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Monsanto (Documentation - Research - Reference)

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor




MONSANTO - The complete history of Monsanto the world's most EVIL corporation staffed by society's most hate-filled people

The Last American Vagabond - Monsanto

Lawsuit Filed Against Monsanto For Contaminating The San Francisco Bay With PCBs

Researcher Reveals Monsanto Has Known Since 1981 That Glyphosate Promotes Cancer

Monsanto ordered to stop making false advertising claims about GMOs in South Africa Natural News - L. J. Devon - April 2, 2014


Source Watch Monsanto



Power of Monsanto: Shareholder Meeting Had More Cops, Arrests Than Votes for GMO Labels Dr. Mercola - February 11, 2014

'Monsanto’s BT toxins from pesticides used on GMO crops are showing up in pregnant women and killing human embryo cells. [Yet, because the chemical and agriculture industries spend millions each year on funding legislators and regulatory agencies, the toxic chemicals remain in use.] NaturalSociety 2014 Jan 24, 2014 '

Monsanto’s Bt-Toxins Found to Kill Human Embryo Cells - Christina Sarich - January 24, 2014

Monsanto Acquires Big Data Company - Food Activist Concerned Freedom Post, Octover 11, 2013

There is something unethical about a company that files a patent for 'modified' genetically engineered seed plants that originally existed as pristine self-generating, replicating seeds after their own kind. It is the ultimate in 'monopolistic' control. I believe that it is absolutely in violation of the planetary, not to mention US monopoly laws. And needs absolute investigation by attorneys and prosecutors. If ever there was a legitimate 'legal' case for investigation...this is it. The Tobacco companies have been litigated against successfully....because their product produced 'death' over a life time of 'evidence.'

These 'terminator' seeds will ultimately produce 'death' by their 'genetically' induced 'restriction' to produce after their own kind. The problem is that these 'terminator' seeds while being proprietary are also modifying other seeds that self-replicate and converting them into 'terminator' seeds as well. This has to stop immediately, or else all the seeds will be 'contaminated' by Monsanto's genetically modified seeds. Pollination is ubiquitous and cannot be 'restricted'. Pollen [plant sperm] is carried by the wind, insects, animals to other plants as a matter of course [pollination is a natural process of Nature and cannot be restricted]. Monsanto cannot guarantee that their 'genetically' modified seeds will not violate, rape other non-terminator seeds. Their very presence in a farm field guarantees that certain [contact] interaction with take place, and inevitably a modification [alteration] will take place [de facto]. This is an insidious "control paradigm" that is being put [in place] to control the food production of this planet. Monsanto will ultimately 'control' all [food] seed production upon this planet if they are not 'forcefully' [via litigation, legislation] compelled to 'cease' and 'desist their 'terminator' seed program. This is a 'no-brainer' and is common-sense. If the world does nothing to stop Monsanto or any other company [corporation] from planting this 'terminator technology'....then the ultimate in 'monopoly control' will take place shortly.... These 'corporations' will have successfully reinstituted a 'feudalistic' control over the entire [food] 'seed' stock industry worldwide. This is monopoly in restraint of trade, pure and simple. They [terminator technology companies] must be compelled to stop this kind of 'business enterprise' because on its face violates ['seed termination technologies'] all known 'humanitarian' concerns regarding the [ubiquitous] elimination of normative 'seed' replication. All of our 'food' ultimately comes from 'seeds' that 'self-replicate' [until Monsanto modified/altered this process] after their own kind. This has to be challenged, and stopped cold. Or else Monsanto and companies similarly motivated will ultimately forever alter our self-replicating 'seed' stocks.

Can you imagine a single Corporation like Monsanto [or any other] having monopoly control over ALL 'seed' production 'worldwide'. They would control the life blood of this planet, they would regulate the amount of seeds [food] in production. They would become the absolute 'dictators' of who would live/die upon this planet. Do you really want a CORPORATION to control how much food you can eat, or not eat? Do you really want a CORPORATION to restrict the amount of food you can produce for your family, community, country? That is exactly what will ultimately happen if you allow Monsanto [and other 'genetically engineered' seed companies] to continue what they are doing 'unrestricted'.

True Government should provide 'seeds' that replicate after their own kind' to all farmers to guarantee that their nations will 'survive' as Nation-States. They should be the Protectors not the Destroyers.


'''Site:LRP:Food - The Ultimate Control Paradigm

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Millions Against Monsanto

Miillions Against Monsanto Actions


Sources: [Very Important documentation]


The Monsanto vs Farmer Controversy


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Monsanto Under Pressure In South America


Monsanto is facing stiff opposition in Latin America for causing diseases such as cancer and birth defects through its GMO seeds and pesticides. [Argentina stopped Monsanto from building a plant after people took to the streets and halted its construction, and they blocked a bill in congress that would have favored Monsanto's property rights over those of farmers. Colombia and Chile have also placed road blocks in front of Monsanto expansion. Due to global protests and farms abandoning the use of their products, Monsanto earnings dropped by 34% last year.] PressTV 2015 Feb 26