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Site:LRP:ENERGENX - John C. Bedini - Nikola Tesla

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ENERGENX - John C. Bedini - Nikola Tesla

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



From my perspective as one who specializes in actual ‘novelty of fact’ research, I have found the Internet to be a modern ‘virtual’ library of information. As such I view website pages and URLs to be direct links to qualified/verifiable sources, and as such they are ‘pages’ and ‘references’ within a ‘database’ comprising ‘books’ of ‘information’ unparalleled in human history. It is because of the Internet, we have access to ‘subject-matter’ previously hidden from the general populous and in some cases deliberately so. These types of information/data streams were previously only available to government and specialized university researchers linked together via T-1 lines provided for internal compartmentalized use.

With the creation of the worldwide web and ultimately its progeny the Intra/Inter NET facility, our knowledgebase, and therefore our general knowledge box of information has accelerated beyond the confines of the physical walls of our libraries and universities. In short, the ‘virtual’ world has far exceeded even the conceptual grasp of earlier educators and librarians from a previous era. We are now all connected to one another via a virtual world of infinite databases and reference points. What we ultimately do with this technology will determine our future as interconnected individuals and individual nation-states.

Novelty of Fact

Novelty of Fact discovery by definition challenges the prevailing paradigm of acceptable science already established, and thus is viewed by the existing establishment of science researchers, as an impediment to current and prevailing science structures. It does not matter that the ‘novelty of fact’ discovery is better technology than the existing paradigm. Any new challenge that upsets the existing paradigm of established science, is immediately viewed as an obstruction and hindrance, and is therefore refused ‘dogmatically’ as error, necessitating further research, before it will be allowed to be ‘reviewed’ for possible acceptance in the future, if ever. This is what Nikola Tesla experienced when he tried to give ‘alternating current’ to his initial benefactor turned nemesis. Edison waged a ‘war of the currents’ and was only defeated by the intervention of George Westinghouse at Niagara Falls with the completion of the Hydro-electric power station built there in the late 1800s demonstrating the fundamental soundness of long-range AC power transmission originated by Tesla. The subsequent rivalry between General Electric and Westinghouse has continued ever since. In fact the merging of Westinghouse into CBS may portend a not so subtle subterfuge.


What most people are not aware of is that such ‘discovery’ necessitates verifiable and irrefutable analysis of significant phenomenology that occurs when deciphering the various attributes inherent in ‘novelty of fact’ research. Research of this kind requires an understanding of the phenomenology observed, and thus necessitates rigorous and highly specialized attributes incorporated within the scientific methodology. Moreover, that unfortunately requires significant funding, specialization and expertise, in similar fashion, not unlike the Manhattan Project, or more recently, the verification of the ‘cold fusion’ phenomenology, which was verified by researchers, from the US Navy, who independently, tested, analyzed and ultimately proved that condensed matter nuclear reactions do indeed take place, giving off what has been termed to be the ‘nuclear ash’ of ‘cold fusion.’ Such research was obtained ‘privately’ and ‘independently by US Navy researchers, who, conducted their own ‘testing’ and ‘verification’ utilizing US Naval Laboratory Equipment.

Independent Research

Independent research was also conducted by Jean-Louis Naudin (Fontainebleau) of France and by more than 600 replications in private and public University research laboratories worldwide. Dr. B. Stanley Pons and Dr. Martin Fleischmann were ultimately vindicated, after they had been severely and shamefully railroaded out of the United States for having had the audacity to circumvent the tainted review system known euphemistically, as the peer review of the ‘scientific community.’ Ultimately, what prevailed was the ‘dogmatic’ reaction of the already established ‘hot fusion’ group already established by Einstein, Fermi and Szilard, from an earlier period predating the middle 1940s. This group unfortunately would not tolerate any ‘novelty of fact’ that challenged their supremacy of an already established paradigm of nuclear science engineering, regardless of the inherent potential benefits that would accrue to an energy-starved world of scarce and non-renewable resources.


Ultimately, this necessitated the US Department of Energy to acknowledge, grudgingly, that ‘cold fusion’ reactions are indeed real reactions, due to the fact, that the byproducts of such reactions are helium and tritium, both of which being necessary to our military industrial complex and their own established agenda. Similarly, funding for ‘energy from the vacuum’ systems, which incorporates both observable and non-observable, attributes, such as the ‘casimir effect’ and ‘zero point energy,’ -- and the proven broken symmetry of a dipole which absorbs virtual energy from the vacuum and converts it to observable EM energy emission -- necessitates rigorous highly specialized analysis. The first two of these three attributes are the only accepted ‘observables’ that are currently allowed to continue unmolested by the current ‘science community’ which is rigorously ‘controlled’ by our established ‘dogmatic’ DOE. Make no mistake, dogma, does indeed have a chilling impact upon current and future funding. The US Patent Office will not allow the granting of any US Patent to those claiming ‘perpetual motion’ as the basis for their inventions presented to the US Patent Office. Notwithstanding, that ‘perpetual motion’ is the First Law of Motion already established by Sir Isaac Newton and is a rock bottom foundation of ‘modern physics.’ Simply place a mass into motion in a straight line in deep space, and it will remain in that state of motion in a straight line forever, unless and until an external force intervenes and forcibly acts on that "perpetual motion of the mass" to physically change it to a new state of motion. Thus the granting of patents skirting upon the thin ‘atmosphere’ of such ‘dogma,’ has become a challenge to serious research in this field.

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With this understanding, let us begin to examine a very interesting company called Energenx and its interesting employees and directors. Its principal researcher, John C. Bedini has summed up and demonstrated an irrefutable fact. Bedini has verified what Nikola Tesla stated was possible by providing demonstrable and verifiable proof that ‘energy from the vacuum’ can be tapped and used as usable clean energy to power loads, motive power and ultimately any system or mechanism requiring electrical power. As long-time personal friends, Bedini and Bearden have worked on this problem both together and independently over a period of twenty years or better – Bedini doing the definitive bench work and development of actual working units, and Bearden assisting with understanding the physics of the strange phenomenology. Bedini has thus deciphered and ultimately discovered the radiant energy that Tesla originally discovered and attempted to provide much earlier at the turn of the 20th century in our prior American History, but was prevented from accomplishing by powerful vested Influences. Both of these men have independently provided their own versions of vacuum engineering and have independently acquired and secured significant patents demonstrating such ‘novelty of fact’ as verifiable science. Bedini’s work is remarkable because he is apparently the first such researcher that has painfully worked out – in more than 30 years of thousands of arduous experiments – the evoking and controlling of the new and unusual vacuum energy phenomena, thus developing stable system prototypes now ready for full production and successful marketing.


Tesla’s radiant energy discovery was actually the discovery of negative energy, before the term was even born. To differentiate its peculiar behavior from that of ordinary positive energy, Tesla called his new energy "radiant" energy. It later appears as negative energy in advanced theory such as quantum field theory, but was arbitrarily discarded (wrongly) by leading scientists who mostly hated negative energy. Today, proof that this elimination of negative energy was a scientific error of first magnitude is rigorously demonstrated and published in leading journals by Dan Solomon and his colleagues.


Gradually, the word of John Bedini’s success in ‘industrializing’ Tesla’s radiant energy technology is leaking out, from his initial Patents to successful UL testing of his products, currently being created, produced and sold to selected distributors and buyers. John Bedini is currently the greatest genius/inventor alive today. He is doing what no one else has successfully accomplished. He is ‘seeding’ Nikola Tesla’s ‘radiant’ technology into the world’s ‘economy’ gradually and carefully, making sure that the phenomenology is gradually accepted into the 4-Space environment of planet Earth, enabling the transition to ‘radiant’ technology to ‘normalize’ and gain ‘spatial’ acceptance, within the technological framework of the existing energy paradigm of alternating current within our established 3-Space environment. Nikola Tesla’s prior art of ‘radiant’ energy is already an established fact and is therefore already accepted by the mainstream, albeit, with limited understanding as to its true potential. The beauty of ‘radiant’ energy is that it is readily convertible into ‘electric motive power’ as it transitions from ‘negative’ energy seamlessly into a ‘positive energy’ alternating current environment as AC Power output. The beauty and elegance of the ‘radiant energy’ system is that ‘radiant energy’ is limitless and available everywhere throughout the entire Creation construct of the known limitless expanse of space-time. John Bedini has successfully provided a mechanism and a means of extracting usable and practical ‘energy from the vacuum’ of space, effortlessly and cleanly into our planetary environment.


He has done it! He has single-handedly provided the means for everyone on planet Earth to gain the ability of capturing and ultimately using ‘energy from the environment of space-time’ and smoothly transitioning the technology from 4-Space into our 3-Space environment. And he has done it, practically and seamlessly, by converting the ‘radiant’ exchange from ‘negative’ to ‘positive’ energy, structuring this specialized circuit into conventional and industrial batteries smoothly and quietly. John Bedini has already licensed this technology within the United States, and he can now license it throughout the entire planet, so that the technology can gain acceptance and be manufactured everywhere, enabling the Planet to convert from the scarce and limited resources of our previously structured ‘control’ paradigm. We now have the ability to forgo expensive and dangerous environmental warfare. We no longer need carbon based fuels. We can now transition to a total world of ‘electric motive power’ based on Nikola Tesla’s ‘radiant’ energy system, because of the great genius of one man, John C. Bedini.

Site:LRP:Energy From The Vacuum


The Bedini Brothers are the owners of Bedini Electronics Inc., with thirty three (33) years of experience under their belt. They are manufacturers of high-end audio equipment for upscale and European customers interested in specialty audio equipment with unique qualities not available in traditional outlets. John C. Bedini, the inventor and creator of such equipment, became interested in quality at an early age, when he would examine specific rocks for their transistor capability, fashioning them from the source rocks discovered in the desert where he lived as a youngster. John C. Bedini is a self taught electronics genius, who decided to examine how things worked for himself, without benefit of outside influences or ‘structured’ thinking, enabling him to discover interesting phenomenology, which he patiently learned to analyze and then apply into his audio equipment, making high-end quality products for sale in specialized markets.


From this point on I will turn over the explanation of John Bedini’s work over to John and let him explain, the Bedini Technology involving ‘radiant energy’ in his own words. Only he can explain the phenomenology as defined in the above URL, since he is the original inventor and understands clearly how the ‘radiant’ technology process works. He takes us back to an earlier period where the phenomenology was originally discovered, and understood. He makes an interesting statement, which at first appears startling, until you begin to read the rest of his statements, and his significant explanation. Tom Bearden with John Bedini’s permission explains why and how this process works.


John’s work has been vindicated by others, who following his instructions built units which demonstrated similar characteristics. Replication of his special units is significant, because it provides proof of the applicability of the technology and the ability to ‘mass’ produce the product according to his specifications as explained in his research/patents on his website. Substantial Video Replications provide proof of the efficacy of his claims.



"The Attractions of Magnetism" by Jeane Manning

SSG KITS Available For Replication



Law of Conservation

Because of the law of conservation, we know that ‘energy’ can neither be ‘created’ nor ‘destroyed,’ and logically therefore we must ask: Where then does the ‘extra’ energy come from in the circuit? Since it is not being ‘created,’ it must come from somewhere, already preexisting, right? So where does the ‘energy’ come from to power a load or charge the Bedini batteries? For that answer we must go to the original source of that question, and to the inventor who discovered the answer. Tom Bearden provides a significant answer in a video presentation at the bottom of his web page. Tesla originated the concept, providing a substantial US Patent, verifying the ability to capture the extra ambient energy from the vacuum all around us, transforming from 4-Space into 3-Space applications, providing the additional energy source to power loads and re-energize batteries via the ‘radiant’ transformation known as ‘negative’ energy. John Bedini has provided generous details of his work on his Energenx website.

Instrumentation (Test Equipment)

What confuses most electronic technicians, is their inability to measure the extra energy gain, primarily because most test equipment used, only measures electron flow and resistance, specifically the ‘losses’ in the circuit. What they need to ‘view’ are the ‘radiant’ energy spikes going into the batteries being ‘charged’ in the process, which can be measured by a volt meter after the batteries have been ‘radiantly’ recharged. John Bedini showed that building his units properly was ‘kids stuff,’ forever silencing the naysayers and the pundits, with a school girl science project.

Commercial Production

On a more professional level, Renaissance Charge LLC has demonstrated that replication of Bedini’s technology has significant practical business application in the form of commercial products for sale and distribution on the open market right now. Anyone can purchase his 'radiant' battery charger currently, from the website. Renaissance Charge LLC is a licensed Energenx distributor, who can sell you, a practical, superior battery charger, right now, which will demonstrate Nikola Tesla’s ‘radiant’ energy technology first hand.



“Now returning to Kron's work where he is talking about a negative resistor, any potential charge of high voltage  will force the dipole apart in a storage battery, or in any circuit correctly done to supply the energy to power itself . What does this mean for the storage battery, it means the lead ions can not move into a charge state or a discharge state, but the potential of the battery is there to be used and the universal dipole is supplying the energy to the circuit in a open system. one only needs to create only del-phi  (Potential) waves and not currents of electron masses.” 'John C. Bedini'



Breakthrough - Bedini's Brilliant Formation Of Negative Resistors In Batteries





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