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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XV

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Houston We Have A Problem Hacker Reveals: If you want to hijack a plane: "We have an App for that." Really?

Hacker Reveals there is an App that will enable the Hijacking of Aircraft

Terrifying! Programmer shows off app which takes over planes

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Obama’s goal: Disarm America: Make it Defenseless:

Obama and Congress are in violation of the Militia Act of 1903 also known as the Dick Act of 1902.:

Elihu Root:

Antony C. Sutton:Elihu Root:Root Mission to Russia:



Who Will "Tax the Rain?" (Maryland - and its Democratic Governor)

The Maryland

Maryland Taxing Residents for




The Facts Clearly Corroborate Congressman Joe Wilson from South Carolina: "Obama You Lie!" The Evidence Supports the Claim.'''

Rep. Joe Wilson from South Carolina Shouts

The Hidden Evils of Obama's Budget,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.45175338,d.dmg&fp=54bbefb029ee8d99&biw=1252&bih=548

The Obama Administration is Fundamentally Dishonest

ObamaCare Based on a Pack of Lies

ObamaCare is Mandatory Socialized Medicine

Strange Things Hidden In Obama Health Care Bill (ObamaCare)

Strong indices Obama's

Obama Lies about Taxes

Obama Lies about Energy Production

Obama Lies about Welfare Programs

Obama & Immigration Issues

ObamaCare Will Not Work as Advertised


What I am witnessing is the total planned collapse of the United States as a nation, as an economic and political empire. The evidence is already conclusive and apparent for anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. We are being destroyed from within, skillfully and craftily by foreign and internal intervention. The dollar is being sidestepped as a world reserve currency. Americans are being demonized, marginalized and criminalized. We have been lied to for generations by the Democrats and the Republicans, until now we can no longer trust our own institutions to help us get out of the very hole that they have placed us within. Where do I begin? First they lied about ‘planned obsolescence,’ then they lied about NAFTA they prevented anyone from challenging their authority (Democrat and Republican Parties) and now they are writing the rules to prevent any other party from trying to help us, such as the Libertarian or Tea Party – did you remember what happened to H. Ross Perot? Perot is the prime example from the past, he was stopped cold when it was determined that he would win the election. The facts are plain to see we are being polarized, and pitted against each other in an intricate entanglement known as the Hegelian dialectic, with skilled precision that can only have originated at the highest echelon of the ‘control’ paradigm. The objective is to remove the United States as the last bastion of freedom and power, which will probably occur by 2030, thus enabling the New World Order to reign supreme throughout the Earth. The evidence is conclusive for those willing to perform the proper research along with the appropriate due diligence.


The Untimely Death of Andrew Breitbart

Common Core Guides Education to its Destruction

Money Masters: How International Bankers Gained Control of the United StatesThe Demise of Stigma and the Erosion of Self-DisciplineLiberals Think You’re StupidThe United Nations – Corrupt, Ineffective and DangerousLiberal Democrats and the Minority VoterWasteful Spending is the Problem – Not the Deficit

Global Warming – News Media Hype

Social Security is Already Bankrupt


If one listens closely to the detractors – you will notice the change agents, agents’ provocateur, disinformation artists and highly skilled manipulators of thought control attempting to manipulate and silence the reasoned articulation of the well thought-out clarification of the control paradigm. They are legion – determined to overthrow sound judgment, and civil reasoning. They cannot abide a free society – it is anathema to them, for they are the very demonic hoards spoken about in the book “Demonic” written by Ann Coulter.


Walter Burien and CAFR1 Reveal $100s of Billions Available for Towns, Municipalities and State Debt Payments

The Stockton Bankruptcy Lie

UFOs Exist - But What Are They?

The Ghastly Truth About The Days of Noah