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Fair & Balanced vs. Controlled & Contrived by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


As a young student, during the mid 1950s, I was exposed to a variety of opinions and perspectives from a multicultural generation. I was exposed to many cultures, religions and intellectual perspectives, availing myself the opportunity to view firsthand America’s so-called ‘melting pot.” As a student I never stayed in any school system more than two years, thus contributing to my openness to a variety of opinions and perspectives from a multicultural perspective. When I went to Europe, I experienced cultural and political perspectives, which provided me with fundamental attributes structuring my knowledgebase regarding Eastern and Western European society. My teachers taught me both the cultural and political dichotomy of State Capitalism (Communism) and laissez-faire Capitalism. I was led to believe in attributes, which I subsequently learned were less than objective and less than factual.

It was not until I returned to the States, and began to question the basic tenants taught previously, that I discovered fundamental flaws hidden from most textbooks and teaching professionals. During the early 1960s, I experienced the tragedy of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, while still attending school in West Germany. The assassination of John F. Kennedy was a significant event, and it devastated the entire western world. The German people took his death very hard, they remembered his “I am a Berliner” speech.

While attending Seton Hall University, I began to question basic history, analyzing wars and revolutions, the question came up regarding specific fundamentals pertaining to revolution. I questioned the spontaneity principles that were espoused regarding revolution, having private knowledge regarding the Hungarian Revolution of 1956, which I knew was spontaneous, arising from student dissatisfaction with their indoctrination and their failed attempt to influence their government as to their learned beliefs.

When I was unable to gain satisfactory answers to my questions, I began a due diligence inquiry in the University library regarding revolution and technology. I came across a developing three (3) volume expose regarding western technology and soviet economic development from 1917 to 1965. The author, Antony C. Sutton, under the auspices of the recently retired Alan H. Belmont, (former FBI Director of Domestic Intelligence) at the Hoover Institution, at Stanford University, in California, provided information that did not fit the established mold. Dr. Sutton discovered that the West (United States, Europe and Japan) gave the developing Soviet Union a strong technological base from which to develop as an independent economic and ideological opponent. The West transferred entire technologies in Toto as complete systems of production engineering, enabling the Soviet Union to become a systemic superpower capable of challenging the West, diametrically and economically. Dr. Sutton’s conclusions were impressive, thorough and unassailable. His publications irritated the intelligence community, but strengthened the resolve of the FBI to conclude a more definitive examination via a highly clandestine intelligence action known as [ Operation Solo.


Today a similar and more recent development involves the Peoples Republic of China, which also has received significant transfers of western technology and the deliberate access to the full faith and credit of the United States via the deliberate intervention of the Bush family (<pesn type= via the US China Chamber of Commerce). ["></pesn> While this information is not well known to the American public, it is realized in foreign publications that the Bush family deliberately allowed the Chinese Government to gain access and control of the American credit markets, thereby indebting the people of the United States to the Peoples Republic of China. All of this will come out, when the American people are fully allowed to audit the Federal Reserve’s financial records. In brief we are being lied to, and we are living in interesting times.

The United States is in the grip of two formidable factions of influence, ostensibly hidden behind the façade of the Republican and Democratic (left right influence) leadership. The reality is that the United States is being maneuvered towards coercive and oppressive feudalistic socialism, that will remold the American experiment away from its republican form of government (Article 4, Section 4, US Constitution).

Hidden behind the façade, the real influence is divided between the Russell Trust Republicans and Socialist (Marxist-Leninist) Democrats. Hence the rise of the Tea Party Movement and the assault against it by the [ Eastern Liberal Establishment.

Rules for Radicals

Obama is a protégé of Saul Alinsky and is an associate of a known domestic terrorist William Ayers (Documentation: )

Real Conspiracies Past and Present (Documentation: )

Treason in the Church (Documentation: )

Transforming the World by Subverting the Church (Documentation: )

Social Justice and The New Morality (Documentation: )

Liberty's Last Stamd (Documentation: )

Cultural Marxism (Documentation: )


'Kenyan Born Obama All Set For US Senate - 2004'



The Obama Administration is catering to both factions, condoning this agenda, and is rubber-stamping both sides of the isle, and the American people are becoming tired of the deception, as they’re awakened from their induced “bread and circus” distractions forming significant Tea Party Movements demonstrating their dissatisfaction. Barack Obama is deliberately lying to the American electorate regarding his credentials, <pesn type=" str="intent, and his political objectives, which is becoming increasingly clear, with each of his directives, from the creation of “[ Czars"></pesn>” and his Executive Orders, and his legislative initiatives.

The Eastern Liberal Establishment while still firmly in control within the Northeast section of the country, has brokered deals with the Unions, and with those who directly benefit from liberalism, but as the electorate begin to realize the hidden deception, they will increasingly vote outside of their party affiliation.

We now realize that the media is part and parcel of the problem, siding with the Obama agenda, rubber-stamping both the platitudes and the placation of his administration. Eventually the pendulum will swing against the administration, as the electorate become more and more fed up with Obama’s deliberate deception.

There is indeed an ‘evil entourage’ intent on controlling every aspect of the American way of life, from our economy, our businesses, and our political perspective. The agenda remains the same, the goal and the prize remain apparent, the eminent structure of the New World Order. Regardless of the actual wishes of the American people to remain ‘free and independent,’ this ‘evil entourage’ is stealthily placing the entire country under ‘cap and trade’ protocols, erecting taxes, even more heinous than the Stamp Acts, which led to the early American Revolution of 1776 against the British Empire.

That is why the American Tea Party Movement is taking action against both the Democrats and Republicans. They refuse to be politically correct, and they refuse to be intimidated by any and all distractions which deviate from the US Constitutional mandates. They are determined to hold their representatives to their oaths of office. <pesn type= ["></pesn> They are paying close attention to their representatives.

There is a strong movement among the elite to reign-in the Internet, because it is the only source of tangential information and communication among ‘we the people,’ avoiding both the political correctness and double speak of the factions.

The control paradigm recognizes their Achilles’ heel, wishing to safeguard their program from any deviation whatsoever. They’ve already provided for any and all contingencies, and they are allowing any and all opportunity to extract further concessions from the electorate. Any opportunity, such as the deranged actions of a madman using a weapon or the committal of a serious crime involving a weapon, automatically becomes an opportunity to remove the protection of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

The ultimate prize for the control paradigm is to remove the Tenth (10th) Amendment right of the individual States to nullify any and all actions of the Central (District of Columbia) Government, which violate the right of the individual States to exercise their Sovereignty to control and reign-in the power of the Central Government. The individual States have the right under the Tenth Amendment to nullify the actions of an Imperial Presidency and an overbearing Legislative branch of the Federal Government. But the last time they did that, led to the American Civil War of 1860-64. Nonetheless the individual States have Sovereignty over the Federal Government according to the Tenth (10th) Amendment. It was the individual States, which collectively empowered the Federal Government, and it was according to the will of people assembled via their representatives (Article 4: Section 4: US Constitution) representing the inherent holders of the political power.

The lie is so massive that it literally boggles the mind with cognitive dissonance, subjecting the individual to increasing levels of incredulity, necessitating a level of understanding and a framework of openness, tantamount to undiscovered references formerly hidden in human history. We are being deceived, and have been deceived on a massive deliberate scale.

Dr. Antony C. Sutton began to unravel the mystery with his discovery of the (hidden) technological transfers from the United States in the early 1960s to the Soviet Union. When he ultimately pieced together an apparent anomaly, he was elucidated with a clandestine membership list of an ultra-secret society, by one of its members. Fortuitously, I became involved, when I stumbled upon his investigations, examining his developing (and unraveling ) references, which necessitate a formidable explanation with accompanying documentation.

[1] Senator Joseph McCarthy was correct regarding Communist penetration of the FDR Administration [

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[5] Death By Government: Standard of the Left (Marxist-Leninist)

[6] The Italians Saved 80% of the Jews in World War II'''