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by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Youtube: Eric Laithwaite -- The Royal Institution is Not Amused

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Rotation is a powerful 'Gateway' into an aetheric 4-Space world, whose dynamics have already been established and proven experimentally. Needed now are merely links identifying the proper advancement of this technology from developemental theory to actual fulfillment. Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor

Rotation As A Powerful Gateway


Ralph Ring - [Gary Voss (NEC) Interview of Ralph Ring, Otis T. Carr's [Nikola Tesla] Associate]

Ralph Ring & Otic T. Carr Interview




Eric Laithwaite -- The Royal Institution is Not Amused [mysteriously deleted]


Eric Roberts Laithwaite

The Royal Institution of Great Britain

Fellows of Imperial College

The Incredible Genius of Eric Laithwaite

The Hover-Train At Sutton-Gault & Eric Laithwaite

Technology For Magnetically-Levitated Trains

Eric Laithwaite: Gyroscope Levitation

Staff of the Electrical Engineering Department – University of Manchester

Letter From Harold Aspden

A Student Describes Eric Laithwaite

Mechanical Space Drive - US Patents (Eric Laithwaite)

Eric Laithwaite: Gravity Control

Royal Institution – Christmas Lectures (1966) The Engineer in Wonderland

Royal Institution – Christmas Lectures (1974) The Engineer Through The Looking-Glass Videos

Eric Laithwaite: Book: An Inventor In The Garden Of Eden (1994)

Anti-gravity Propulsion Experiments

Anti-gravity & Eric Laithwaite

Propulsion By Gyro – Eric Laithwaite

Planetary Electric Motor - Eric Laithwaite

Super Gravitons & Cold Fusion

Unexplained Phenomenon

VibraQ Corporation & Eric Laithwaite

Obituary of Eric Laithwaite