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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XIV

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Intelligent Design vs. Materialism is the true nature of the actual conflict of the ages. We have a problem with the Materialist viewpoint because of the fact of the irreducible complexity of the cell structure. In Darwin’s day the cell structure was unknown and vague. Today’s technological advances have provided significant insight into the complexity of the anatomical and physical structure of human and animal life forms. Those promoting Darwinism are just as irrational as the early Bible thumping prognosticators of Genesis. The fact is that none of us were there at the Genesis of life forming, so all we have are mere educated guesses and mere theories of how it all began.

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The Materialist view is fundamentally dogmatic and inconsistent with the scientific methodology of discovery based on empirical analysis, shortchanging our high school and University students of the opportunity of coming to their own ‘educated’ conclusions based on fact and reason. We simply don’t know everything about the construct of the Creation, whether from the Biblical Creation model or the Materialist Darwinian model. Neither of which are conclusive. What we have is knowledge based on discovery that improves with technology advancement enabling us to observe deeper into the actual construct of life as we know it concurrent within our own timeframe.

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Then there is the added complexity of Information which is a massless quantity that is transferable. We now know that there are three entities that are contained within the Universe: Matter, Energy and Information which cannot be explained within the biology of the Materialist viewpoint, which poses a fundamental question of evolutionary origins.

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