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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XIX

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor



All you ned to know about Barack Hussein Obama to make an informed opinion of Obama and his Administration

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Injects New Life Into Obama Eligibility

Breaking News - Cold Case Posse will be assisting in Alabama Supreme Court Case against Obama

Obama Eligibility Appeal in Judge Roy Moore Court



'The Founding Fathers placed the Second (2nd) Amendment in the US Constitution to prevent Death by Government'.




'Obama - The Train Wreck President'.








'The Kermit Gosnell Trial'.

We should investigate all facilities that are funded by Planned Parenthood – which is itself a bloody lie, since PP has nothing to do with parenthood – but the destruction of human life – babies being murdered as attested to by the Kermit Gosnell trial. This trial was conveniently covered up by the liberal media – because it revealed what their agenda and worldview has led to – the destruction of human life. God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah if he does not punish the US for allowing the murder of innocents – funded by the people of the United States. We are a nation with debt raging in the trillions of dollars – it’s time that we defund all expenditures dealing with programs inimical to the best interests of the people of the United States – starting with Planned Parenthood.



'ObamaCare known as the “Affordable Care Act” is not so affordable'

ObamaCare is Mandatory Socialized Medicine

ObamaCare won't work as Advertized

The Truth About Socialized Medicine

The Obama Disillusionment

Let Americans remember that it was the Democrats who pushed for ObamaCare known as the so-called “Affordable Care Act.” Please review the following history regarding all of this below. Also remember this when you vote in the next election. Your first priority is to vote all Democrats out of office. They voted on this piece of garbage (legislation) without even reviewing it, let alone reading it. Remember what former Speaker (Democrat) Pelosi said – when she exhorted her fellow democrats to hurry up and vote on it – so we can find out what’s in it. Imbeciles and morons like Pelosi and Max Baucus – and the rest of the Democrats who voted on it should be voted out of office – never to be allowed back into any office whatsoever. The Democrats, liberals, socialists are not the kinds of political leadership needed to rebuild America. They have shown their true proclivities. Make sure that they are not allowed to re-enter as RINOs – Republicans in name only.

'ObamaCare is a Huge TRAIN WRECK - That Will Destroy the United States unless ABOLISHED'

Legal Challenges and Court Decisions Opposing ObamaCare


Elizabeth Fowler is the Architect of the Obamacare Legislation

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'''Senator Max Baucus (D) from Montana Engineered, Created, then Pushed ObamaCare Bullying Republicans When they Refused to Go Along with him. His aide and adviser Liz Fowler then wrote the legislation known as the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare). Nancy Pelosi (former Speaker of the House of Representatives), caused the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) to be pre-funded ($105 Billion), ensuring that it could not be overturned by the succeeding Congress, after the Republicans regained control of the House. You can blame most of the Democrats for all of the troubles that this country is experiencing, due to their hidden agenda.!!

Gangster Government and Pre-Funded Tyranny

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Five (5) Devastating Effects Obamacare Will Have On Young People

Eighteen (18) Democratic Senators Revolt Against Harry Reid On ObamaCare Tax

ObamaCare Fallout: Hospitals will see Massive Layoffs-Decline in 2013

ObamaCare: A Law That The Feds Never Intended To Implement By Themselves!

Obama refuses to delay Obamacare’s medical device tax despite bipartisan support against it

Have you Read the Affordable Care Act known as ObamaCare?

Affordable Care Act - ObamaCare Documents

America's New Health Care System Revealed

Governors Taking A Stand Against ObamaCare

The States Fight in the Last Ditch Against ObamaCare

Liberal Use Emotion Rather Than Reason When Making Important Decisions

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'The Bible Codes - Apparently They Have Merit'



Manuscript Shows Isaac Newton Calculated Date of Apocalypse - Published: June 20, 2007 - Associated Press

The Red Sea Crossing by the Children of Israel - Documentation

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