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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XXII

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XXII

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


When I checked EK and his references among them, I noticed that James Randi (the Magician) was now the spokesman for the organization. Randi’s name rang a bell, concerning Jacques Benveniste.

On my Site:LRP:Water page I provide detailed information pertaining to water – and its critical importance to human life, in many, many ways. My first contact with Thomas Eugene Bearden was via an email regarding his analysis of water “The Structure of Water: A View from 4-Space.” – was my response to his work. I was just getting my feet “wet” regarding the subject-matter of water.

Jacques Benveniste while examining the anomaly associated with homeopathy discovered that when a foreign chemical was removed from water via a series of dilutions, to the point of complete physical removal with no possible trace of its previous existence within the water—the memory of the foreign chemical still remained within the water as if it still physically remained in the water itself. This was so profound to him, that as a scientist, he was determined to publish his findings in Nature—a peer reviewed magazine for the science community. John Maddox refused to publish until he could investigate the matter as is recorded in the following link: The investigation was a complete sham—a witch-hunt, with an already predetermined analysis, that what Benveniste discovered was complete nonsense, based on error, or a practical joke played by one of his lab technicians. Maddox and Randi were determined to expose fraud and in the process label Benveniste a quack scientist.

Jacque Benveniste attempted to share his findings at Stamford University and at the Cavandish Laboratory—all to no avail—the damage had already been done. Within a few short years his life ruined and his profession destroyed-- Benveniste was found dead. Were it not for his wife—his young child would have been orphaned. The message is clear—the control paradigm did not want this information out. It was too powerful for people to know this information—for it would expose the agenda of the control paradigm.

As it turns out Jacque Benveniste was correct: water does have a memory, as is attested by the research of others:

Water Has Memory Documentation:

The reason why the "Control" paradigm does not want this information to be made available to the general public, is because it has a good [positive] side and a bad [negative] side. The information can be used to kill us all, without even knowing about it, or it can bless us with good health and a long life.

My advise to Inventors of merit--Do not seek so-called "peer-review" for it has been a sham and a trap for anyone who discovers 'novelty of fact" "novelty of theory"

energy systems. For if it is significant, it will be sequestered, weaponized and deleted from the memory of history (Patent reversal or Top Secreted). If you attempt to publish your significant findings in so-called "peer-reviewed" trade papers - you will be labeled a heretic or worse, marginalized and possibly even assume room temperature.




Nothing is more exhilarating than getting answers to one’s deepest questions – and in particular life-changing questions involving answers to origins, and the need to know the answer to the question: “Why?” Fundamental questions pertaining to God, Creation, Life, Death, Eternity have greater import, the older one becomes. But what is of particular import to me personally is the answer to the question: “God – If you are real – Prove it to me.” Everyone asks that question in one form or another. Sir Isaac Newton studied the Bible trying to decipher an intrinsic code that would answer that question. Scientists and Physics practitioners ask that question when they conduct their experiments, and analyze the data derived from their analysis of chemistry and mathematics. They are literally taking Nature and aspects of the Creation in the infinite variety of its manifest forms. When astronomers look out into the heavens, they are peering into the vastness of the deepest void looking back in time trying to discern the origins of the Creation itself. They are all asking the same question: “Why?”

I am pleased to announce that my question, asked a long time ago in 1963—has been answered, thanks to the work of Antony C. Sutton, Thomas Eugene Bearden and Sterling D. Allan. These three individuals provided me with an opportunity to prove them in their personal endeavor to know the truth for themselves. My collaboration with these three gentlemen provided me with the means to research the available data to its completion. Without their help, I would not have had the opportunity to successfully reach my conclusions.

Antony C. Sutton opened the door, exposing me to the reality of the “control” paradigm, via his own research under the auspices of the FBI in 1968-1973 they too were interested in the truth—personally funding Dr. Sutton’s efforts, concluding his discoveries in three substantial volumes, compelling them to conduct their own investigation (Operation Solo). Following Dr. Sutton’s conclusions provided me with the greatest detective story ever written, truth indeed being stranger than fiction. A mystery so profound, that it necessitated me to follow his developing conclusions for the rest of my life—even to the present timeframe. For those who are not familiar with Sutton’s discoveries, it is all laid out in my first few research pages, on my primary Peswiki profile page.

Thomas Eugene Bearden came to my attention when Dr. Sutton introduced me to Tom Bearden in his emails and in his book: “America’s Secret Establishment,” a copy of which I gave to him, when I first met him in Huntsville, Alabama on February 15th, 2006. Ken Moore drove Tom Bearden and me to a local bookstore, where I purchased a copy for Tom, showing him the relevant passage in the book that referred to him. I conducted an in-depth review of Bearden’s analysis available to me at the time. Tom’s explanation of the MEG provided me with a renewed determination to examine the evidence provided by Jean-Louis Naudin. The MEG is real science, functions and when funds are provided to complete the science, it will function as stated in the US Patent. Once again I encountered the “control” paradigm, while researching this discovery. The documentation is available within my research pages at Peswiki.

Sterling D. Allan provided me with an excellent venue when he asked me to join his group of research analysts. The New Energy Congress was supposed to vet inventors and inventions, but it disintegrated when many of the inventions involved novelty of fact and novelty of theory applications beyond the scope of several of the members. The MEG itself requires a good understanding of the Aharonov-Bohm Effect—something that the group did not understand, therefore it was up to me to provide documentation, which I did in the NEC Forum. Several of the members were quick to denigrate Bearden simply because they lacked the proper physics knowledge to evaluate the MEG. Fortunately Jean-Louis Naudin had already provided the proof of the MEG efficacy. I discovered in my research that there was a group that was determined to destroy any invention/inventor that did have the potential to change the existing paradigm. The Hydrino Study Group was a deliberate sham to denigrate and destroy Blacklight Power and its inventive genius Dr. Randall Lee Mills. Members of that group were successful in overturning the US Patent of Dr. Mills. They almost succeeded in getting our own member Tom Valone fired from the US Patent Office for his auspicious desire to host a COFE at the Departments of Commerce and State. The evidence is revealed here It was Dr. Sutton who brought this to my attention <pesn type=. A detailed analysis is provided on my Blacklight Power page ["></pesn>.

The “control” paradigm originates from the pits of hell—one would even venture from the Father of Lies—Lucifer himself. Free energy is real, but has been deliberately shunted from humanity, because any system that would free mankind from the tyranny of the slavery of controls would negate the hellish authority of the ultimate usurper-in-chief. And if there is anyone reading my statement regarding Free Energy—and doubts my veracity, need only read the evidence provided by Victor I. Klimov

The minions of hell are already circling like vultures above waiting to destroy any and all evidence pertaining to ‘free energy’ bidding their time – waiting for the time when many of the Overunity inventors of my lifetime die of old age, so that they can unleash their venom and destroy any trace of the available evidence. All of these developments during my lifetime are conclusive evidence that this planet is under a significant quarantine, in essence a prison planet, controlled by Luciferians, who usurped power from the original inhabitants—just like the Bible, Torah, Pentateuch states.

Thankfully there is a solution to this dilemma. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob has already provided the solution. And that solution is also stated in the Bible, Torah, and Pentateuch. And for those who dismiss this as just wishful thinking the evidence is already provided within the following research pages: Site:LRP:Jesus Site:LRP:Ron Wyatt - Wyatt Archaeological Research Site:LRP:Ark of the Covenant. Recent research revealing aspects of Wyatt’s activity was provided by the testimony of Kevin Fisher: Kevin Fisher's Ark Discovery Website


The Founding Fathers: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

And those that believe that these are all fairy tales and suppositions from hearsay folktales from the past let them examine the available evidence from documentary video sources pertaining to the Exodus:

The physical remains of Sodom and Gomorrah provide compelling proof of Biblical text describing the wrath of God upon those who violate His Laws: