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Site:LRP:Food - The Ultimate Control Paradigm

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Monsanto ordered to stop making false advertising claims about GMOs in South Africa Natural News - L. J. Devon - April 2, 2014

Monsanto Acquires Big Data Company - Food Activist Concerned Freedom Post, Octover 11, 2013

Wikileaks cable reveals U.S. conspired to retaliate against European nations if they resisted GMOs

Leaked Cable Ignored By Mainstream Media: Hike Food Prices To Boost GM Crop Approval In Europe

Monsanto ~ GMO Foods BANNED from France and this is the reason why.

:Monsanto ~ GMO Foods BANNED from France and this is the reason why - Video Documentation

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Act Now to Stop Genetically Engineered Fish from Receiving Approval ~ Dr. Mercola

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin's Stealth Maneuver To Eliminate Supplements (Vitamins) From Your Diet

Monsanto Promises Pain to EU, Assault Underway - July 10 2012

What's Behind Illinois Stealing Local Hero's Bee Hives? by Dr. Mercola

Horribly Mutated Seafood in the Gulf of Mexico

This Hidden Food Poisons Your Family - Ignore These Cooked Up Lies

French Ban of GM Maize Rejected by the European Union

Poland Bans GMO Corn Because It Kills Bees


Back To Eden

Garret Garrett's The People's Pottage The Revolution Was: Problem Four

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Eating This Could Turn Your Gut Into A Living Pesticide Factory

Full Belly Starvation

Kashi Cereal Stirs Anger - Exposed by Small Rhode Island Grocer

Easting This Common Food Could Damage Your Kidneys ~ Corn

Monsanto’s Infertility-Linked Roundup Found in All Urine Samples Tested

Roundup Ready Alfalfa Damages U.S. Seed Industry

U.S. beetle is developing resistance to one of the most widely used genetically modified crops, say scientists

USDA Ignores Pesticide Ravaging Bee Population

DOWs Deadly Harvest ~ The Return of Agent Orange

Syngenta Settles Weed Killer Case For $105 million


The Food Safety Modernization Act - S510 will Effectively Create Food Shortages & Raise Food Prices.

You can thank the US Congress for this, because they passed this legislation without reading it.

Who is Writing Our Legislation? Members of the US Congress are certainly Not. Former S. Dakota Senator George McGovern finally gets it....but it is too late for him. He passed legislation that has adversely affected him in business after he retired from the US Congress....And he wishes he had known what would have happened before he enacted the legislation zyrGgHdTN_A m84jGwYZp9s


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'This Should be Banned: Found in 80% of Supermarket Foods'

'What Is Genetically Modified Food?'

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After Growth: Fortunes Turn For Monsanto


Nutritional Standards Key to Solving US Obesity Epidemic

Government To Blame For Obesity Epidemic (Byron J. Richards CCN)

(Archived Reference: Nutritional Data/Information/Byron J. Richards CCN)


Epigenetic Engineering


One Quarter of US Corn Grain Grown Used As Fuel (Ethanol) For Cars


Some Farmers Now Protected Against Monsanto Lawsuits


The Future of Food - It's Not Looking Good! (Video Presentation)


A Time Bomb For World Wheat Crop (Los Angeles Times, Karen Kaplan, June 14, 2009),0,3923220,full.story


This Common Food Ingredient Can Really Mess Up Your Metabolism



Several years back I speculated and wrote an informational piece regarding Terminator Seeds.

"For the first time in history, it is now possible to

have worldwide famine via scientific controls. And

unless the 'good' people of this Earth fight against

this system [Terminator Technology] of genetically

engineered 'seeds,' then the only 'reality' is that


future. The 'Creator' designed the 'original' seeds

to replicate after their own kind, continuously, for

a specific reason: that they [the original 'Creator'

created seeds] should reproduce and replenish the

Earth 'exponentially' CONTINUOUSLY [forever] in


UPON THIS PLANET. Thus, the ultimate 'control'

paradigm is to control the 'absolute' life and death

of every single solitary human being upon this

planet via the genetically engineered terminator

'seed' technology. Every single solitary 'human

being' should get involved in this fight to preserve

the integrity of our 'replicate seed stock' before

it is too late. The Terminator 'SEED' Technology'

is the ultimate in 'monopolistic' controls, because

it is the ultimate in ABSOLUTE and FINAL life and

death decision-making, based upon the ability of

nation-states to pay for food. The vast majority of

people upon this planet are so poor, that unless

they save 'replicateable' seed stock, they cannot

survive from year to year. They will die of

starvation. Indeed many poor farmers from the third

world have already committed suicide, rather than

await starvation. Our own farming industry here at

home is also in a quagmire, because it is directly

affecting their ability to guarantee the integrity

of their own seed stock, due to cross pollenization.

No one individual should have [Monsanto, Novartis,

et al] such God-like power over the life and death

of nation-states. This is the ultimate in tyranny,

and demands a revolt from all of us WORLDWIDE, as

‘free’ people in the form of 'lawsuits' and

'legislation' to ban 'terminator' seeds forever,

before they wipe us all out forever."

What happens if the Terminator 'process cannot be

'reverted,' but more importantly, what about the

possibility that the Terminator technology is self

'mutating' into even deadlier 'aspects unforeseen by

the 'originators.' For we already know that through

natural 'cross pollenization' that the terminator

seeds 'convert' normal original replicable 'seeds'

into the 'altered state' of 'termination' created by this deadly genetically engineered process initiated by the corporations [Monsanto and Novartis et al].


Stalin got rid of his dissidents by starving them to death. He initiated <pesn type= a program so heinous, that it is remembered by most Ukrainians today ["></pesn> and will not soon be forgotten.

Stalin’s atrocity is history’s revelation of what happens when a dictatorship [ is imposed upon unwilling participants. For a complete history of Stalin’s ruthless drive to collectivize the Ukraine view the encapsulated documentation.


Today in modern times, we have a hidden, more insidious method of dictatorial controls over food production, that involve the direct genetic manipulation of the actual food chain, specifically, the actual manipulation of the genetic material of the Creation itself. Man has finally done it, by outmaneuvering the intent of the Creator, substituting a man-made re-manipulation of the original intent, subjecting genetic engineering, specifically genetically modifying food, (seed stocks) so as to monopolize and control the totality of seed stocks worldwide. This has become, not just an exercise, but the de facto ‘dictatorship’ over the entire food production globally. The monopolization of food production via the ‘ownership’ of the genetically modified (altered) seed stocks is causing mass starvation of innocent individuals worldwide, who are too poor to pay for seed, from year to year. Many farmers from poor underdeveloped countries are committing suicide rather than wait for starvation. Most of these farmers in times past would replant and reseed from their available harvests as a matter of course. But because of companies like Monsanto, they can no longer do this. Monsanto only sells them modified genetically engineered ‘terminator’ seeds, necessitating them to repurchase seed, year after year from the original supplier, due to the modification, which extinguished the seeds ability to replicate itself. This has become the greatest ultimate 'MONOPOLY' ever devised. And it will effect the totality of food production as we have known it.


William Boyce Thompson, (a copper magnate and FRB director in 1917) <pesn type= initiated an innovative study on plant life at his home in Yonkers, New York. Thompson was an important person, who calculated the value of rigorous and monopolistic controls, both in markets (copper) and in production controls (Russia as a captive ‘technical’ market during the early years of the Russian Revolution). His interest in plant research initiated a well-spring of data" str=" enabling the fruition of genetic research, which continues today. His Boyce Thompson Institute ["></pesn> has provided significant data enabling the furtherance of such goals.,9171,752373,00.html

William Boyce Thompson was a copper magnate (worth $400 million in 1917) who became a Class "B" director of the Federal Reserve System (the central bank of the United States), who went to Russia and conspired with the Bolsheviks giving them one (1) million dollars helping them gain control of the communication process in Russia.

His intent was to solidify control of Russia and make of it a ‘captive’ technical colony for the vested special interests on Wall Street. He did this on December 8, 1917, while still a member of the Federal Reserve System. He worked in concert with Raymond Robbins, and in association with the American International Corporation. [Antony C. Sutton].

He and his associates were eminently and profusely successful, ultimately profiting from this arrangement at the ultimate expense of the Russian people. [I've always been fascinated by these types of individuals who accomplish much, create massive wealth, industry, mayhem, build significant homes for themselves, and then simply die off into the sunset.......leaving it all behind. And in the case of William Boyce Thompson, his life was relatively short, some 61, 62 years].

For an added perspective on William Boyce Thompson and his true proclivities I defer to Antony C. Sutton and his ‘due diligence.’

Site:LRP:William Boyce Thompson: The Copper Magnate Who Funded The Russian Revolution


Genetically Engineered, specifically Genetically Modified Food is the ultimate in controlled Food Production. Food under these circumstances being specifically geared, managed and maintained as commercial property, whose proprietary rights extend and exceed the bounds of propriety, ethics, and moral turpitude. We are witnessing the ‘collectivization’ of food production far exceeding the former imagination of Stalinist Russia. Statism (State monopoly) has now been circumvented and co-opted by a new form of Corporate Socialism embodied in a novel class of food engineering ‘created’ by Corporations, whose vested interest is the protection of patented (intellectual and commercial) property granted by the US Patent Office ( U.S. Dept of Commerce).


Oprah Winfrey was sued by the Texas Beef Group because of her negative comments regarding ‘rendered’ meat. Prion Disease in cattle is caused when cattle are fed ‘rendered’ meat mixed in with their normal feed stock of grain, thus making those cattle into ‘cannibals’ in contravention of their normative state of eating vegetation and grains. Oprah has introduce us to a MAD World which will only get worse not better. Many believe that Alzheimer’s is probably due to Creutzfeldt-Jacobs Disease because of the high rate of meat consumption.


Morgan Spurlock demonstrated in his famous documentary, how eating only ‘fast food’ can quickly destroy your body giving you an early departure to the hereafter.


VIDEO Documentation [ Terminator Seeds ]

'Terminator Seeds Will Result In Mass Starvation'



With the manufacture of aspartame (a non-nutritive chemical substance, that is highly toxic to the immune system and the brain) and the inclusion of this substance into most foods that are eaten by diabetics, and diet conscious enthusiasts, we are assured of potentially lethal effects to the health of most individuals who continuously consume such products. Aspartame is sold under the deceptively neutral sounding name of Nutra-Sweet, Sweet-N-Low and Equal. It is literally poison in your food:

How Aspartame Became Legal

Aspartame - Rumsfeld's Bioweapon Legacy

Sick From Aspartame - Meet Donald Rumsfeld

Aspartame Gate - When Donald Rumsfeld Was CEO Of Searle

Donald Rumsfeld - In Bed With Aspartame


"Seeds of Deception" is the definitive written account concerning the conspiracy between government and corporate greed to monopolize the totality of food production worldwide. Alteration of the genetic materials originally contained within our feed stocks ultimately is an alteration of the genetic genome of the human race. We are being changed, whether we agree, like it, or not. It is de facto, the ultimate control of the human species………because it is absolute control. Control the content of the food one eats, and you control the very fabric and fiber of the human condition.

"Seeds of Deception"

"Biography Jeffrey M. Smith"

Jeffrey Smith Presents "Seeds of Deception"

"Seeds of Deception" Website

"Is Your Food Safe"

"Genetic Roulette"

"How To Avoid GM Foods"

"Continued Research on "Seeds of Deception"


DOCTORS WARN: AVOID GM (Genetically Modified) FOODS


The Right to Patent Was NOT EXTENDED To Food - Until MONSANTO


The Future of Food





Percy Schmeiser Speaks Out Against Terminator Seeds at UN Meeting






Percy Schmeiser and Terminator Seeds

Monsanto vs Schmeiser


Fox News Kills Monsanto "MIlk" Story



Monsanto Moves To Control Water Resources & Fish Farming


The Coming Starvation in America




Genetic Foods - Monsanto Revealed (Part 1) [Video]

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Donald Rumsfeld - The Aspartame Poisoner


Aspartame: What It Does To You & Your Children

Aspartame - Part 1 of 2 -- 60 Minutes Segment -- 12/29/1996

Aspartame - Part 2 of 2 -- 60 Minutes Segment -- 12/29/1996


Have you ever heard of "Morgellon’s Disease?"

This Company May Be The Biggest Threat To Your Health


[Possible Cure: Alfalfa Seeds. Have a Bath with Sun powdered laundry detergent with Colorsafe Bleach PLUS Alfalfa tablets].

GM "Food" linked to the nightmare condition called Morgellon’s Disease

Monsanto, Morgellon’s Disease, and GM Foods


The Risks of Genetically Modified Foods (Video)


One Woman's Astonishing Experiment With Aspartame


GM Free Ireland






Image:Food Inc jacket 95x95.jpg
Latest: Directory:Conspiracy / Directory:Health > Review:Food, Inc. - Oscar-nominated documentary exposes the corruption in America's food industry as it has been taken over by huge corporations who are out of touch with the suffering of the animals and the degradation of the crops and the lives of the farmers and workers. Holds parallel to the energy cartel with its corruption, centralization, and vested interests seated in government. (PESWiki March 14, 2010 )