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Site:LRP:Foundations of Physics

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Foundations of Physics

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


The Energy Paradigm

Energy Can Neither Be Created Nor Destroyed

Site:LRP:Energy Compendium

Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: The View From 4-Space

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Energy

Nikola Tesla

The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla - Thomas Commerford Martin

The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla - Thomas Commerford Martin - Online

The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla - With Special Reference to His Work in Polyphase Currents and High Potential Lighting (1894) - Online

Google E-Book - Online

Online - Pdf file - Original Book by Thomas Commerford Martin

Google - Ebook - Online


'Understanding the Hegelian Dialectic and the Suppression of Nikola Tesla and the elevation of Thomas Alva Edison is a good starting point in your education of the deliberate steering of information obviating the deliberate obliteration of alternative factual knowledge pertaining to energy systems deliberately suppressed from our students discerning eyes and ears.'

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Nikola Tesla

'The key to understanding Nikola Tesla is to understand the knowledge and information that Tesla gained from his Physics education. All of that has been suppressed by John Pierpont Morgan during the early years of the 1900s. Morgan was able to suppress Nikola Tesla when he gained control of 25 of the leading newspapers of his era during the early 1900s.'

United States Congressional Record February 9th, 1917


'In order for Morgan to be able to suppress Tesla, he needed to gain control of Tesla’s original US Patents. When Tesla sold those Patents to George Westinghouse, Morgan first bankrupted the Westinghouse firm, taking it over and kicking out George Westinghouse. Morgan then proceeded to place his own associates in control seizing the Patents enabling him to circumvent, and thus rewriting and symmetrizing the original Tesla circuits. It was then discovered that John Ambrose Fleming helped Marconi to go around those Tesla Patents as well:

Fleming Helps Marconi Circumvent Tesla's Prior Art & Patents

'Hong, Sungook, in his "Wireless: From Marconi's Black-Box to the Audion," MIT Press, 2001, p. 72. "In his letter to Marconi on February 19, 1901, Fleming reassured him by saying that Tesla could not do anything, and that ‘if you can receive there [in America], you will establish priority" [Hong, 2001: 72]. Comment: This establishes that Fleming was knowingly connected with suppressing Nikola Tesla by 1901, and in fact was in contact with Marconi to advise him (Marconi) in trying to bypass Tesla’s actual patents and prior art. When Marconi later tried to bring lawsuit against the US Army Signal Corp, he lost. Tesla had already demonstrated priority of art.'

Finally Charles Proteus Steinmetz was hired by General Electric (the former Edison Electric Company taken over by Morgan) to further symmetricize those Tesla Patents to rid them of any of the self-powering energy resident within the Maxwell-Heaviside Equations discovered by Tesla during his early studies of James Clerk Maxwell.

Site:LRP:The Westinghouse - Tesla Collaboration

Site:LRP:The Conspiracy To Destroy/Obfuscate Nikola Tesla

Site:LRP:James Clerk Maxwell

Why is Maxwell's Theory So Hard to Understand Freeman J. Dyson - Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, USA

Foundations of Physics

'Foundation of Physics – Documentation'

Foundations of Physics Letters, Vol. 14., No. 1, 2001

The Complete Works of Myron Evans Alpha Institute of Advanced Studies

Modern Nonlinear Optics (Part 1) 2nd Edition Advances in Chemical Physics M.W.Evans, I. Prigogine

Modern Nonlinear Optics (Part 2) 2nd Edition Advances in Chemical Physics M.W.Evans, I. Prigogine

B. Lehnert - Modern Nonlinear Optics (Part 3) 2nd Edition Advances in Chemical Physics M.W.Evans, I. Prigogine

Ilya Prigogine

Site:LRP:Ilya Prigogine

Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance

Site:LRP:Broken Symmetry

Site:LRP:Aharonov-Bohm Effect

Site:LRP:Dan Solomon - Rauland-Borg

'Maxwell’s Original Equations'

Why is Maxwell's Theory So Hard to Understand Freeman J. Dyson - Institute of Advanced Study, Princeton, USA




Terence W. Barrett

Tesla's Nonlinear Oscillator-Shuttle-Circuit (OSC)Theory T. W. Barrett

'''The Deliberate Discard of Asymmetric Maxwellian Systems, Thus Preventing COP>1.0 And Self-Powering Energy-from-the-Vacuum Systems T. E. Bearden and Leslie R. Pastor

Topological Foundations of Electromagnetism (World Scientific Series in Contemporary Chemical Physics) T. W. Barrett

Advanced Electromagnetism: Foundations, Theory and Applications T. W. Barrett and Dale M. Grimes

World Science Database - 2nd International Symposium on New Energy May 1994

World Science Database T. W. Barrett

History of UltraWideBand (UWB) Radar & Communications: Pioneers and Innovators Terence W. Barrett

Site:LRP:Overunity Asymmetric Systems

Novelty of Theory/Novelty of Fact Inventions and their Inventors

'First one must understand what “Energy” is from a Physics standpoint. Then one must recognize the proper “model” necessary for its appropriate application, whether in a circuit or the appropriate energy configuration for its proper usage. “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.” It merely exists as an application ready to be used or changed in form enabling the appropriate proper usage.'

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Energy

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Cold Fusion - LENR/CANR

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power

Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification

'The Future of Laser Weapons'

In April of 2014, the Navy deployed the first ever laser weapon system (LaWS) aboard the USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf. The laser canon fires a 30-kilowatt infrared directed beam at a precise part of its target (e.g., engine), disabling the vehicle. Although laser guided munitions cost thousands of dollars for even the smallest weapon, a single laser shot from the LaWS costs about $1.......

'Source': NewsWithViews by Attorney Jonathan Emord


Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification

'Mark Dansie castigated and then denigrated my work on Victor I Klimov, but in a recent obituary notification he reveals his knowledge of an inventor of self-powering batteries, and self-powering electric cars. '

Arthur Manelas - Self-powering Electric Car Pioneer

Image:Arthur-John-Manelas sq 95x95.gif
Latest: Directory:Obituaries > Free Energy Blog:2014:12:07 - Dunn writes: "He developed a system that produced more energy than it consumed -- a true over unity energy device that powered his house and his home-made electric car without having to be plugged in to any power source." (Free Energy Blog December 7, 2014)

Jean-Louis Naudin

Jean-Louis Naudin Bingofuel Verification

Jean-Louis Naudin & GIFNET


Jean-Louis Naudin's Website Map

GIFNET [ Global Institute For New Energy Technologies ]


Electrical Power From Water Fuel

What's New @ Blacklight Power Inc.

Site:LRP:Game Changer Paradigm - Blacklight Power Inc.

Game Changer Paradigm - Blacklight Power Inc

Blacklight Power announces first commercial customer for novel Hydrogen (hydrino) energy system

Blacklight Power announces 'Customer No 2' for its novel hydrino energy system

' Blacklight Power Inc. the Cranbury, NJ company that recently demonstrated technology to extract energy from the hydrogen in water, has filed suit against three wikipedia editors for defamation. Court filing PDF at ''

The following individuals need to be investigated:

[1] Peter D. Zimmerman ACDA

[2] Robert Park (APS) Voodoo Science

[3] Eric Krieg (Ombudsman) Hydrino Study Group

To ascertain the extent of their involvement together, and to what extent this led to the revocation of the first US Patent for Black Light Power Inc.

Resource Reference:

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XLVI

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power Documentation

BlackLight's electricity production from new form of hydrogen independently validated PESN - Sterling D. Allan

Science Physics Hydrino

Discussion of the Hydrino Theory of Dr. Randell Mills


The Pseudoscientists of APS Eugene Mallove and Jed Rothwell

Robert L. Park APS Voodoo Science

Bob Park Concedes LENR is Real Science

Bob Park Concedes LENR is Real Science New Energy Times

Academics Question The Science Behind BlackLight Power, Inc. The Harvard Crimson - Jacqueline A. Newmyer - May 17, 2000

Superstition: Belief in the Age of Science - Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking (Eric Krieg - President)

Phactum - The Newsletter of the Philadelphia Association for Critical Thinking November / December 2009

Antony C. Sutton's FTIR Report Concerning Randell L. Mills & Blacklight Power

'Blacklight Power first came to my attention in March of 2001, when Dr. Antony C. Sutton mentioned Dr. Mills and Blacklight Power via an FTIR Report. I knew Dr. Sutton personally, and his opinion carried great weight, for I was already familiar with him from primary source materials, having followed him since 1972, when I discovered him at Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey. Sterling D. Allan came to my attention, when he requested that I join the New Energy Congress in 2005, having first cut my teeth in the energy discussion groups in Australia and France. Dr. Mills was viciously attacked and his original US Patent overturned by the US Government. I knew first hand that this was a concerted effort to keep all ‘novelty of fact’ technologies, [by Peter Zimmerman, Robert Park and Eric Krieg (he was the ombudsman of the original Hydrino Study Group),] deliberately out of the mainstream. They accomplished this by having Dr. Mills original US Patent reverted.'

BLACKLIGHT POWER, INC., Plaintiff, v. Q. Todd DICKINSON, Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks, Defendant.

'My knowledge of Blacklight Power and Randell Lee Mills came directly from my mentor and educator [[Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.|Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.]. Dr. Sutton was so convinced that Dr. Mills would be successful that he acknowledged Dr. Mills US Patent 6024935 and expressed support for the outstanding work of Dr. Mills and his ability to lower the ground state of the hydrogen atom resulting in the creation of the hydrino. Apparently intelligence, acumen and the appropriate expertise <pesn type= is no guaranty of success when dealing in the knowledge, skill and ability to derive energy systems from novelty of fact and novelty of theory applications. The control paradigm intervened in Dr. Mills’ life to thwart and stymy his advancement of significant breakthroughs pertaining to water (hydrogen), namely the development of the hydrino, involving the lowering of the ground state of the hydrogen atom, and its resultant release of significant energy in the form of plasma. A deliberate challenge by Robert Lee Park (Voodoo Science) was enough to overturn the US Patent" str="# 6024935 of Randell Lee Mills, (Blacklight Power). ["></pesn>.'

Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification

'It is of significant interest to me that both Dr. Mills and Victor I. Klimov have determined that the Solar Cell is the most direct method of energy transference as a transitional transformation tool. What Dr. Mills may not know, or rather may soon learn, that Klimov has discovered how to extrapolate 700% more energy from the Solar Cell if he makes it smaller than a molecule.'

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Compendium

Universal Free Energy Source: The Common Dipole

'Every dipole is already a true "free energy source", because it continually absorbs virtual state energy from the seething virtual state vacuum, integrates the absorbed energy to observable (photon) size, and then re-emits it as a steady stream of normal photons which we erroneously call "static" voltage. It isn't "static" at all, but steady. And since it continually converts virtual energy to observable energy, then it is asymmetrical (from common group theory in advanced quantum physics).'

'But in the old 1892 electrical engineering, we are taught to build only a "symmetrical" external system, which sits externally in the free flow of energy from the dipole, catches some of the passing energy, and then uses half the caught energy to power the loads and losses of the external circuit. Since our normal external circuits always have some losses, we get less power in the load itself than the dipole must furnish (to power both the load and the losses). The other half of the caught energy is used (in the symmetrical EE system) to continually destroy the source dipole.'

'Thus we have to keep inputting energy -- NOT just to power the load, but to restore the source dipole that the symmetrical system continually destroys. Since normal circuits all have some losses in addition to the load, we have to continually input more energy to restore the dipole than what we get out usably to power the load. So our normal symmetrical systems all have COP less than 1.0. We DO NOT input energy to just power the load! Instead, we input additional energy to keep powering the losses!'

'That type "symmetrical" circuit always has a few normal losses. So it always has COP less than 1.0. The solution is NOT to use half the "caught energy" in the external circuit to kill the source dipole! We thus must learn to build and use ASYMMETRICAL systems, not the standard prescribed SYMMETRICAL systems!'

'In short, to achieve COP>1.0 in our systems, we must learn to build an ASYMMETRICAL system! And that is the complete "free energy problem" in a nutshell. It indicates what kind of systems must be built as a solution -- they must be ASYMMETRICAL systems which use less than half their externally-caught energy to kill the source dipole.'

'Most people when they observe a car battery believe that it is the content of the battery that creates the source charge (- +) or dipole. It does not. The dipole enables the source charge. Build a better battery that never has to be rebuilt or replaced and you will have a continuous source charge output. (If you can't wrap your head around that, you will never understand the nature of the problem).'

John Bedini's Crystal Battery

A lead acid battery turned into a crystal battery - John Bedini



Foundations of Physics