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General Motors Created The EV1 -- General Motors Destroyed The EV1 by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor Copyright © 2009


Apparently GM had a significant motive for scrapping the EV1. They intend to prolong the use of gasoline system engines in cooperation and collaboration with the International Oil Companies. The following article explains it:

GM Demonstrates On-board Fuel Processor That Extracts Hydrogen From Gasoline

Hydrogen Cars - [1980-1998]

We could have transitioned to the all Electric Vehicle [EV1] but it would significantly disrupt the obscene profits being generated.

It would also stop all taxes derived from the sale of all oil products [gasoline, oil, lubrication, synthetics, etc].

The EV1 is still a viable and significant vehicle for all people through out this planet. It would solve one aspect of the energy equation. But the very people (power-structure) that are shouting for reform, are ''themselves denying its acquisition and realization.

I've posted my concerns on Jean-Louis Naudin's Research Group earlier:

Back to the Future:




GM-EV-1 Commercial


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EV-1 In-Car Video


GM-EV-1 Charger Demo


EV-1: It's the Battery Stupid (Stan Ovshinsky)


The only problem that exists currently stopping the EV-1 are the oil companies, who do not want self-powering batteries.

This would eliminate the need for oil/gasoline as fuel in combustion engines. With an electric car, there is no combustion, only pure electromotive power. With the right battery........this car will endure till the end of time. View the video again and you will see the reality of this: The oil companies simply don't want this to happen. Stan Ovshinsky built a very good battery for the EV-1, but GM bought it and then sold it to the oil companies. Talk about a control paradigm, this one is a beaut..........shame on you, GM, Exxon, and the Global Elite.

Stan Ovshinsky was the inventor of the amorphous semiconductor......(he was told by the pundits that it was impossible).

Mr. Ovshinsky undetered.....went to the Japanese, who financed his invention. Every single copy machine on this planet has one of those Ovshinsky devices in them. That enable him to create his significant R&D facility:

At Ovonics Stan and Iris Ovshinsky developed a significant battery produced solely for the purpose of powering the EV1. Instead of receiving accolades and champagne for a tremendous invention. He was silenced, censored and told to shut up by GM, when he tried to advertise his invention in the trade papers. Stan Ovshinsky, the CEO of

Ovonics, developed significant core technologies, that would enable this world to transition into the future, gaining significant momentum towards advanced technologies.

The Corporations stopping that advancement are the very people creating the stumbling blocks hindering the transition from Oil-based systems, including all hydro-carbon based technologies. Those Corporations are doing this to aggrandize their own profits, while preventing new 'novelty of fact' discoveries from advancing the human race. This is the clearest most blatant example of control over an entire economy (of every single nation) on Planet EARTH. What you have is a partnership between the STATE apparatus of world governments and the CORPORATIONS that benefit from such partnership. The STATE benefits from higher prices, because higher prices means greater tax revenue for the STATE. Corporate profits increase with every rise in the commodity price structure. Simply create (allow) a shortage of the oil resource, by withholding production, and prices will automatically (artificially) rise proportionately. Antony C. Sutton discovered that the very people who created the problems, were also government beneficiaries. He wrote about such control in his book: [("Interstate Commerce Commission and the Federal Trade Commission under the thumb of American Industry" (CORPORATIONS))].

He also wrote a revealing book:

Energy The Created Crisis by Antony C. Sutton (Book)

The Control Paradigm is in full effect, prohibiting any and all inventions that would attempt to deviate from the existing (Oil, Coal, Gasoline, benzine) energy based systems. Until this created problem is mitigated..........nothing will change for the better.

GM and the Oil Companies are in partnership (since the time of Henry Ford, Thomas Alva Edison and John D. Rockefeller) to maintain 'fuel-based' automobile systems. They know that a battery sufficient to propel an EV1 would de facto END the past, as we have known it. They know that Electric Vehicles are stronger and more powerful than fuel oriented automobiles. That is why they scrapped, curbed and attempted to obliterate the technology, apparently without success. The EV1 is being revived by hobbyists and students around the globe. It is an idea whose time has come, regardless of what the CORPORATIONS intend.

General Motors's argument that the EV1 failed because of the a fabrication. Stan Ovshinsky created the perfect battery for this vehicle: But he was prevented from advertising it.




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