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posted by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor [Correction: (Should Read: Anisotropic Permanent Magnets (as in) Asymmetric Permanent Magnets)]


Tom Bearden in a recent email:

"Finally did some searching on asymmetric magnets – i.e., permanent magnets with asymmetric fields instead of mirror-symmetric. I thought we would have to physically make our own from scratch, to have them. Not true they are already available much more than I expected.

It’s just that they are called "anisotropic permanent magnets". Lots of physics work is presently going on, on these magnets and their materials, both theoretical and experimental. Even better, one can now buy such magnets of various types and strengths off the shelf from some of the standard (leading) magnet suppliers. Including with various kinds of strengths and made of different magnet material types. Or one can even have them made to specification and order, by several suppliers (particularly those connected with magnet manufacturers and developers in China etc.).

Just Google search on "Anisotropic Permanent Magnets" (in the title of this E-mail).

Hey, this means that the original notion of a little "self-powering totally permanent motor" toy demonstrator is not dead after all, and its achievement just got loads easier. This of course is the general type of motor or motor/generator referred to by the Steorn group in Ireland, which openly challenged the entire world Scientific Community with a full-page ad in The Economist, costing over $100 thousand. The Steorn group also selected a "jury of 12" highly selected scientists worldwide, from several thousand applicants, to come in and test the Steorn motors themselves, with the provision they must then sign a notarized statement as to the actual results of their tests. We are still waiting to see what happens on that one.

The remaining problem is that, once in self-powering operation, the manufactured anisotropic permanent magnets must not denature with self-powering use in asymmetrical systems, i.e., they must not lose their anisotropy with use. Some of these anisotropic permanent magnets available are already stated to presently have shown no inclination to denature.

Remember, the EE model presently taught in all EE departments in all universities is arbitrarily symmetrized (artificially by Lorentz in 1892). This was done to (1) stop Nikola Tesla, who gave us the rotating magnetic field that made modern generators possible anyway, and who was also hell-bent on providing free energy systems taking their energy directly from the active medium, and also to (2) forever prevent our electrical engineers from thinking, designing, building, and deploying such asymmetric Maxwellian electrical power systems, since they would be taught and know only symmetrical electrical power systems which self-enforce COP