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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XVI

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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XVI

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Unfiltered News - G. Edward Griffin

Howard Phillips RIP - Gary North editorial

We The People Congress

Apparently when one takes God out of the equation, man is a lousy ‘measure of all things.’ Man is definitely not God, not even close. Man prefers materialism, whereas God is spiritual and sustains the very system that man requires to sustain oneself. There are those who claim that belief in God is not rational, some even claim that such beliefs are dangerous. Dangerous to whom?

The modern science of physics has finally caught up with God via our knowledge of broken symmetry, precursor engineering and Overunity Asymmetric Systems. Energy has to originate from a ‘power’ source – it is not spontaneous and it does not self-originate. It follows precise and precision structures that we identify as laws or activity analogous to a well thought out and reasoned form and function having purpose and direction.

Man does not “Create,” he merely discovers what is already pre-existing, learning from the process of an already created form, modifying its usage via adaptation or copying its original first principles, and restructuring it as technology. Faraday, Maxwell and Tesla utilized ‘first principles’ derived from the fabric of God’s originating ‘handiwork.’ They came from the “Christian Age.” The Age of Discovery based on the originating Creation that preexisted, predating the machinery of the industrial age.

God supplied the most important factor that man forgets to equate within his limited capability to reason. God supplied the “Information” that has no material base, and yet without ‘information’ the entire system of the construct of the Creation ceases to exist (in any form). The prime example is the DNA structure. Just four (4) sequential code links provides all the data structure that can fill all the libraries of all the Universities ever built. Man the ‘measure of all things’ would not exist if God did not Himself exist. My only argument with God – is that He allows ambiguity within His equation of sole fide. For without ambiguity man is not free to choose well from evil, right from wrong, or Heaven from Hell. Man in this regard is truly ‘justified by faith.’


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'''The Encode Project:'''

'''The Encode Project Consortium of 2012:'''

'Let us examine the 'evidence' from 'first principle' discovery:'

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Signature in the Cell by Stephen C. Meyer

Do You Legally Own Your DNA?

DNA – The Design Code (God) Created in all of our Cells

DNA - God’s Code Book

The DNA of GodGod’s Signs in the DNAHarvard Cracks DNA Storage, Crams 700 Terabytes of data into a single GramThe Data Bank of Life in DNADNA Confirms the Book of Genesis

'Having examined ‘first principle’ evidence of the ‘intelligence’ of the Creator known as the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, let us now examine the ‘historical’ evidence from the document known as the ‘Book – Bible – Torah – Pentateuch. The Evidence Points to a Creator’'

Ronald Eldon Wyatt - Did indeed find significant evidence corroborating the Biblical narrative of the Pentateuch via the following recorded accounts:

[1] 'The Discovery of Noah's Ark (Genesis)'

Noah’s Ark Discovered, Documented, AuthenticatedDocumented Video References Provide the Proof of Noah’s Ark DiscoveryRon Wyatt first visited Noah’s Ark in 1977DocumentationHistorical Documents of the 4400 year old remains of Noah’s ArkRon Wyatt’s and Mary Nell Wyatt’s Documentation of Noah’s ArkBest Video Documentary Evidence of the Ark DiscoveryMary Nell Wyatt’s Narration of the DiscoveryNewsletter July 1994 - The Discovery of Noah's Ark by Mary Nell WyattSerious and Significant Legal Documentation Demonstrating the Dangerous Conditions Faced by Ronald Eldon Wyatt Pertaining to the Discovery of Noah's ArkShurat Hadin Law Center Wins $338 Million Judgment Against Syrian Government Over Kidnapping Of US Citizens By Kurdish Terrorists PKK

[2] 'The Discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah'

Mary Nell Wyatt Narrates the Discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah – Documentation Provided by Ron Wyatt

Ron Wyatt’s Discovery of Sodom and Gomorrah, and the Cities of the PlainPictures of Sodom and GomorrahThe Ruins of Sodom and GomorrahRuins of Sodom and Gomorrah Found

[3] 'The Discovery of The Red Sea Crossing'

Mary Nell Wyatt's Narration of the Exodus

Identifying the Egyptian Dynasty of the Exodus by Mary Nell Wyatt

[4] 'The Discovery of Mt. Sinai (in Saudi Arabia)'

Mount Sinai - The Evidence at the Mountain by Mary Nell Wyatt

Mary Nell Wyatt Explains With Documentation Provided by Ron Wyatt

Documentation Video

[5] 'The Discovery of The Ark of the Covenant'

Discovery of the Ark of the CovenantArk of the Covenant – Index of pagesThe Importance & Significance of the Ark of the CovenantThe Ark of the Covenant – Wyatt Archaeological ResearchDocumentation Available from W.A.R.Ark of the Covenant by Mary Nell Wyatt

The Ten (10) Commandments - Exodus 20

Laws of the Bible

The Bible Law Course

Legal Research Sources

Video Documentation:'''

History of the Blood of Christ Documentation:

Site:LRP:Ron Wyatt - Wyatt Archaeological Research

Site:LRP:Ark of the Covenant

The Pinkoski Documentation

Joseph was Imhotep of Egypt

Biblical Archaeology

Sid Roth's:

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From my perspective, after many years of research regarding the subject-matter of the “Control” Paradigm, I’m satisfied that Ronald Eldon Wyatt was accurate in his assessments and discoveries. He was the real deal. Doctorates and Master’s Degrees are over-rated. What really matters are the final results of ones’ arguments and revelations. Ron Wyatt told the truth – and that’s what really matters.



Jesus – so important to all of us during my lifetime, that we divided historical time by His birth and death (BC – AD). We began our daily activity (in school) by repeating His words (“Our Father who art in Heaven hallowed be thy Name”) as an actual prayer spoken orally by classmates from the time of my birth 1951 till 1971, when the practice was stopped abruptly. Marie Madeline O’Hare had filed suit in federal court to stop all prayers. Interestingly her son disagreed with his mother and became a follower of Jesus Christ. Opposition to “Jesus” came from all sides – except the Christian community, who still revered His Name, birth, life, death and Resurrection. Soon the entire world around me forgot His significance, merely repeating His Name in anger and jest, disrespect and sacrilege. The Gideon Society regarded His Word so significant that they installed copies of His Word in every public place where people congregated, assembled, or retired for the night, such as Inns and hospitals. They considered the Old and New Testament to be equal and uncompromising in authoritative value, such as the Torah, the Pentateuch and the New Testament. Everyone had access to the Book, the Bible, the Torah, and the Pentateuch.

We are beginning to realize just how significant Jesus of Nazareth really is. We have historical evidence of His Significance – The Shroud of Turin has been correctly carbon dated (linen fabric component) indicating that it came from the correct time period. The Shroud is the best evidence of His Resurrection – His image having been scanned right through the very fabric of the linen cloth—as He Resurrected from His burial place outside Jerusalem. His actual Blood was found by Ronald Eldon Wyatt, when Wyatt discovered the resting place of “The Ark of the Covenant.” The circumstances surrounding that discovery are intriguing. “The Ark of the Covenant” was removed to Jeremiah’s Grotto, six hundred years before the birth of Jesus, during the time of Nebuchadnezzar’s destruction of Jerusalem in 600BC and interestingly placed twenty (20) feet below Christ’s crucifixion site, where Jesus’ Blood dripped from His cross falling directly upon the western side of the “Ark of the Covenant,” upon the Mercy Seat in 33AD.

Ronald Eldon Wyatt was a very special human being – highly favored by God, for having allowed him to find, view, photograph, and document by film its authenticity. Wyatt documents his experience in his writings and on video recording. He records finding the “Ark of the Covenant,” the Blood of Christ and the four (4) Angels (Messengers from God) that guard the “Ark of the Covenant” to this day. Those four (4) Angels are significant, they were with the “Ark of the Covenant” when it was created during the time of Moses, they were with the “Ark of the Covenant” when it was taken ‘captive’ by the Philistines, and they are with the “Ark of the Covenant” even to this very hour in the land of Israel just outside the walls of Jerusalem where Christ was crucified. The “Ark of the Covenant” will remain there as God’s Earthly Throne and at His Pleasure and Authority.


Embedded Metal in the Garden Tomb

Site:LRP:Ark of the Covenant

Site:LRP:Ron Wyatt - Wyatt Archaeological Research

Jesus fulfilled prophecies concerning (Himself) the Messiah:

So now we know the importance of the “Ark of the Covenant” and “Jesus’” importance with it. The Hebrews were in a relationship with the Creator Himself, necessitating the Creator’s active presence in their midst. That purpose necessitated a specific protocol defining their relationship together. God would be their Government, and the Hebrews would be subject to Him. Governments require legitimacy, and legitimacy requires applicable laws in order to govern authoritatively. The rule of law had to be established and the specific guidelines had to be delineated between the ruler and those being ruled. God thus became their King legally and legitimately via the Ten Commandments which defined their relationship with Him and with each other as a governed people. The Hebrews were now a Kingdom with an immortal King and Moses as their mediator.

The Ten Commandments now became the “rule of law” and the basis for all other legal enactments among the Hebrews and soon to be Israelites. Because of the actions of the Hebrews themselves, those Ten Commandments became a stumbling block before the God that led them. The Ten Commandments actually condemned the Hebrews alienating them from God’s presence, necessitating a mediating influence or presence re-normalizing their relationship with their God. Moses as mediator interceded for the people directly with God, and God accepted the protocol by writing the Ten Commandments upon the tables of stone (not once but twice when Moses had broken them) when dealing with the carnal nature of the people revealing their (sinfulness) alienation before a Holy God.

The Ark of the Covenant was built to last forever out of material that would last forever and which would contain and house the Ten Commandments. The Ark of the Covenant became the throne of God and revealed his Shekinah Glory when the intercessory Priests interceded for the people. Jesus became the ultimate intercessor, when his blood covered the western side of the Mercy Seat. Jesus stated that He came to fulfill the law, not to do away with it. He would forever be the atonement for his people before the Holy God of Israel. Thus if any man “be in Christ (Messiah), he became a new Creation,” if His Word abided in them and they (the people) abided in Him. That relationship (Covenant) still exists to this day.

Ronald Eldon Wyatt revealed that the Ten Commandments were taken out of the Ark of the Covenant and placed upon a shelf along with documentary film footage showing his interaction with the four (4) Angels. Wyatt revealed that upon examination, there were four documents in a compartment on the back of the Ark of the Covenant pertaining to Moses that remained in perfect condition and still were legible. In God’s perfect timing the Ten Commandments would be revealed when the Mark of the Beast law was enacted. From my perspective, if the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was able to fulfill all the events of the book, Bible, Torah, Pentateuch, preserving them for 4600 years to the present, He certainly is able to preserve the documentation left behind by Ronald Eldon Wyatt in the Cave in 1982 until it is needed at the appointed time in the future at God’s discretion and timeline.

Ronald Eldon Wyatt made statements that would have been considered ‘tall tales’ if any other human being had said them. My only question regarding Ronald Eldon Wyatt: Is why would he lie about phenomenology, which would ultimately discredit his entire life’s work if it were not true. He would not – did not, indeed could not. His character, demeanor and life are a testament to a life fulfilled, with discovery of fundamental facts corroborating the Biblical texts of many nations and religions. His statement about the Blood of Jesus Christ is intriguing, for it substantiates and verifies the veracity of Jesus statements: “Before Abraham was – I AM.” “I and My Father are ONE.” The Israeli lab officials who examined Jesus’ blood and conducted significant tests regarding the Blood, stated that it was “living” and that they were able to examine its chromosome count, while looking at the DNA structure. Discovering that Jesus’ Blood only had twenty-four (24) chromosomes, and that twenty-three (23) of those chromosomes came from his mother’s side and the single Y chromosome that enabled Him to be a male, came from a non-human male source (God), and compelled them to ask: “Who’s Blood is this? Ronald Eldon Wyatt stated: “Your Messiah.” The Blood that Ronald Eldon Wyatt retrieved from the crack (that extended twenty (20) feet below from the crucifixion site above and fell upon the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant) was the very Blood that was given to the Israeli laboratory for examination.

Ronald Eldon Wyatt provided additional blood samples for examination by other groups, so we know more evidence is available for future reference. Tests were also conducted by close associates of his team (friends and family). All of this is sufficient for me, I am not a skeptic, primarily because I know the credibility of the Source the integrity of the Samples and the veracity of the Word of God.


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