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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Magnets are so significant historically and technologically, that they have literally forced mankind to innovate the manner and methodology of our lifestyle and living standard. Magnets literally created the momentum structuring the ideas of such notables as Michael Faraday, James Clerk Maxwell and ultimately Nikola Tesla, thus creating the 'age of physics.' From 'first

thoughts' to 'first principles' and ultimately the very 'first foundations,' the ideas regarding the significance of magnetic fields, lines of force, and ultimately electromagnetic waves significantly structured the way we live and breathe today. Magnets applied with the concept of 'rotation' have literally 'industrialized' the manner in which we work, regarding high speed production and manufacturing,

In the world of nanotechnology, a whole new vista of technological advancement is already underway and will ultimately fuel the next investment strategies literally worth trillions of dollars for the next class of investor in the 21st century. The future is definitely driven by further magnetic research, because it is the ultimate source of power generation, as was demonstrated

during the 20th century. The key here is innovation and those that structure their thoughts to allow any and all novelty of fact principles to rise to the surface, will ultimately, provide a significant knowledgebase for future generations to come.

Electrons have their own characteristics and 'magnetic moments,' thus we can manipulate their power and structure new forms of matter and energy from their modification and derived actions. Applying 'novelty of fact' standards and principles we have learned how to literally structure the very 'vacuum of space' to order and reorder the very 'fabric' of space, thus extracting the ultimate 'energy' of the Creation itself. Nikola Tesla, told us that we would one day harness the very 'wheelwork of nature' itself. We have reached that threshold today. Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor

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