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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Introduction: The Control Paradigm Copyright © 2009


I had just come back from Regent University down in Virginia Beach, Virginia, after having listened to several tapes of Dr. Antony C. Sutton.

These tapes were in the Regent University Library. They got there because I had been invited by Carl Hiteshew to speak with Dr.Herb Titus, the Founding Dean of Regent University Law School. It was in Dr. Titus's office that I laid out my verification of Dr. Sutton's monumental research. It was essentially my dissertation of Dr. Sutton's novel discovery, verified, of a significant Hegelian Dialectical System that significantly shaped our present destiny. Below is his third response via email of his opinion of that research. Dr. Antony C. Sutton, was considered by the FBI to be a significant credible source of information regarding the former Soviet Union.

'Western Technology and Soviet Economic Development (1917-1965)' [1] [2] [3]




Subject: Re: Look over (Books on Tesla (potential?)

Date: Friday, May 07, 1999 10:12AM

Dear Les

You have extraordinary research ability....and I read everything you send me.

If it did not grab me I would not reply.

But I am also intensely practical. If I find a new topic of interest I scrape the surface to see if it is worthwhile and then deep storage it until some funding comes along. I suppose I have scores of such projects. Also I never go back and rework an old book or project. That’s why I deep storage papers where I can’t reach them, otherwise I’d spend my time answering well meaning requests for information. I must have a score of requests for RTA membership lists over the years but I’ve never released the list. There are numerous copies around but they didn’t come from me. Mine are all in storage a thousand miles away.

However I do have most interesting Email discussions on numerous topics because one topic throws light on others…..i.e. Sanskrit literature may guide us to an understanding of Tesla. To handle all this I lock myself up tight with a tough doorkeeper!

The most important topic today is how to handle the transfer from a 3-Space economy to a 4-Space economy………no one has even mentioned this to me. One would think someone in Government would be banging on my door…..but silence. My guess is that CIA has another of its periodic perceptions crises……it hasn’t even identified 4-Space technology!

The Tesla item is important, but nothing can be done without funding. I know from experience this would be a long time consuming project. But someone in DOD must be looking at it. Tesla has powerful military/terrorist uses, especially from the terrorist/defense viewpoint. It cannot go beyond the exploration stage without major support, but I presume the more everyday practical aspects are being explored.

If you want to pursue Tesla beyond exploration then you will have to spark some interest somewhere to fund it. I don’t need any more work but if major backing is there, I will make way for a project by dropping other work……and no question you will be the lead researcher………I am just a consultant.



On the following week, Dr. Sutton sent me the following email regarding our mutual intention to research various aspects of Nikola Tesla in a joint study effort:




Subject: Re: Tesla

Date: Sunday, May 15, 1999 6:15AM


Let me clarify some points.

1. These are not "Tesla" records. They are records that I judge may contain Tesla materials because of date/location/descriptors.

2. Re: "familiarize yourself": with National Archives. This would have one great understand the quantity of material available and the size of the task.


The captured German records from WWII weigh about 450 tons....just this batch. We are talking about tons of paper....much not catalogued. These are just the NARA RECORDS.

3. AFTER YOU HAVE SEEN THE MATERIAL YOU WILL APPRECIATE MY SUGGESTION OF A PILOT STUDY to identify and prioritize the various storehouses of data.

4. One way I have used is microfilm. Each microfilm has about 2000 documents and costs $50.00. The German records which I know well are grouped. For example the Records of the Plenipotentiary for High Frequency Research 1930-45 has 153 rolls of microfilm, the records of the Bevollmaechtiger fuer Hichfrequenzforschung. That's $7,500 just for microfilm....and no definite proof anything on Tesla.


6. The Russian Tungusta material is most interesting. Nothing even raises the question of Tesla....but these are high quality sites....very suspicious. I smell deception.

Regrettably, the US has always been deficient on HUMINT and I have a nasty feeling that the US has neglected more than Soviet tech....the China Embassy is the tip of the tip of the iceberg. In any event US Education is stifling and level of analysis pretty bad and subject to political influence. Sad.

7. So far as I am concerned Dennis Lee lacks one important quality...credibility. All these years and not ONE independent study! Blacklight has used at least 30 independent labs and Saturna about 15. Unless you are prepared to have your work taken to pieces and independently explored your project is going nowhere. Paranoia is not conducive to acceptance, it breeds dishonesty. Sure the Government is covering up? So what? What else do you expect? That's the nature of Government. You have to work around it....not submit to it.

As I mentioned before Les one of my most productive years was 1944...on deception...M de Peza says: "they taught you you are an itch that won't go away."


We were not able to consummate our goal of a joint research effort, because on June 17, 2002, Dr. Sutton departed much too soon from this Earthly realm, several years before my intent to allocate sufficient time, to successfully accomplish our unique goal of exploring aspects of Tesla’s ultimate secrets. But Dr. Sutton did provide valuable advice and direction. First he told me, in research, one must ‘know what one does not know.’ And second he pointed me in the path of Dr. Thomas Eugene Bearden, with whom I have spent considerable time, and have been substantially rewarded, both in substance and in fact.



Simplification - Tom Bearden - Free Energy





The following research pages will demonstrate that joint effort between Dr. Bearden and myself, for I consider him to be a significant primary source regarding not just Tesla, but many other aspects of ‘overunity asymmetric systems.’ If time permits and funding resources materialize, it is ultimately my intent and goal to finish what Dr. Sutton started but was never able to consummate due to a prior engagement with destiny.

I consider myself most fortunate, having been twice blessed with the rare opportunity of actually being able to accomplish research with two of these great minds in research. Most people rarely accomplish what they would like to do. I have been given that opportunity, for which I am most grateful. I also wish to acknowledge and ultimately thank Sterling D. Allan for this rare opportunity of serving as a Member of the NEW ENERGY CONGRESS.....Which ultimately provided me with both the impetus and the driving compulsion to accomplish the work of the NEC, giving me my firm foundation, which ultimately has structured my next goal, to write about my findings in book format.

All the Best,

Leslie R. Pastor

New Energy Congress

My Research Papers


Personal Research: Monopoly Power, World Socialism, World Economic Interdependence. (Part 1) by Leslie R. Pastor – was formally submitted to Dr. Antony C. Sutton for his Review. It was also submitted to Dr. Herb Titus (Founding Dean – Regent University, School of Law). A copy was also sent to Thomas Eugene Bearden for his personal review, prior to my association with him starting in 2005. Additional copies were sent to Jim Boswell (Inventor) and Janet Lee Meisinger (Political Activist).


After many years of personal research and continuous study on the makeup and structure of the elitist establishment in the United States, I came upon some of the most interesting and at the same time fascinating information concerning its economic and political makeup. The following account that will be presented is highly explosive and electrifying in its content. The reader will have to forgo previous preconceptions of political dichotomies and assume fresh perspectives and approaches to historical realities, the scope of which entails the following historical period and framework, [1880-1980].

The presentation of modern American History has gone through a series of continuous, but gradual evolutionary changes. These changes, while possibly normative, reflect serious considerations and potentialities, specifically those pertaining to monopoly capitalism and world socialism.

These changes are more than adequately reviewed and discussed at length by Antony C. Sutton in his monumental works concerning Wall Street and its’ influence upon world affairs. There appears to be a

definite link, between monopoly capitalism, socialism and world revolution, with regard to ultimate control by the elitists, namely those who control the Central Banks of the world. Also it appears that socialism is the necessary ingredient for political and financial (monopoly) world control.

This explains why the U.S. always appears to back socialist governments over democratic ones, and prefers to support and sustain their economies, even in the face of criticism. Primarily, because more profit is available from controlled societies than those that have freer political and economic systems, namely Russia (see Antony C. Sutton) and modern China (Tiananmen Square).

Also, the resulting creation and sustainment of managed and controlled conflict provided the arena and the direction in which and through which the elite power brokers (monopoly financiers) were able to compel concrete physical and psychological social change both domestically as well as internationally. This "controlled-conflict" not only provided wealth for the elitists, but ultimately drove the engine that forced the resultant global changes.

You will notice this as you read the following pages, from the creation of the Federal Reserve System, the Bolshevik revolution, world socialism and the Wall Street financial elite……….


America’s Sixty Families, Ferdinand Lundberg, The Vanguard Press. H. Wolff, New York, 1937

Wall Street and FDR, Antony C. Sutton (Paul Warburg & Creation of the Federal Reserve System)

Third Annual Report of the Federal Reserve Board, covering operations for the year 1916

The Federal Reserve System (Its Origin and Growth), Paul M. Warburg (Vol. 1) MacMillan, 1930

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution, Antony C. Sutton, Arlington House, New Rochelle, 1974

William Boyce Thompson, (notes: Hermann Hagedorn, Antony C. Sutton, National Cyclopedia)

Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler, Antony C. Sutton, Bloomfield Books, Suffolk, England, 1976

National Suicide: Military Aid To The Soviet Union, Antony C. Sutton, Arlington House, 1973


In the following pages I elected to allow the above works and authors to explain themselves, rather than to inject my own thoughts and words. The conclusions I will leave to the reader, either for personal reflection or possible continued research.


Research Explanation Regarding MY PERSONAL RESEARCH: PART 1

The Title page explains the anomaly, and presents the case that defines the 'conspiracy' of the takeover of these United States of America. Ferdinand Lundberg presents the initial 'evidence' on page 120 of his insightful 1937 book Americas Sixty Families. The essential facts are all laid out as the 'creation of the Federal Reserve System.'

From the planned election of President Woodrow Wilson to the actual 'intent' of the conspiracy, the finalized facts of the roles played by the conspirators and their accomplishment to ultimately bring these United States back under their 'control' is explained, through interlocking relationships with the Bank of England and the (then) Bank of France. [Rothschild financial controls],

Antony C. Sutton [Wall Street and FDR] then goes on to explain the 'creation' and ultimately the 'creator' [Paul Moritz Warburg]of the American [private 'Central' Bank, the Federal Reserve System. With the FRS now firmly established, Warburg prepares for the initial looting of the United States of America, and ultimately the transference of American prosperity into the Bank of England. Dr. Sutton then introduces Murray Rothbard's analysis, as to the actual method [vehicle] to accomplish the transference and ultimately the collapse of the American economy [the Wall Street Crash of 1929].

The facts and the results are now crystal clear, intent and motive are firmly established, and the evidence begins to pile up. The Federal Reserve System through a planned 'stock market crash' by 'artificial' means transferred the American people from a 'free' society to an 'enslaved' servitude and its 'free' economy changed overnight into a 'slave' economy.

Thus the American 'Revolution' and its' novel experiment was subverted through a re-revolution. What was so ardently and assiduously fought for, was simply stolen away by 'the mildest mannered man that ever personally conducted a 'revolution.'" [Paul M. Warburg]

I now present the actual 'text' of "the Federal Reserve System, its Origin and Growth" as the actual 'words' of P. M. Warburg [As an aside: An actual copy, of an actual 'hand-autographed' version of the book is presented by Warburg to Frank A. Vanderlip, "as a souvenir of common efforts in years gone by, this book is presented to Frank A. Vanderlip by [signed] Paul M. Warburg." [Paul was reflecting their joint experiences together at Jekyll Island, where they initially conspired with others to create the Fed.].

In the book, Warburg essentially explains what the Fed can and cannot do. He explains its 'incorporation' its 'charter' and its 'powers,' thus revealing that it is a 'privately' chartered and governmentally 'sustained' enterprise. And on page 341, the Federal Reserve Notes are revealed as, "the said notes shall be obligations of the United States and shall be receivable by all national and member banks and Federal Reserve banks and for all taxes, customs and other public dues." Therein lay the slavery and indebtedness of the people of the United States of America, through the establishment of 'monetized' debt. And finally there is a letter in the appendix by Paul M. Warburg to a friend explaining 'fiat' money and 'liquidity'.

Next I present a copy of the third (3rd) Annual Report of the Federal Reserve Board

Pierre Jay was declared, Chairman and Federal Reserve Agent of District No. 2 [New York]. Pierre Jay was a member of the Russell Trust Association. [The Order seems to have a habit of placing a member from among its ranks within the 'Money Trust' without fail. Daniel Coit Gilman was not only the founder of several distinguished American Universities, the American Historical Association, and the head of several reputable Foundations, but he was also the incorporator of the Russell Trust in 1856 at Yale, New Haven, Connecticut.] Source: Americas Secret Establishment, Antony C. Sutton.

Next, the board of directors is designated, along with a directory of the Federal Reserve Board. Among the names is William Boyce Thompson, [whose term expired in Dec 31, 1917] who personally gave the Bolsheviks $1,000.000 dollars [Dec 8,1917], so they could export the 'revolution' throughout Europe, and consolidate their power in Russia. W. G. McAdoo (Woodrow Wilson's son-in-law) is listed as Sec. of the Treasury. Thus you have a pretty good indication of a close-knit group of 'insiders' acting in concert, so now we can derive an extrapolated assessment regarding the developed facts.

1.. The Russell Trust controlled the money flow.

2.. The President of the United States [through his son-in-law] was able to use moral suasion in his monetary policy

3.. The 'Central' Bank was both a governmental 'piggy' bank [to be raided at will] as well as a 'private' bank for 'private' [compartmentalized] purposes known only to the 'insiders'.

4.. The 'insiders' [those with 'access' and 'direct' knowledge] were now able to conduct significant enterprises for 'private' personal gain, having unlimited global reach through the limitless availability of the uninterrupted 'money' supply.

In the Next section, Dr. Antony C. Sutton presents a synopsis of the 'Evidence'

Next: A copy of the cablegram from J. P. Morgan [$1,000,000] and a picture of William Boyce Thompson is presented showing his involvement with the Bolsheviks.

Next: I lay out a 'fact sheet' on the American International Corporation showing the founders, date of creation, board of directors and the interlocks between the RTA, FRS (NYFed), and the Council on Foreign Relations [Frank Altschul] and the member NYC banks of the FRS. [Chase, National City Bank, Bankers Trust].Next: The location of the 'conspiracy' [1915] is identified 120 Broadway, NYC with the close association of the participants clearly 'recognizable.' [Federal Reserve Bank, American International Corporation, Soviet (first) Bureau, with an 'explanation' given for this 'alliance.'[Dr. Antony C. Sutton then gives an 'explanation for the 'unholy alliance'.

Then in four (4) significant pages the life of William Boyce Thompson is reviewed followed by a fact sheet [chronology] of his life. [I've always been fascinated by these types of individuals who accomplish much, create massive wealth, industry, mayhem, build significant homes for themselves, and then simply die off into the sunset.......leaving it all behind. And in the case of William Boyce Thompson, his life was relatively short, some 61, 62 years].


Dr. Sutton gives his conclusions (Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler] regarding the financing of the German cartels [I.G. Farben], Hitler. The role of the Dawes and Young Plans, the multinationals, the international banks and their political influence, AEG (German General Electric], and the directors of American I. G. (Farben), who escaped criminal prosecution after the Second World War. Dr. Sutton skillfully presents 'documented' evidence conclusively proving the 'pervasive influence of international bankers.' Leading him to the ultimate question. Is the United States ruled by a dictatorial elite? He brilliantly answers this question by establishing and presenting 'the New York Elite as a subversive force. With these revealing facts an interesting 'revisionist' truth is emerging that had long been suppressed by the RTA through their controlled education [American Historical Association].

In National Suicide, Military Aid to the Soviet Union [this ultimately got Dr. Sutton ejected from the Hoover Institution] Dr. Sutton reveals that the State Dept was taken over by the 'conspiracy'.....and now ultimately confirmed by Bryton Barron in his very revealing book. Inside the State Department.

And in conclusion, Dr. Antony C. Sutton was able to give his testimony before the Subcommittee [VII} of the Platform Committee of the Republican Party at Miami Beach, Florida, on August 15, 1972, at 2:30pm regarding, the Soviet Military-Industrial Complex and who created it [the United States, international bankers, the RTA]. And much to his credit, Dr. Sutton gives a resounding approval of the intervention of American Unionism in recognizing the anomaly: "Only one institution has been clear-sighted on this question. From Samuel Gompers in 1920 down to George Meany.......the major unions have consistently protested the trade policies that built the Soviet Union. Because union members in Russia lost their freedom and union members in the United States have died in Korea and Vietnam. [But ultimately, the AFL-CIO has been taken over by the Council on Foreign Relations, starting with the election of Lane Kirkland (CFR).]

A personal note: I considered Dr. Antony C. Sutton a very brave, articulate, intelligent man, with a significant internal fortitude, for having the guts, to challenge this 'control' paradigm matrix. He was the man who single-handedly challenged a world class empire, unparalleled in human history, and he risked 'everything' to do it. Dr. Antony C. Sutton was truly a very remarkable, important source in deciphering where the truth ultimately lay regarding 'factual' links in this very complex integrated database on the matrix. And for this 'gentleman' to have spent a brief moment in 'time' with me (via the internet] back in 1999 to discuss several aspects of the 'matrix' I regard with solemn gratitude.


Modern Day Update: Hegelian Dialectic Regarding The United States


In a recent email [July 31, 2007] Tom Bearden acknowledged our contribution to the NEC:

Hi Les,

Glad to hear from you, and glad you are starting work on your book! I look forward to seeing it in print one of these fine days. And Sutton would have been very proud of you!

Your arduous and important work with the NEC is very much appreciated! You’ve done yeoman service there, and I think you have made profound and continuing contributions to the entire EFTV field.

Yes, I would be delighted to see you again, any time you can come down. Here we continue along in the same way, just putting one foot in front of the other.

Y’all hang in there, take a good "rest break", and then give it hell!

Cheers, Tom


From: Leslie R. Pastor []

Sent: Tuesday, July 31, 2007 8:31 PM

To: Tom Bearden

Subject: Re: Research Page Structure is Finished

Good Evening Tom,

I just finished my last page:

It ties it all together and it mentions you. I've been blessed to have met, significant and important personages, like yourself, Antony C. Sutton, Dr. Herb Titus, Carl Hiteshew. Primarily, this was accomplished because of my personal zeal, and access to the Internet. I'm essentially finished with my NEC Research, I'll now stay, to research and review those technologies that come into the NEC's purview, and to vote on necessary projects and new members.

But as of this moment, I am actively pursuing my book project for my publisher. It will be my one and only book, since it will essentially deal with my life experiences and my findings. Book: The Control Paradigm

Thank you very much Tom, for all of your help these past few years.

I would like to visit with you and your lovely wife Doris one more time.

All the Best,

Leslie R. Pastor

Ps: I will be adding to, and updating each page from time to time.



On August 24, 1984, I received the following letter from S. Tucker Yates, the then Chairman of the Board of Regents, CBN University, which later became Regent University.

Mr. Leslie R. Pastor

P. O. Box 163

Levittown, New York 11756

Dear Mr. Pastor:

You were one of the very first to join CBN as a founder in support of CBN University. To commemorate this, we have placed your name, along with those of other early founders, on a plaque which has been placed in the University Administration building. Your help came at a crucial time, enabling us to take the intial steps in the fulfillment of the vision of CBN University.

The University has experienced tremendous growth since then! Today there are five graduate schools: Communications, Education, Business Administration, Biblical Studies, and Public Policy. This fall our Institution of Journalism will open and our Extended University will soon begin offering reading and Bible courses on the CBN Cable Network. This year marked the completion of our new 155,000-square-foot Library building, which will supply our students with the most advanced research technology.

Thank you for your part in making all this a reality. How we praise the Lord for His faithfulness and for using you as his instrument!

We would love to have you visit us soon, especially for the special Seminar in connection with the dedication of the Library October 12-14. You’ll be receiving an invitation soon.

Again, our thanks for your love and generosity. God bless you!

Yours in His Service,

S. Tucker Yates (signed)


Board of Regents


P. S. Bob Slosser recently became the new President of CBN University. I thought you would like to see a copy of the news release covering his appointment

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23463 (804) 424-7000



Along with this letter, I received a picture of the laying/pouring of the foundation, depicting M. G. "Pat" Robertson (squatting) writing in the cement, with Dede Robertson (his lovely wife) standing to his right, and S. Tucker Yates (standing) to Pat Roberson’s left, David Gyertson (behind him, to his right) followed by Dave Clark, Harold Bredesen, and Michael Little (in the background) I’m ten (10) feet to the left of Dede peering over a shoulder, watching Dr. Robertson, the founder of CBN and Regent University.