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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XXIX

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Jean-Louis Naudin

Jean-Louis Naudin's Website Map


Jean-Louis Naudin is in my opinion, probably the most thorough investigative bench-work analyst regarding Overunity in the 21st Century, who more than any other, has provided significant professional documentation pertaining to real-time verifiable, replicable, and observable proof demonstrations. When I needed significant demonstrable proof regarding an inventor’s authenticity, he provided irrefutable evidence via his significant replications, which he freely open sources for all to see. He is thorough, articulate and honest in his research. He is a credit and a professional to the organization that he represents: GIFNET. Jean-Louis Naudin’s verification regarding Cold Fusion, also known as, LENR/CANR made an indelible impression upon me in 2002, when I first encountered his magnificent work. He has continued to perform in similar fashion and with meticulous due diligence all of his other related bench work replications right up to this day. Thank you Jean-Louis Naudin!


The Quest for Overunity - JLN Website

The Lifter Project - The First Manned Flight ~ Orville the Mouse



'News from The Freedom OutPost:' The Freedom Outpost

Arizona Voters Look to Recall Senators McCain, Flake Following Amnesty Vote

4 Senators Introduce Bill To Block Obama’s Funding Of Syrian Jihadists

Russian Paper Says “Weak Eyed Obama” Is Leader Of Sodom & Gomorrah Following G8 Summit

Barack Obama: Catholicism & Protestantism Encourage Division, Not Cooperation

Five (5) Million Farmers Locked In Lawsuit Against Monsanto

IRS Refunds Tens Of Millions Of Your Tax Dollars To Illegal Aliens

Wheelchair-Bound Amputee Murdered By Islamist In London

Anal Hazing – Sodomy In Public Schools Happens More Than You Think


'Alternative News Sources - Links & Information (Documentation/References)'

Start Page Web Search - World's Most Private Web Search

Global Warming Fraud

Infinite Energy - The World's Platform for Change

The Green Tea Coalition

Next Generation TV - Lt. Col. Allen B. West

Western Center For Journalism - Western Journalism

World Net Daily

News With Views

The Liberty Alliance

UnFiltered News - G. Edward Griffin - Archives

The Center for Western Journalism

American Patriot Friends Network

Alex Jones Podcasts

Alex Jones (January 28, 2014)Podcast

CBN News

Sid Roth's - It's Supernatural

Freedom Outpost News & Documentation

The Epoch Times

Dr. Mercola - Natural Health Information

Flu Vaccine Modifies Human Behavior

Turner Radio Network

Want to Know Info

Henry Makow - Archives

Joel Skousen Website

US ~ Observer

Andrew K. Dart - Opinions That Matter

The Mark Levin Show

Constitutionalist Expert Mark Levin:

CommieBlaster - Exposing Communists in the US Government

American Free Press

American Free Press Interview with Texe Marrs

The Freedom Outpost

The Daily Caller

Free Vaccine Survival Guide

The Trinity Broadcasting Network

Jack Van Impe

Real Clear Politics

American Center for Law and Justice - Jay Sekulow JD

Five Second Survival

Daystar TV

The Tea Party News Network

Prison Planet.TV

The Next News Network

American Thinker - Archived Articles

NewsMax - Independent American

Freedom Works

The Blaze - News - TV

Screen Capture of My Blog by Rationalwiki and Anonymous

Bill of Rights Defense Committee

President Barack Hussein Obama Andrew K. Dart

America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President - David Barton - December 20, 2013


The Snowden Saga

Snowden Arrives in Moscow After Leaving Hong Kong

Three (3) Ways PRISM and Edward Snowden Have Exposed Obama As a Hypocrite



Big Brother's Three (3) Hundred Million Man Army ` Paul McGuire - News With Views

'"Despite the fact that the current Big Brother spying campaign went into action in the late 1940s and initially was called ECHELON, certain segments of the media claim they just uncovered it through a NSA whistleblower, Edward Snowden." "Multi billionaire George Soros openly told President Obama in the mass media to ignore Congress and rule by Executive Order. The media, who are now outraged, said absolutely nothing about what Soros said. But a media with integrity, which the dominate media in our nation do not have, would have vigorously challenged the statement by Soros and defended our Constitutional rights."'

Big Brother's Three (3) Hundred Million Man Army ` Paul McGuire - News With Views




Obama is Muslim - Not Christian

Obama is not a Christian but Muslim

As Egypt unravels, Team Obama increases support for Muslim Brotherhood ~ Jay Sekulow

Now it's Muslim Lawyers Demanding Obama's Arrest

Verfied Proof Obama is Muslim


Can Obama Be Impeached? Can Obama Be Impeached? by J. B. Williams ~ News With Views