system, backed up by a permanent standard of weights and measures, whether based upon silver, gold, or any other resource mutually held by the entire world, structured to enable elasticity within a growing economy and you will have a strong economic base to work with.

The monetary system should be nationalized as a permanent fixture of the economy. By that I mean, that it should no longer reside in the hands of a chosen few, but should remain an integral part of the US Economy, as a public institution, generating wealth for the people of the United States, and not by an oligarchy of private investors and their private agenda for their private corporations, shared only by their private friends and associates. The people of the United States have had enough of crony capitalism. They want the real thing, laissez-faire, market driven business enterprises that create wealth based upon market-based needs and public fulfillment. And one more thing, eliminate the income tax, that, alone will generate sufficient capital to jump start and sustain the ‘wealth of nations.’ The Obama Administration has proven that the US Government does not rely upon collected taxes from the people, but relies upon the banking fraternity to generate government revenue, drawing twice as much money, than collected from the American people.

Last but not least, stop borrowing money from anyone, and that includes our Chinese friends. Stop monetizing debt, de-emphasize money as a commodity, and recognize it merely for what it represents -- an engine of productivity – as a measure and store of value, essentially an operating system that regulates and fine tunes the US Economy. The people of the United States want full transparency, and not promises, platitudes or placations. They certainly don’t want “Change” for the sake of change. They want results that restore, rebuilds and resembles the American Dream inherent within the US Constitution. Do this and the United States will become the richest nation on Earth. On the other hand, if we continue, the way we’re headed, we will surely fail.

The Founding Fathers of the united States of America, those who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights would have been appalled by the NDAA and Enemy Expatriation Act, and would have objected in the strongest possible language and actions available to them. This was demonstrated to the King of England in 1776. They founded a nation based upon their convictions and succeeded by paying the ultimate price, in order to secure, their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

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