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:Donald J. Trump

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Donald J. Trump


:'Donald J. Trump borrowed $1 Million from his father Fred Trump and parlayed that into a massive and significant $10 Billion global enterprise involving real estate, hotels, casinos, golf courses and many other enterprises too numerous to enumerate. Donald J. Trump is a genius, and eminently successful. And he did it, he built it, despite setbacks, tragedies, and many pitfalls, and Obama—Trump built it, not the Government. We expect Donald to be eminently successful with the biggest real estate enterprise ever—the United States of America.'

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:Donald J. Trump

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:'Donald J. Trump is now leader of the Republican Party, the presumptive nominee, having won the Republican Candidacy of the United States. He accomplished his objective against all odds, despite the pundits, and despite the Republican insider effort to lock him out. Trump won because he hit a nerve among traditional Americans who are fed up with the Lies, and ineptness experienced under Obama, and the Republican Congress.'

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Donald John Trump

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:'Trump speaks his mind and everyone loves it. He is successful as a businessman and he delivers and everyone takes notice.'

:'Trump's formula is simple: Hard work and succeed, and he succeeds. The Evidence is apparent to all who study his methods.'


:Tax Avoidance is Legal

:Tax Evasion is NOT Legal

NRA Endorses Donald J. Trump

:Site:LRP:Donald J. Trump

:NRA Endorses Donald Trump


:NRA Endorses Donald J. Trump

:Donald Trump a Lifetime Member of the NRA

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Donald J. Trump

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:Donald Trump Live Speech & Rally




:Donald J Trump for President