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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - March 9

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - March 9

:Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Leslie R. Pastor

:'My first choice is Senator Ted Cruz'

:'My second choice is Donald Trump'


:'Read Andrew K. Dart's OpEd on Ted Cruz'

Andrew K. Dart

:'Why I am Supporting Ted Cruz for President. I managed to sneak into a Ted Cruz rally Wednesday night [3/2/2016] in suburban Kansas City. Upon leaving, I no longer counted myself among the uncommitted. I and thousands of others in this overflow crowd had to be thinking the same thought, "Why would a conservative vote for anyone else?" That is not to take anything away from the other candidates. This is easily the best Republican crop in anyone's memory. Even the remaining go-along, get-along candidate, John Kasich, would make for a better president than the five go-along, get-alongs the Republicans have nominated since 1988.'

:'Ever Looked at Ted Cruz's Resume? Say what you will about Ted Cruz, but the Senator from Texas is the only man in the current presidential field who has spent his entire life defending the United States Constitution. He went to the Senate promising he wasn't going there to make friends, but instead pledged to rattle the cages of the establishment.'


:Muslims Turn To Christianity in Droves

:Muslims Turn To Christianity in Droves - March 15, 2015

Justice Scalia Conspiracy Theory

:Scalia Dead: Eyes Wide Shut With Queen of the Damned

:'As it turns out Justice Scalia belonged to a secret society…the International Order of St. Hubertus, whose American branch was started in 1966 by members of the Bohemian Club associated with the Bohemian Grove. This where things begin to sound conspiratorial, because in an identical manner the Illuminati founded Skull and Bones at Yale University in 1832 as Chapter 322 of a pre-existing German secret order.......'


:by Paul McGuire

Site:LRP:Conspiracy Theory And The History of Conspiracy

Site:LRP:Conspiracy (101) For Dummies

Site:LRP:The Conspiracy To Destroy/Obfuscate Nikola Tesla

Newt Gingrich Regarding Donald Trump

:"He didn't belong to the Secret Society" - Newt Gingrich on why GOP Establishment hates Trump


Trump Rally - MAC-10


:Published on Mar 11, 2016

:'A UIC #TrumpRally protester posted a video of himself on Twitter shooting a MAC 10'

:'semi-automatic "assault weapon" (or an Uzi) into the air in Chicago to celebrate '

:'the event being canceled. He tweeted the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter along with the video.'

Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet


:Tipsheet 3/16/2016


:Judicial Watch Submits Proposed Witness List, Discovery Plan to Federal Court in Clinton Email Matter -- 'Judicial Watch filed a plan for “narrowly tailored discovery” into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email matter with a federal court. Judicial Watch’s discovery plan seeks the testimony of eight...' READ MORE

:12 Obamacare Insurance CO-OPs Fold After Getting $1.2 Bil from Govt. -- 'More than half of the government-funded nonprofit health insurers created by Obamacare have failed, sticking taxpayers with a $1.2 billion tab and leaving hundreds of thousands of people in more than a dozen states...' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal US Army Indoctrinated Soldiers on Dangers of ‘White Privilege’ -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it obtained documents from the United States Department of the Army revealing that in April 2015, 400 soldiers in the 67th Signal Battalion at Fort Gordon...' READ MORE

:As More Gitmo Prisoners Go Free Intel Report Affirms Return to Terrorism -- 'While President Obama continues releasing terrorists from the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo a new intelligence report discloses that dozens have reengaged in terrorism after leaving the compound at the Naval base in southeast...' READ MORE


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