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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XVIII

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XVIII

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



'Philip J. Berg: an Attorney and a Democrat was among the first to challenge Obama’s legitimacy.'



The Original Lawsuits


Now that you know that Obama is a Liar, the Democrat Party being complicit in that Lie – What do you lawfully intend to do about it? Now that you know ObamaCare is nothing but a huge TAX on the American people – and that you were lied to by the Democrat Party. What do you intend to lawfully do about it? To recap from the historical timeframe – Senator Baucus created the entire mess of ObamaCare by introducing it – that is why Senator Baucus is not running for re-election. His own people in Montana despise and hate him for his treachery. It was Rep. Michele Bachmann who revealed that ObamaCare was prefunded ($105 Billion) by the Democrats under Rep. Pelosi (former Speaker of the House), so that it could not be overturned by the Republicans when they defeated the Democrats – retaking the House of Representatives in the following election. Believe it or Not - We are now living within a Totalitarian State c/o the Democrats.

The Wealthy Liberal Elite

Government Interference With The News Media

News Media Bias in Obama's Favor

Evidence of an Actual Conspiracy to Bias the News

Specific Examples of Biased News Coverage

Obama and Associates PU

Obama's Twenty (20) Year Association with Reverend Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.

The Picture Worth Thousands of Illegal Aliens

Obama Guilty of a Felony

Obama's Use of a Fraudulant Social Security Number

Now you know that the Democrat Party does not represent you or your family and does not have your best interest in mind when they are in power. So why keep making the same mistake over and over, again and again by sending them back to Congress? The Republicans are no bargain either, for theirs is another agenda that is also not in the best interest of those that they represent. Both Parties realizing that the American electorate is becoming fed up with both of them, have silently passed rules and regulations preventing the electorate from choosing other forms of candidates such as Libertarians and the Tea Party as elective choices on the ballot box come next Election Day. The United States is beginning to look like a banana republic rather than the America we were all familiar with in the 1950-1990 timeframe. Ambassador Alan Keyes was correct regarding Obama while the Democrat Party is aiding and abetting in our destruction as a nation, with the Republican Party complicit in their inaction to prevent our intended demise. The Media bias being rather apparent.


'Obama Hired Attorneys To Seal His Records - Doesn't Anyone Want to Know Why?'



To be quite frank – it appears that under the leadership of the Democrats and the Republicans – our entire system of governance is a complete fraud perpetrated upon the American electorate. How do I know this? – they have rigged the elections, electoral process and the electorate via their control of elections, first under the Republican Administration of George W. Bush and now under the Democrat Administration of our current leadership. A review of my earlier research will explain: Site:LRP:Is Your Voting Process Secure & Legitimate?. Many are beginning to believe that Obama is a secret agent, due to the fact that all records pertaining to him are sealed, guarded and protected from absolute scrutiny even from law enforcement. There are those that believe Site:LRP:Ideological Subversion Measures/Tactics To Subvert The United States Revealed him to be a change agent bought and paid for by criminals – among them George Soros


'Obama - The 57 States President'



'America (the new world) was discovered and colonized by those who aspired and adhered to Christian beliefs but the United States is a country founded on Paganism and the Ten Commandments are not the basis for our laws. This became apparent when it was suggested that we imprint our money with the motto “In God We Trust” so that future generations would realize that we had an originating Christian foundation and differentiated the United States from atheistic Communist countries. In fact Congress reaffirmed “in God We Trust” as our official motto on January 26, 2011, as stated in Resolution 13'


' "The unanimous Declaration of these united States of America" '


'''Natural and Legal Rights Documentation:'''


We were a Nation of Laws and not Men – we followed a code established by our Founding Fathers. That code was set in place when it declared separation from the Crown of England via the Declaration of Independence, the formation of thirteen independent States, having independent jurisdictions separate from each other. The Founding Fathers first established the [ “Articles of Confederation” and then its successor the U.S. Constitution, establishing the separation of powers, each having their own jurisdiction and the controlling power separate from each other the Office of the Presidency, the Congress known as the Legislative branch, and the Judiciary (the Supreme Court) includes the lesser courts. These became a ‘checks and balance’ towards each other, preventing a dictatorship of any of the branches of the newly formed government of the united States of America. Thus began the legitimacy of the sovereignty of the united States of America. These thirteen independent States of America then created the central government granting it power to represent them collectively as one Nation. They established the District of Columbia for the purpose of establishing a federal jurisdiction representing the independent State governments. In order to ensure that they would remain free and independent they ratified the US Constitution with a Bill of Rights, limiting the power of the federal jurisdiction within the District of Columbia from establishing a dictatorship as well. Once the “Bill of Rights” was agreed upon by all of the former thirteen colonies and now independent States – they together signed the US Constitution into existence – establishing their legitimacy and thus their sovereignty among the family of Nations.

'Where did the Founding Fathers get their political philosophy from – causing them to constitute and thus institute such a framework of governance?'

The Founding Fathers educated by scholars living during the later 1600s and early 1700s were the recipients of political education provided by the work of Thomas Hobbes and John Locke. Locke’s influence on the Founding Fathers, particularly noted by Jefferson’s written political writings such as the Declaration of Independence. The political concept of ‘separation of powers’ came from Montesquieu. James Madison proposed an amendment strengthening it, but it was rejected by the Congress as redundant

Francis A. Schaeffer, author of The Christian Manifesto and the founder of L’abri in Switzerland, significantly influenced the modern American mindset of our generation, provided an excellent rendition of Lex Rex as opposed to Rex Lex, penned by Samuel Rutherford, giving us a unique perspective of what our Founding Fathers faced as they encountered civil disobedience with the Crown of England in 1777. The following is a series of films providing expository by Francis A. Schaeffer from the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages to the Age of Revolution