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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XXXV

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XXXV

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


'So you don’t believe in “Conspiracy” and you assume all “Conspiracy Theorists” are just “Nuts” who need to get a life. Point well taken, I too once believed as you do, until I examined the evidence and analyzed the documentation for solid proofs. The Founding of these “united States of America” as written in the Declaration of Independence was itself a significant “conspiracy” by our own Founding Fathers (1760 – 1789), they succeeded, and we are living proof of their success in 2013.The Georgia Guide Stones inscription openly declares that only 500,000,000 people should inhabit the Earth, indicating that 7,000,000,000 people should be removed from this Earth permanently. It was built with private (unknown financing) funds. It is a testament to a significant intent to depopulate the world. For those who consider this to be an odd ball statement and out of character with the intent of humanity, let me remind you of the “Death by Government” protocol discovered by R. J. Rummel, which already corroborates the (hidden) intent.Why would this “intent” even be considered, and who would do such a thing to humanity? For those who still don’t believe or choose not to, let me remind the clueless that the protocol was already established since the beginning of human history, hence the already established “wars and rumors of wars” protocol which is still in effect in our present timeframe in 2013. The “War to End All Wars” did not succeed World War II merely divided the world into “free” and “non-free” zones effectively dividing the world into a Hegelian Dialectic paradigm, while the (alleged) dissolution of the “communist empire” was merely converted into the “war on terror”, with a non-defined (nondescript) unidentifiable “enemy.” Thus making the “new war” perpetual in nature with no conclusion and no end.There is an ongoing perpetual spraying of aerosol chemicals known as “Chemtrails” continuously being rained down upon the populations of the Earth (allegedly) in an effort to curtail “Global Warming” aka “Climate Change.” Our food is being modified (changed) (allegedly) to improve its quality and to increase its yield to benefit mankind. When in reality it is a well-orchestrated fiction promoting an agenda derived from the pits of hell itself enabling a small group of individuals to control the destiny of the very planet we call home, to bring about an orchestrated New World Order enabling those who worship Lucifer, Satan, the Devil to openly set up his kingdom forcing his protocol upon the unsuspecting (those not paying attention) population.The predominant ingredient known as sugar (sweetener) has been altered via a variety of protocols, first by altering its chemical makeup, and ultimately replaced by high fructose corn syrup. An unsuspecting public is largely unaware of this, and has been subject to chemical alterations of their brain cells, not to mention their DNA. Many suspect that this may led to mass sterilization of the human population. Genetically Modified Corn is the primary ingredient of “high fructose corn syrup.” Due to growing public awareness within health groups, the control groups have been forced to modify their ingredients labels (corn syrup)'.'From Geoengineering to Genetically Modified Foods the evidence abounds. From the disappearance of companies like Borders (a white knight was not allowed to save it) which promoted alternative views counter to the New World Order, to companies like Breyers (purchased by Unilever who changed its ingredients) making it conform to the hidden protocol. Much earlier Entenmann’s and Snapple (Long Island, NY) were purchased by large multinationals and their ingredients were altered as well, making those products fit the agenda as well. Evidence of the “control” paradigm is ubiquitous throughout the world, that evidence is undisputed fact by the actions of corporations and the individuals who empower them.Information regarding all of this is tightly controlled, obfuscated and hidden by International News Groups (both domestic and foreign) who cater to the agenda, an agenda I might add that is aided and abetted by people who willingly aspire and ascent their best efforts to promote themselves and fellow travelers in fulfillment of the “control” paradigm. Jesus of Nazareth, the embodiment of ??????? ?????? ??????? came to save us all from this (predicament) protocol. He did this a long time ago in the land of Israel where he confronted the Devil after fasting 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness desert. Jesus was offered all the “kingdoms of the earth” if he would “bow down and worship Satan.” His response was “Away from me, Satan! For it is written: ‘Worship the Lord your God, and serve him only.’” [Matt 1:10]How was Lucifer, Satan, the Devil, able to accomplish all of this? He created an artificial construct, directly challenging ??????? ?????? ??????? the Creator, first by deceit, then by lies, and ultimately in our present timeframe creating a global monetary system based not on value, but a Ponzi scheme based first on paper (as commercial instruments) having a negative algorithm involving borrowed debt and ultimately electronic derivatives, all of which can be manipulated uncontrolled without government or human intervention.During my lifetime there was never any “money” for the people who really needed it. But there was plenty of ‘created’ money whenever it was needed by the ‘control’ paradigm. Obama is a primary example of this fact, since he effectively proved this with his unlimited and unchecked spending program in the “trillions of dollars” literally wasted on worthless and unnecessary spending programs, and giveaways, benefiting no one and weakening the nation. Where did he get this money? George Soros was one source, while quantitative easing was another. Money literally ‘created’ from sources other than productive value or productive gain, ultimately created out of thin air as electronic currency. When you begin to examine the actors who play an active role in these developments and examine them as individuals, you see a pattern of control based not on fact, but fiction.The artificial nature of “money” and the fact that it can be “created” out of nowhere, (thin air) unsubstantiated and without the necessary requirement to produce substantive value associated with it, gives the Luciferians a working operating system enabling them to promote their hellish agenda worldwide, wherever and whenever it suits their purposes and intent. The next logical step for these Luciferians will be to go paperless entirely and promote a one world currency that has no value, no substance, and no resemblance to our prior understanding (measure of value medium of exchange or store of value). When that happens, and when the Holy Spirit ????? ????????? of the Living God ??????? ?????? ??????? collects His people and departs, all Hell will break loose and those who remain will be subject to the last protocol.'


'When one studies the history of the Babylonian Mystery Religions, they will ultimately understand why God had to destroy the Earth in Noah’s time. The Two Immortals were diametrically opposed to each other having two opposing objectives. Jesus, the Word made flesh, the Creator, Savior and Redeemer came to save Israel and the world. Lucifer, Satan and the Devil usurped the Creation and became the destroyer of all life throughout the world. The Creation/Destruction scenario has been played out ever since.''The man who uncovered the secret of the Babylonian Mystery Religions so angered the Luciferians that they incarcerated him in an effort to prevent the information from getting out to the public and to silence him. Jesus ultimately came to seek and to save the unfortunates, the weak, weary, forlorn and forsaken. Lucifer, Satan and the Devil came to deceive, desecrate and to destroy the Creation period.The Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation provides an interesting start-point regarding the subject-matter pertaining to Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance and Satanic Ritual Child Abuse. The FBI agent who uncovered the secret of this activity ultimately paid with his life. “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of Man.”'



'The subject-matter of the “control” paradigm is manifested in multiple dimensions and involves two personifications in the personage of the Deity known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and a created immortal known as Lucifer, Satan and the Devil. The recent discovery of the “Ark of the Covenant” in the land of Israel and the death of the twenty individuals, who attempted to acquire it, provoked the Israeli government to fortify and conceal its location to prevent others from assuming room temperature. The Israeli Messiah has long since arrived and departed having fulfilled his role previously, first as Creator, then Savior, and ultimately Redeemer of the human race. Evidence of this is already provided to the Biblical texts via the discoveries of previous and current archaeologists (with and without portfolio). Documentation is well established and known by both scholars and the Israeli government. The nature of the documentation has been obfuscated due to the problematic nature of the protocol to maintain secrecy and integrity regarding the explosive nature of the discovery. In brief everyone knows where the “Ark of the Covenant” is located, but no one has been permitted by the Deity (God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) to move it from its present location. Those that have attempted to do so have died instantly in their tracts under painful circumstance.'

'The “Ark of the Covenant” validates the history of the early Hebrews, the 12 tribes of Israel, and the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who honored their “faith in (??????? ?????? ???????,) God.” Messianic Jews are currently writing about their relationship with the Messiah, and are awaiting His return in fulfillment of the Scriptures. The Deity known as ??????? ?????? ??????? responds only to the language of "faith" and deliberately allows the nature of ambiguity to challenge the "faithful". ??????? ?????? ??????? can be anything He chooses to be, is sovereign, eternal and exists without limits. Moses understood ??????? ?????? ??????? , releasing his faith, believed and performed exploits that can be viewed in our present day, via Google Earth as a testament from the past to our present generation. We now have the technology and the machinery to verify the validity of the Hebraic Scriptures as real history. God ??????? ?????? ??????? miraculously preserved the historical artifacts for our generation as a final testimony to a disbelieving world. The evidence is irrefutable and undisputed. The “Ark of the Covenant” is the ultimate proof of God’s ??????? ?????? ??????? intent, plan and fulfillment of His eternal Word.'


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'The problem of “sin” is no longer discussed by most theologians, it is no longer acknowledged as an alienation of mankind from the God ??????? ?????? ??????? known as the Creator. The subject-matter known as “sin” has been obfuscated, shunted aside and forgotten as a relic of the past within our modern timeframe…..but to be sure… God ??????? ?????? ??????? is the same “yesterday, today and forever”…..His Covenant remains as a reminder of His Promise to those who have formed a relationship with Him. All government is based on law, for law is the basis of government, providing the authority to govern. Law is the establishment of a moral code governing the affairs of men and their relationship to, for and with each other. The “Ark of the Covenant” contained the moral code of the Creator, and the basis of His relationship with His people and how He expected His people to conduct their affairs with each other and with Him. The “Ark of the Covenant” contained God’s ??????? ?????? ??????? moral code and His justification for governing mankind. The “Ark of the Covenant” became God’s Throne on Earth, separating Him from ‘being’ upon the Earth. The moral code known as the 10 Commandments actually condemned mankind, separating mankind from Him, necessitating God ??????? ?????? ??????? to intervene on behalf of man in order to justify man. Thus the law was the legislation of morality (code of conduct) enabling a suitable relationship between the Deity and man. Since the law condemned man, man had to be justified, redeemed, and reconstituted making man acceptable to Him.'

'Jesus’ blood was discovered upon the western (left) side of the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant. His blood was analyzed by an Israeli laboratory and found to be “alive” and contained 24 chromosomes. On his mother’s side he had 23 chromosomes, but he had only one (1) y chromosome from a non-human male. When the laboratory personnel asked: "Whose blood is this?" They were told: "Your Messiah." Ronald Eldon Wyatt (Sr) an archaeologist (without portfolio) was recognized as the discoverer of Noah’s Ark in Turkey, the discoverer of Moses true trek with the children of Israel to Mount Sinai (Horeb) in Midian (Saudi Arabia), the site where the children of Israel received the Ten Commandments, built the golden calf, were punished by the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for their rebellion. What is remarkable to me, is that these early Hebrews knew ??????? ?????? ??????? personally, experienced the mighty miracles (pillar of fire – at night/pillar of cloud – in daylight) of God, crossed the Red Sea (Gulf of Aquba) on dry ground were fed Manna from Heaven and still they rebelled against ??????? ?????? ??????? God. They so angered ??????? ?????? ??????? God, that he caused the ground to open up and swallow the rebellious whole. '

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'You cannot understand the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob ??????? ?????? ??????? by mere intellect and human knowledge. He is way beyond our human comprehension and ability to reason. You must have a personal relationship with Him. Just a cursory examination of His ability will explain simply by examining the entire construct of the Creation via an Atlas of the Universe. He ??????? ?????? ??????? literally had to take on human form in order to relate to us -- so that we might be able to understand Him. He left us a record of his activity and He left us His Word – If you wish to understand Him – You have to know Him personally, by interacting with Him. “The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us.” The historical evidence abounds – what you do with it will have consequence that will affect you personally and empirically. In simple terms - "It is better felt than telt." '

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