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Site:LRP:Multiple Dimensions in Space-Time Exist - Harvey D. Norris Provides Proof - Is Immediately Censored

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Multiple Dimensions in Space-Time Exist - Harvey D. Norris Provides Proof - Is Immediately Censored

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



:Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances

:'Let me reassert my earlier prognosis discovered in the work with resonating a 500 ft length spool of 14 gauge wire @ 60 hz: that once a q factor of pi is exceeded by the amount of inductance employed: the energy transfer between L and C in joules/sec will exceed the energy transfer as joules/sec to the heat loss as I^2R of the coil. The spec.s for 14 gauge wire indicate 2.6 ohms/1000 ft: so a 500 ft spool of 14 gauge wire can be estimated at 1.3 ohms. The inductance can be measured around 11 mh or 0.011 H. Now let us find the theoretical impedance Z given these values.'

:'Z= Sq rt { X(L)^2 + R^2} X(L) = 2piF(L) X(C) = 1/{2pi F (C) and X(L) = X(C) as the conditions for resonance. First we find a value for Z given these parameters. To do that we first need to find X(L). X(L) =6.2860(hz).011 = 4.14 Q = X(L)/R = 4.14/1.3 = 3.18. So we can see that resonating a hardware store bought coil spool of 500 ft of 14 gauge wire @ 60 hz already produces a theoretical Q value very near the value of Pi. Next we need to look at the formulas for the L and C energy storage in joules. For brevity since we know that for the conditions for resonance we will be choosing a C value that has a reactance equalling that of the inductor X(L) value which we have just obtained as 4.14 ohms, we can skip the C side of things,or perhaps return to that side of things later for verification of results: and simply find the energy stored in the magnetic field from L. That formula is given in joules by E = (1/2)(LI^2) and to find I the current we need to find Z the impedance. We can treat Z in alternating currents just like we treat R in direct currents by Ohms Law where V =IR. Again for simplicity we will assume we have a 10 volt rms AC input. The further complication here is that because this is stated as an rms value, the actual peak of the voltage will be the sq rt of 2, or 1.41 times higher then the rms value. This also applies equally with the rms amperage measurements. When we are using the formula for the energy in a magnetic field where E=(.5)LI^2 the AMOUNT of magnetic field energy in oscillation with it's electric field counterpart dictated by E=(.5)CV^2 is dependent on the instantaneous time when we measure it. Since the energy expression is going from the kinetic magnetic value to a potential electric field value , to find the maximum amount of energy itself in oscillation we must measure that as the peak value which is 41% higher then what the meter will record as the rms value. So this must be factored into the equation. To employ the amperage as the I figure in the equation E=(.5)LI^2 we need to find the amperage given a 10 volt(rms) input. To find this we need to calculate the impedance Z= sq rt{R^2+X(L)^2}. We have a inductive reactance of 4.14 ohms and a resistance of 1.3 ohms. This becomes sq rt{4.14^2 +1.3^2} = 4.34 ohms.'

:'The measure of current may predict the voltage across the component when the reactance is known. This fact becomes critical for the measurements of higher voltages in series resonance. Essentially for a given amount of alternating current the pressure to make that current across the reactance should be proportionally linear in resultant actions. Here a 10 volt (rms) source will allow a 2.3 Amp (rms) current with a peak value of (2.3 1.4 = 3.22A) given the 4.34 ohm impedance. The energy in the magnetic field as E=(.5)LI^2. We have derived I(peak) and next need L for the equation already specified as 11 mh. Thus given the equation Joules=(.5)LI(peak)^2 we have (.5).011(3.22^2) = .057 joules. This amount of energy translates back and forth as (kinetic) magnetic expression and (potential) electric storage 120 times a second or .057120= 6.84 joules /sec of energy movement in time and space. Now to compare this to the actual I^2R heat release to the environment we use the rms (averaged) I value of 2.3 A. (2.3)^2 1.3 = 6.88 joules /sec. Now also the apparent power equals the true one, and an "entitlement" of equal energy transfer in time andf space is available for further secondary applications whereby the secondary output may appear greater then the input on a true power basis.'

:'Harvey Norris 2nd comment The obvious conclusion for these comparisons is similar to social security entitlements. People protest that the payments should not be called "entitlements" because it was their money being borrowed and returned. But people forget that their input money was also matched by their employer, which then becomes an "entitlement" as part of the equation. Now the analogy here differs because to start out with "Only a potion or % of ALL of the energy was borrowed and returned from the source and just like a banker interest was applied to the loan.'' This was called the "apparent power" Now because of the loans and hypothetically attached,interest portion the apparent power always cost more then the true power at delivery. Now the bankers sudenly realized that their extra costs of delivery line charge on every electric bill if eliminated would allow a larger amount of cash flow to be achieved in the transaction. Exactly PI times more amperage now exists AND NOW the apparent power equals the true power at delivery. WE CALL THIS THE PI BREAK-EVEN state whereby the series reonance has produced UNOBVIOUS internal pressure enabled by cancelling reactances to produce PI times more amperage then its reactive state. A sort of "entitlement" has been added by NATURE whereby now because the amount of energy transfer is the same for both sides, and the apparent power equals the tue power transfer, an "entitlement" is achieved on the delivery side. By judicious applications of air core mutual inductions betwen systems it is well within logical definitions to show and demonstrate true power inputs where the secondary vibrational loss as heat is greater then the sending primary coil's vibrational loss as true power input shown as heat. This would then appear to show a circumstance of reactive energy magnification as regards to what is actually inputed by the source.'

:Left as 2nd and 3rd comments past first one.

:Saturday, April 2, 2016 9:02 PM, " [teslafy]"



:'A capture For reference from the video we first note several snapshots from the video here first showing the 8 volt input and q factors. Now we show the 6 voltage meter extrapolation during open loadings of the primary system And to verify the 20% time compression with primary currents we have showing time distortion under secondary loadings. - HDN'


UPDATE: Pioneering the Applications of Interphasal Resonances


:Published on May 25, 2015

:'We call our method of collecting voltages from the airborne magnetic fields around a 3 phase source of airborne primary vibrations a communist one, for the simple fact that those voltage sources obtained through the air are themselves off timed from one another by virtue of the sources transmission of AC signals each separated by one third of the total time cycle or 120 degrees apiece. However what seems to have been discovered is that the vortexian action of the 666 machine actually makes the six expansionist magnetic poles emitted to be a six phase source rather then a three phase one and by combining two wider angles made from a vector subtraction from the 120 degree source with a series summation of a vector addition made by the 60 degree source between stacked top and bottom poles of the 666 machine, the voltage necessary to engage the pre-existant non energized field stator output to the field input is then made possible by the communist source of emf. Each phase produces .8 volts at the stator line source from the ferromagnetic field rotor rotation alone but nothing touching the line source 3 phase stator connections are used in the field feedback loop. Instead all of that necessary field energy is collected from the space around the 6 poles of the 666 machine. The diodes on a full wave rectifier have a voltage drop of .7 volts apiece from both AC directions of travel so a rotational source of alternator voltage must first have a combined voltage of 1.4 volts before any DC voltage will be left over for application to the field resistance. And additionally another law of diminishing returns happens with ferromagnetism in transformers where nothing begins working until a one volt application level. So even after the diode voltage barrier is exceeded, another one presents itself. Here ~ three .8 volt signals are collected from two top and one bottom poles through the air by induction and combined to produce 2.2 volts which can then start a magnetic chain reaction between the output and input which the distance between the parts established as the intervening media of control of the magnetic chain reaction. Essentially the magnetic chain reaction here is only controllled by the 3/4 ohm resistance of the airborne emf source vs the resistance of the field itself.'

:Unballasted Communist Field Feedback Loop on 666 machine (video).


Update: 666 Machine Inventor makes Electrical Analogy of Polarized Film Paradox - Before It's News - January 13, 2015 - Harvey D. Norris

“Topological Evidence of Time Distortion in the 666 machine”




'A complex complexity completed is not for the complacently capitulated conceptual captive.'



How many dimensions are there? The quest for truth and the discovery of truth are factors that often interject themselves while often reflecting juxtapositions seemingly contradicting the intended pursuit. Truth is only apparent to those who recognize it, not to those who seek it. Knowledge and fact while appearing similar, often contradict each other. Knowledge and information are not necessarily apparent to those who stumble upon it.

The answer to the question was answered by Harvey D. Norris: and was immediately deleted by “one or more trusted members of the Answers community.” The problem with seeking truth, as in discovery, is the “control” factor that impedes the progression of facts inimical to the status quo of dogmatists determined to maintain the equilibrium of past discoveries that run counter to newer and opposing discovery. The truth of the matter, information and discovery is only as good as the technology applied determining the relevancy of the facts uncovered:

Harvey D. Norris Answers The Question


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Do Other Dimension Exist?'''

Question: "Do Other Dimensions Exist?"

Harvich: "If you can understand, situations exist whereby the opposite of the opposite is no longer the original as would exist in our normal dimensional understanding. To represent this graphically one must "move up one dimension" to a third dimension to show the resultant vectors, where these lie on a three dimensional cone shape and now a "curvature" has been added to the positions in time where those vectors normally exist 3 phase Time Distortion as "expanded time" Circuit About 8 min into video to the right we see that we have 5.2 volts and 5.9 volts across 2 of 3 coils in series. If one coil was positive and the other was negative we would have 5.2+5.9=11.1 volts on the meter across both of them, but the meter reads 10.86 so they are ALMOST completely opposite voltages, but not quite completely opposites. The same situation exists on the left side: the bottom meter shows the voltage across both of the first two coils, and they are almost opposite also. So we have two near opposite situations. When we combine all three voltages in time, what should be the norm is that we should take the two highest voltages out of the three shown, or 5.59 and 5.51 and assume that if just those two were completely opposite as being positive and negative AT THE SAME TIME PERIOD then the most we could get when we measured across all three coils would be that sum, or 11.1 volts. But when we in fact make that voltage measurement we find 15.26 volts! The 666 machine that produces those fields that produces those voltages on those coils has in fact transcended our dimension, where the ordinary laws of vector addition no longer apply, and thus only a higher dimensional graphing of what those vectors are doing can satisfy the vector information given. So in a nutshell this in itself is a PROOF that other dimensions exist, otherwise we would not be able to obtain the readings shown here, (which is being done for the first time in history as I invented all this stuff) That is essentially why the people with credentials will not touch my stuff on Yahoo Q&A with a ten foot pole and they all run away! Basically as I have stated when time is compressed on one method things that were formerly showing a normal degree of polarity opposition show less opposition and time is converted into energy on the outputs. The Opposite(a pun on words) effect is shown here on this communist method where things are made into MORE of a opposite polarity then could ordinarily be made to exist, and we have to consider more then just a positive or negative state, because the opposite of the opposite is no longer a cancellation leading back to the original state. As further proof of all of this one merely needs to look at the arcing an ordinary car alternator can make without hardly any load down or loss of voltage or even GAIN of operational voltage as shown at

10 & 20 Volt Operation of Wireless Bipolar TC via 666 Pancake Spirals." Harvey D. Norris - Yahoo Answers - Best Answer



'Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla provide the appropriate explanation by creating an “energy” source derived from those significant dimensions. I’ve explained all of this in my research pages:'

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Energy

'Maxwell wrote out his detailed Equations in Quaternion Algebra format as 20 (observable) known equations and 20 (nonobservable) unknown equations. These were further reduced by Oliver Heaviside so that he could understand them. Unfortunately he reduced them from 20 to just 8 vector equations, and ultimately others further reduced them to the 4 recognized equations physicists refer to today.'

Maxwell's Original Equations


The Great Pi Conspiracy

:'Is Free Energy Just Pi In The Sky? '

:The Great Pi Conspiracy

:The Great Pi Conspiracy, Part 2

:The Real Value of Pi With Mathematical Proof by Mark & Scott Wollum

:The Great Pi Conspiracy Part 1 Kevin Barrett - Veterans Today - February 5, 2015

:The Great Pi Conspiracy Part 2 Kevin Barrett - Veterans Today - October 6, 2015

:Harvey D. Norris - November 4, 2015

:' "Actually I have my own theory of pi in formulation today as a document. I am repeating the resonance tests of the 666 machine after restoring balance. So I will be sending you this link twice once now and once again in the future as they say with my mathematical proof attached as a web posting to groups with links attached from yahoo groups. Meanwhile puzzle yourself over this pi predicament and the ramifications thereof. Likewise the article notes that NASA would have to have noted a deviance of the actual pi value, where here apparently they are talking about a one thousandth, (.001) deviance. The proof of the deviance uses something called Keplar triangles. It also challenges the assumptions based on calculus whereby infinitesimal divisions of the observation can lead to a proven limit. This mathematical problem should keep you busy for awhile, and is probably indispensable for making further observations or assumptions. As Tesla would say."'

:'''Sincerely Yours 'Harvey D Norris'

:[1]: '" I have discovered something that may not be "obvious" to the outsiders in electrical science. When an inductor has a q of pi, it should exibit the same energy movement in time as that producing heat, or what is termed "real power" to the environment. If the primary system has a q higher then pi, (the 666 machine appoaches 2pi) more energy is being transfered displaying itself as real magnetic field volumes moving through space and producing secondary induction effects then that wasted as heat on the transfer agent." [HDN]'

:[2]: '"Since apparently little or no research has been conducted concerning source frequency tuned air core transformers, many facts get glossed over. These might be overlooked until we employ these processes in triplicate vs inputs initially split in time three ways by the 3 phase source of ferromagnetic emf. In a nutshell the development of the three phase air core transformer contained an unforeseen possibility whereby the secondaries themselves being adjacent in space could have mutual induction between them, introducing a third parameter beyond the first two employed in the primary/secondary coupling. This showed the result of each secondary action being "more" opposite in time then what their respective mutual induction with their primaries would dictate. In fact schemes of line coupled cooperation agreements between secondary phasings can be shown whereby 97% of the induced voltages initially separated three fold in time at 120 degrees of time separation are now made to appear only 3% off what would be obtained if no difference in time existed between those seriesed inputs! Later we learn that the wings of this communist circuit are themselves in unity and force the central element to partially oppose its primary source of emf, essentially using two phases to force an action to oppose the natural action of lenz law on that central phase by interphasal line connections, and now this central line coupled secondary will act to charge its own source of emf." [HDN]'

:[3]: '"In concordance with the most remarkable discovery of the 21st Century I must admit hearing Lyndon LaRouche many years ago in New York City attending a presidential gig and was an active Labor Party member during my university days at the University of Akron. As Sherlock Holmes would say the game is afoot Watson. Here is the first stationary demonstration of the conversion of time into energy, via LOCALIZED relativity effects. The magnetic fields do the work of distorting the time input to the primary. As for now I will end these incessant replies and soon make proof of my claims."' Sincerely Obstinant '[HDN]'

:[4]: '"It is said that one should study algebra before that of calculus. Of course calculus is a spectacular tool and has its uses. But in the study of air core transformers the subject is exclusively more or less tied to Tesla coils and radio circuits at high frequency. These theorists by not enduring the "school of hard knocks" have little or no realization of the real actions of circuits vs the ideal actions cited in electrical textbooks. Particularly true in this case is the "algebra" of study concerning the less spectacular "source frequency air core transformer". It is here where we find some important correlation of pi as a energy gate. As every astute electrical engineer is aware, an inductor has an inductive reactance that causes the amperage as the effect of energy flow from the cause of the source of emf to lag behind in time. Because of this the cyclic waves of each voltage and amperage measurement do not coincide in time and the voltage times the amperage measurement is termed the apparent power which should always be a higher value then the true power measured as the heat loss on the inductor or the I^2R measurement. Now a reactance borrows and returns energy from the source, so what happens in series resonance? A cancelling reactance is added in series and the circuit should then obey ohms law, if other factors are ignored. Now to accomplish the higher current demanded from ohms law compared to the current derived from impedance alone, an internal voltage rise occurs in the circuit. More amperage and more voltage in the circuit also means expanded magnetic and electric field values then that found in the reactive state. But at series resonance VI= I^2R and all the apparent energy input as VI will go into the heating of the wires as the I^2R heat loss. So where did the energy for the expanded energy transfer in time contained in the oscillating magnetic and electric fields come from? Now that energy flow does not come from the source as borrowed and returned energy any more, instead the energy is borrowed and returned amongst the reactive entities themselves. WHEN THE Q FACTOR IS PI, or when the energy in the fields has gone up 3.14 times from its reactive state, now the energy transfer between those fields in time will EQUAL that dissipated as heat. What this means is that if the air core transformer primary of the system is designed higher then pi with secondary components also displaying q factors higher then pi then the REAL secondary heat power out will exceed the REAL primary wire connected input. This initially may contradict the theorists who state that more power outputted then imputed is impossible. But then we discover an incredible thing: the 3 phase primary system has its time circle contracted by ~17%! The situation is analogous to having a circular spinning generator with long "loss-less" delivery wires where the relative velocity differences between the center and the sender having a relative time compressed by relativity has the shown effect of converting me time into energy." HDN '

:[5]: '"It is on the 33rd move that the double wind 64 wind chess knight magic square code pattern emerges, based on the outside squares of seven and nine, compared to the central square of eight, making for 64 square winds on the construct. On this square half of the connections between windings in series can be rerouted for each oscillation between uniform and magic balanced state." HDN'