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Site:LRP:Doyle Noyes

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Doyle Noyes by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Doyle Noyes, a significant “10” sigma individual articulated abilities equivalent to the advisers of 12th century emperors. His abilities articulated the dynamics of a superior ‘mind’ whose capabilities reminded one of the miracles derived from the prophets of old, having abilities related to those associated with the Gospels. To put it mildly, Doyle Noyes, was a hunted man, because of those abilities, and may have lost his life when he demonstrated those abilities, via the will of the ‘control’ paradigm to curtail and ultimately cut short his lifespan.

Tom Bearden encountered Doyle several years back in which he acknowledged his unique abilities:

“I also once stood beside a "10-sigma person" having very real and powerful psycho-physical abilities, while he turned the entire sky over Kansas City dark as midnight at high noon, completely with his mind (i.e., with his patterned dendrite-ending spikes linking his mind to his body). Huge clouds also formed, with great bolts of lightning and torrential rain. This was in the center of a large zone in which no rain at all had fallen in more than 60 days it was in the middle of a very strong drought. Foreigners in dark autos, heavily armed, were after him in ensemble. His name was Doyle Noyes, and eventually they did get him and kill him. There is a very active program, it seems, to suppress these exceedingly few 10-sigma persons (perhaps a half dozen at any one time) on planet Earth. Such a suppression program seems to have been in existence also for at least a century or more.”

Tom Bearden provided first hand knowledge regarding Doyle Noyes:

“In life, occasionally (by pure statistics) a slight departure from the norm is born in a living organism (including in a human birth) as a slight evolutionary change, and so then the living creature (e.g., that human) may have a bit more control over the formation and patterning of his or her nerve ending spikings. In short, that individual may then be able to control the constituency of its local vacuum, and therefore change its own internal and even external physical reality in startling fashion. I called those people "10-sigma persons" and quite a few years ago did meet some of them, and one in particular who turned the noon sky as dark as midnight (with not a cloud in the sky when he started) over Kansas City, Missouri, with associated very quick formations of huge clouds, torrential rain, and huge bolts of lightning. I stood a few feet from him as he did that, and was able to see it first hand. His name was Doyle Noyes.”

Tom Bearden adds: “Heavily armed men in as many as 20 dark colored autos began to chase Doyle trying to kill him. Doyle would point his hand and a car would flip over, another would run off the road. The people who are controlling the planet find and kill these individuals. They eventually killed Doyle Noyes.”

In private conversations with Thomas Eugene Bearden, the subject of Doyle Noyes came up regarding the creation of a defense mechanism, a defensive shield, which protected those who were the targets of assassins. Speaking from personal experience, Tom Bearden states: “I have a personal reason for believing so one of the few 10-sigma persons on earth in a certain area did in fact build and give me a special defensive shield some years ago, which has played a roll in my remaining alive for several years now.  However, I refuse to discuss the shield or how it works except to say I am well-satisfied with it.  You might notice I stay pretty close to Huntsville, Alabama.  That is one very good reason.”

Conducting my own research regarding the mechanism, I contacted an associate (member) of the NEC, who informed me of its description, and in so doing alerted me to the veracity and validity of my researched criteria. Doyle Noyes was indeed a ‘10’ sigma individual, who had unique abilities, which are even now spanning the test of time.

If you recall, there was a recent film concerning Jumper(s) who had the unique ability to ‘jump’ from any location to any destination. While this was a film and associated with entertainment, it was a good indication that such revelations may indeed be based upon ‘unique’ capabilities’ associated with ‘unique’ individuals having significant ‘mind’ characteristics demonstrating miraculous power, on the order of magnitude of a powerful religious characteristic.

And for those who are experiencing significant ‘cognitive dissonance’ regarding this subject-matter, I might add that there are many interesting anomalous facts, factors, and discoveries that would render my account of Doyle Noyes, a mere introduction.

Sterling D. Allan provided an article: [ The Mystery of Ever-Burning Lamps - Ellen Lloyd ] that explores the phenomenon of ever-burning lamps that have been discovered in various ancient vaults, some of which have allegedly been burning for 2,000 years. An excellent demonstration of how individuals having "10 Sigma" capabilities, can control 'mind/matter' functions.

I might also add that the proverbial rabbit hole descends much further, and necessitates significant substantive credulity, especially when it pertains to discovery incorporating anomaly.

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