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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XXXIX

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Alex Jones InfoWars

Info-Wars Nightly News

Prison Planet.TV

Confirmed - Navy Yard Shooter was on anti-depressant - Trazodone

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Heartless Democrats Walk Out on Testimony of Families of Fallen in Benghazi

Benghazi Whistleblower Gets the Shaft

'We are no longer getting the news, as is skillfully demonstrated by the Wrongnado skit with Jon Stewart. The media is now part and parcel, the problem, focusing on neither the problems nor the events pertaining to the issues that are ongoing within our country. The Benghazi hearings are a clear indication that the Democrats don’t give a damn about the victims and their families—as indicated by the empty Democrat seats at the hearings. What an outrage, and a slap at the “inherent holders of the political power.” The (Non) Affordable Care Act (aka) ObamaCare was prefunded ($105 Billion) and shoved through Congress by the Democratic Left in both the House (Nancy Pelosi: “We have to pass it, so we can read what’s in it.”) and the Senate and then signed into law by Obama, without even having read what was written into the law. This would be considered “treason” and a violation of the fiduciary responsibility of the members of Congress towards their constituents, the American public that elected them into office in the first place. Well we now know that ObamaCare will destroy this country and plunge the nation into financial ruin and poverty. ObamaCare needs to be scrapped. ObamaCare is nothing but a “Tax” and the power to tax—is the power to destroy.'



Tom Delay Reacts to Appellate Court reversal of his Conviction

Former Senator Tom Delay Reacts to Court Overturning His Conviction'''

'Former Senator Tom Delay revealed on Fox News that it was the Democrats who targeted him and railroaded him to a conviction (with unsubstantiated charges as confirmed by the Appellate Court) by steering the court process guaranteeing his conviction. He revealed that George Soros was behind the funding for this process. Soros has been instrumental in funding these kinds of activity in order to destabilize governments worldwide. Delay has just revealed that Soros is now behind the destabilization of the US Government (ie., Conservative Members of the US Congress)'

Video Documentation:

'DeLay’s conservative response to the concerns of liberal Democrats is probably the reason for his indictment and conviction by the hands of the Democratic Liberals who according to DeLay steered the events, which lead to his trial and conviction in courts located in Democratic districts within Texas, whose constituents hated him—and were therefore prejudicial towards him already.'

Video Documentation:



The Tea Party News Network

'This is the group that the IRS deliberately tried to stall, inhibit and ultimately suppress according to recent Congressional Investigation. They represent the American people, hardworking, taxpaying and law-abiding citizens fed up with wanton waste in our government and the misuse and abuse of taxpayer funds by the Obama Administration. Please take the time to view this link for your edification.'



'It is fitting at this point that I end my research with the revelation that God (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) is acknowledged as the source of the very “Energy” that has been provided within my research pages. I did not intend to come to this conclusion and I did not expect to reach my conclusion on this venue, but having come full circle, it is fitting that I acknowledge that the entire Creation is a mathematical formula having a precision and preciseness that only a Mathematician can appreciate and acknowledge. In researching the topic of “Energy” I realized that no amount of effort on my part can persuade those that are the subjects of “cognitive dissonance” pertaining to the reality of “Overunity Asymmetric Systems". Only those who have experienced the truth of my observations, having completed their own due diligence, can appreciate the veracity of the evidence that comes from applying the scientific method in achieving their final results. Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla did indeed provide humanity with the strategic advancement that was necessary to propel humanity into the age of industrial engineering and high speed production. Unfortunately since my birth (1951) the world has indeed been “dumbed down” just as Antony C. Sutton informed me back in 1999 just four years before his death in 2002. It is my hope that these “research pages” will provide the reader, researcher and analyst with a measure of direction in their pursuit of knowledge. Truth while it is self-evident, has been obfuscated, denigrated and in some cases (especially regarding the life of Tesla) obliterated. But on a positive note, it is fortuitous that God (of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) Himself has reserved the Pentateuch (five (5) books of Moses) as a testament and testimony of the efficacy and reality of His Creation. The Bible Codes (Hebrew language) are an amazing revelation of the handiwork and foresight of the Creator. None of this information (revelation) would have been possible during any other timeframe or period in history, except our own due to the technologies that are currently “in place” right now, such as computers, internet and powerful search engines such as Google, not to mention the mundane and ubiquitous ever present technologies of the standard information media (TV and Radio). The Creator (thankfully) is countervailing and contravening the ever present “control” paradigm and man therefore is given a measure of access to the truth—nonetheless it is up to man to make the ultimate choice to believe or not to believe to accept or reject the provided evidence in essence he must release his faith and make the ultimate choice, and thus sealing his fate and ultimate end. Enjoy.'


The Split Rock at Horeb

'The Rock at Horeb in Saudi Arabia is the solid evidence that God did indeed split the Rock enabling the three (3) million Hebrews to drink millions of gallons of water which gushed forth from that Rock. After three days (without water) the human body begins to die, causing the multitude to complain to Moses that they were thirsty and feared death. Moses realizing that he was being blamed for their predicament (trusting in God), that he needed a miracle from God. That miracle was accomplished at Horeb when God caused the Rock to split gushing forth millions of gallons of fresh water which flowed down to the people and their livestock. The evidence abounds via pictures, documentation and can be viewed on Google Earth. The evidence is embedded in perpetuity in the desert and granite formations within the mountain landscape.'