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Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research X

by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


Chemtrails Documentation: 'Inside a Mega Sprayer:' Disinformation & obfuscation


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Bullet Point Ammunition Might Be Used Against You - Foster Gamble

Sandy Hook Tragedy, Drugs, Rights & Common Sense - Foster Gamble

Taxpayers Strike It Rich? - Foster Gamble

Liberty, Democracy and Occupy - Foster Gamble


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The following video has been suppressed first on Youtube, and now on DiscloseTV because of its complete Chemtrail information provision

The movie/video that is being blocked is significant, for it clearly shows what is in those aircraft/jets that are bombarding the planet with Chemtrails every single day for the past and present ten (10) years. The evidence is conclusive and compelling that Earth’s population is being depopulated by significant aerosol sprays of highly toxic poisons in the guise of “Climate” protection. The video if allowed to be viewed and seen by billions of human beings would demand an end to this usurpation by the Illuminati.


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Obama has failed to lead the United States, does not follow the mandate of the US Constitution, and has consistently lied to the American people, who Obama fails to recognize as the true inherent holders of the political power within the republic [USC:Article 4:Section4:] of the United States. The United States is not a Democracy we are a Republic, from our inception as structured by our Founding Fathers. Obama fails to recognize that he is not King, he is an office holder, who has lied to the American people, and is totally untrustworthy because he has failed to consistently and completely adhere to his oath of office.


Fortunately not all Black Americans are as deceptive and secretive as Barack Hussein Obama, neither are they as alien to our way of life or fraudulent in their tactics, and governance style. Some are even very conservative, mild mannered educated prosperous doctors, lawyers and entrepreneurs, who serve their country faithfully, lawfully as military leaders, and government employees, among them former Rep. Allen West and Dr. Benjamin Carson.


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