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Site:LRP:Massive & Deliberate Lies Hidden from the People of the United States

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Massive & Deliberate Lies Hidden from the People of the United States

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


'The People of the United States have been treated like ordinary mushrooms---they have been kept in the dark and fed refuse and dung----to put it mildly. Others would say that Americans have been pawns in the game---while its leadership used the wealth and technology of the United States to foment wars and revolutions throughout the world. Many attempted to awaken the People from the matrix of their ‘control’ paradigm, failing due to the fact that the fox was already in the henhouse, and the chickens were already easy prey, ripe for the picking and eating.The Deception and the Subterfuge was already completed in the early part of the last century, the groundwork having been already formulated by secret societies and covert groups willing to violate their oaths of office and subjugate the very people who elected them into office. The first official to recognize the deception was George Washington, a mason, who became aware of the Illuminati, due to their infiltration of the Masonic brotherhood in 1776. Antony C. Sutton recognized others, such as the Russell Trust Association, another significant secret society, founded by William Huntington Russell and Alfonso Taft. His significant work---revealed the collaboration of these secret and subversive groups with International Bankers who were willing to subjugate and destroy defenseless people who stood in between their goals of controlling and maintaining their wealth formation, by creating and establishing ideologies, that would lead to managed and controlled conflict. Bankers and Financiers were all too willing to go along with their insidious and nefarious plans---due to the significant profits that would accrue to their participation.They created the American International Corporation as their initial vehicle of wealth transference. They were aided in their covert schemes by William Boyce Thompson, (and others) who personally participated in the subterfuge directly, within Russia in 1917, while he was still a Class C director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in 1917. Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb & Company provided $20 million in gold giving it to Trotsky on his way to Russia to meet up with Lenin (Switzerland) who was also on his way to Russia via Stockholm in a sealed railroad boxcar curtesy of Max Warburg the brother of Paul M. Warburg---the creator of the Federal Reserve System. All of this has been documented by historians---among them Antony C. Sutton in his monumental research under the auspices of Alan H. Belmont (FBI) in 1968-1973 at the Hoover Institution located at Stanford University in California. Detailed references can be obtained directly regarding all of this from the published works of Antony C. Sutton.''These same Bankers and Financiers hid their nefarious activities, using their Foundations as investment vehicles to create novel feudalistic systems of subjugation known as communism and socialism. They were able to accomplish their goals and their agenda, by deliberately impoverishing the people of the United States (Great Depression) and fomenting feudalistic wars among the newly created socialist oligarchies (National Socialism Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the New Deal Socialism of Franklin D. Roosevelt)'.'Woodrow Wilson an early Progressive (Socialist), President of Princeton, President of the United States, provided a passport for Trotsky so that he and his group of Bolsheviks along with his substantial financial support from Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb and Company could enter into Russia unencumbered.'

'Woodrow Wilson: Disciple of Revolution' (1938) by Jennings Cropper Wise on page 647 states:

'"Historians must never forget that Woodrow Wilson, despite the efforts of the British police, made it possible for Leon Trotsky to enter Russia with an American passport." '


Additional Reference:


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:'Their skill set involved significant acts of subjugation unparalleled and unknown to the American people, many of whom were previously unencumbered by the novelty of the “control” paradigm, having never known or been subject to the lack of freedom, from want, or hunger, or taxation. The Money Trust manipulated the economy for private gain and their hidden agenda of complete worldwide control. The subterfuge was ultimately completed with the election of Barack Hussein Obama.'

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:'The People of the United States have been consistently lied to their entire lives, and they were not even aware of it. They believed what they were told, trusting in their Government at the State, Federal and Local level, never questioning their government leaders. They are now beginning to realize that they have been deceived by both political parties and they can no longer trust anything that they are being told.'

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:'China was deliberately handed over to the Communists by our own Government, namely by the Progressives (Communists, Liberals, Socialists) and with the aid of International Bankers, and our political and education leadership. All of this was recorded by the Subcommittee Investigating The Institute of Pacific Relations (James O. Eastland (Mississippi) – Pat McCarran (Nevada) – Homer Ferguson (Michigan).'

:Transcript of the Norman Dodd - Stanley Monteith Interview 1980 - Radio Liberty

:'$125 Million Dollars in Arms was blocked by the US State Department when Chiang Kai-Shek refused to form a coalition with the Chinese Communists (Mao Tse-Tung). The Ships loaded with weapons bought by Chiang Kai-Shek were kept in the San Fransisco Harbor for many months. When the weapons finally arrived in China, the rifles didn't have any bolts in them and were useless. The Chinese Communists were supplied with weapons by the United States. Chiang Kai Shek with his massive army was defeated by a small well-equipped Communist (Mao Tse-Tung) force. As a result 60 to 80 million Chinese lost (were murdered) their lives to Communism.'


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Former Senator Joseph McCarthy was vindicated by the Venona (Intercepts) Documents. He was accurate in his assessment regarding Communist infiltration of the US Government. He was vindicated by the FBI directly, but smeared by the leftist liberals and progressive socialists who permeated significant government agencies at the time.

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'M. Stanton Evans told Glenn Beck of his research on McCarthy that “I found a lot of stuff missing, a lot of stuff had been censored, a lot of stuff that was in the records in one place but blacked out in another place. Mostly what I found was that the FBI files, which backed up what McCarthy was saying, had been withheld for 50 years. And we now have them, or many of them, and they show essentially that he was right in general. There was a massive penetration of the government, and that it was covered up, and that he threatened that cover-up. And that's why he was isolated, demonized, and destroyed. That's the technique.”' Reference

Only One Victim of McCarthyism by F.R. Duplantier

FBI Assistant Director Ray Wannall

Counter Intelligence Hero - Ray Wannall

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:FBI Confirms McCarthy Senate Hearings Via Venona documents

:FBI Venona History - John Fox



:'The Democrat Party of today is not the same Party of yesterday (Pat McCarran – Nevada) but is permeated with radical liberal leftist socialists, progressives and Communists. If you examine their tactics and goals, you will realize that they want to totally disarm the people of the United States of their weapons, arms, bullets , leaving them defenseless when and if they are attacked by terrorists, and armed insurgents. The Governor of Texas just recently signed a bill allowing every citizen of Texas to be authorized to conceal carry a weapon for protection.'

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:'For Tax Advice Consult your Tax Attorney and Financial Adviser or Certified Public Accountant'