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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XIII

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'''Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research XIII

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor'''


“Follow the Money.” the famous words that were never spoken by W. Mark Felt (Deep Throat), are an appropriate admonition to those interested in understanding the mechanism of the Control Paradigm. Words spoken by Jesus of Nazareth, after being offered all the kingdoms of the Earth by Satan, were an appropriate response to the greatest bribe ever offered to God and mankind. The famous Rothschild family renowned for their acumen and financial success retained their influence to the present day via their astute investment strategy.

:'Baroness Philippine de Rothschild'


The Baroness is wearing a satanic symbol around her neck. Its image and design is quite prominent and worn openly in full view to the media and to the world. Why do I bring this up, you may ask, because, the Rothschilds themselves are openly admitting that they are ‘wise as serpents’ and are themselves satanists and that their loyalty has enabled them to succeed where others have failed. They were offered all the ‘kingdoms of the Earth’ and they accepted, and now rule over the entire world. For centuries they ‘ruled’ behind the thrones of power, and guided history towards the New World Order. They believe that they have reached that threshold and are presently still working via proxies and emissaries to bring about the successful conclusion of their agenda in fulfillment of the Luciferian ideal.



Rothschild Dynasty Documentation:


Information pertaining to Satanism/Satanist Documentation is legion. Not wishing to promote the substance or the form of this research I’ve elected to forego significant and serious reference pertaining to this subject-matter. In researching this topic one becomes aware of an intellect well above the human limitation. We are dealing with two immortals and two references, one preexisting and the other created having powers and abilities beyond the scope of human intelligence. I will leave it at that. One must practice the presence, and condition the reference, of the subject matter to become the very nature of your intent. In essence you become what you are – you are what you become. You make the choice, you determine the course of action – by acting the course, with one very important realization – the subject-matter and the power is REAL. Whether a created egregore sustained by group thought or the adherence to the Biblical law of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, one makes a conscious choice to adhere to a specific discipline, whether to trust God (Jesus) or to believe a lie (Satan).