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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Bob Lazar has been and is still involved in research regarding Hydrogen Fuel Systems development. This is significant because such research is necessary to overcome the problem of generation, storage, and utility of hydrogen in late model cars, which would be converted to run on Hydrogen Fuel. There are significant problems to overcome, necessitating serious continued research in this area. Bob Lazar is currently at work deep in research. This type of research is important to all of us, with respect to alternative fuel systems.

After studying the problem of hydrogen generation/storage I now know why Puharich moved around the country dragging a huge trailer-home. You will know also when you read the following research & development pages.

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Leslie R. Pastor


Israeli Science Breakthrough Extracts Fuel From Water



Directory:PowerAvenue Corp [ Introducing A Novel Form of Hydrogen Production ] Directory:PowerAvenue Corp



United Fuel Systems: United Nuclear: Bob Lazar: Research: Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Research Hydrogen Fuel Systems

Hydrogen Fuel Kit

Hydrogen Fuel Systems: Current Research:

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There are significant problems to overcome regarding this important alternative fuel system, but recent developments regarding other related 'water' energy discovery such as the 'burning' of 'seawater' provide significant clues as to possibilities.


It is interesting how those who presume themselves to be educated and knowledgeable refuse to accept the discoveries of those who are self taught and are not subject to structured-thinking. Structured-thinking can be a stumbling block to scientific advancement, especially when 'thinking' in such manner becomes dogmatic. Cognitive Dissonance is a well-known obstacle in achieving acceptance of 'newer' scientific discoveries. Only after careful and exhaustive experimentation resulting in qualified proof, will a 'novelty of fact' become acceptable within the scientific community.


Dennis Lee And Dutchman Win Round Against The FTC


Randall Mills summarizes BlackLight technology, which relies on a new chemical process of releasing the latent energy of the hydrogen atom, the BlackLight Process. In this process, the electron in an ordinary hydrogen atom is induced to move closer to the proton, below the prior-known ground state. Hydrogen gas derived from water serves as the fuel.


NEWS: Bill [Wynn-Bono] Introduced to Pave Way For Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Commission Act of 2006

Mary Bono - Hydrogen Fuel Cells In Action - Video



Hydrogen Fuel A Step Closer


Honda Creating Home System For Drivers To Make Hydrogen


Inventor Ready To Put Hydrogen Fuel System In Vehicles


New Method Converts Organic Matter To Hydrogen Fuel Easily And Efficiently





Fuel Cell Car & Experiment Kit


The World's Smallest Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car


General Motors To Show Off Fuel-Celled Powered Car


Hydrogen Technologies


Hydrogen Fuel Systems - United Nuclear - Bob Lazar


Millenium Cell, PSA Peugeot Citron Partnership With Gaz de France


Hydrogen Fuel Car -- Video


Electricity From Sugar-Water


There is a solution to the storage problem of hydrogen from the man who defied the 'educated idiots' once before: Stan Ovshinsky But let us first examine who Stanford Ovshinky is, and how he established himself.,2967,ovshinsky,00.html


Stanford Ovshinsky is the inventor of the amorphous semiconductor. The pundits and the engineering community emphatically stated that it couldn’t be done. Impossible! Absurd! When the United States refused to provide the appropriate help, Ovshinsky, went to the Japanese, who were more broadminded, having been ‘educated’ by W. Edwards Deming regarding the ‘quality’ and ‘workmanship’ in manufacturing and skilled engineering. The Japanese have been laughing all the way to the bank ever since, providing Ovshinsky with the seed capital for his continuing enterprises, thus enabling him to extend his significant research into hydrogen engineering, structuring the significant potential future of hydrogen fuel cells regarding transportation and electrification. Those amorphous semiconductors are used in every copy machine throughout the planet, providing a significant source of capital for further research.


Alan Alda & Stan Ovshinsky

Stan Ovshinsky's Company: Ovonics

Making Hydrogen Affordable with Sunlight

BiosFuel: The Fuel of the Future Today


Video: Water "As Fuel" To Power A Car


Stanley Meyer




Hydrogen From Water


Hydrogen From Water Using Boron



Jean-Louis Naudin & GIFNET


Jean-Louis Naudin's Website Map

GIFNET [ Global Institute For New Energy Technologies ]

Irving Langmuir & Atomic Hydrogen [Moller]

Irving Langmuir

Atomic Hydrogen Reactions [Tom Bearden]

My Personal Research Regarding Hydrogen

Brown's Gas

Rhodes' Gas

Brown's Gas/Rhodes' Gas

George Wiseman: Eagle Research [Brown's Gas]

Cold Fusion

Condensed Matter Nuclear Science [Members]

MAHG - Jean Louis Naudin

Blacklightpower - Dr. Randell Lee Mills [Board of Directors Says It All] [What's New: A New Subsidiary: Molegos]

Molegos: Dr. Randell Lee Mills


There is another aspect regarding Fuel systems rarely approached by our modern industrialists. The common weed 'hemp' is probably one of the most ubiquitous sources of fuel, fabric, fiber, and believe it or not, even, 'food.' Henry Ford initially attempted to use Hemp as his source of raw material to fabricate his first automobile as well as power it as a unique fuel source.

Henry Ford’s Hemp Car

Ford & Diesel Never Intended Cars to Use Gasoline

About Henry Ford’s Car

Hemp Car: TransAmerica

Hemp For Fuel

Advantages of Biodiesel

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