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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - March 6

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - March 6

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


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Leslie R. Pastor

:'My first choice is Senator Ted Cruz'

:'My second choice is Donald Trump'


:'Read Andrew K. Dart's OpEd on Ted Cruz'

:'When Jimmy Carter wanted to become President, he went to David Rockefeller, who selected his Cabinet and his Vice President was Walter Mondale. With Rockefeller’s backing Carter became President. When Ronald Reagan became President he was forced to select George Herbert Walker Bush as his Vice President. All Presidents elected into office were required to select members of the Council on Foreign Relations (Rockefeller controlled group) as advisors. The people of the United States were never allowed to have actual control of the machinery of government. The CIA monitors all elections, and is embedded within the State, local and Federal jurisdictions of our government, as was discovered by the former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, when he was summoned to the basement of his Governor’s mansion by the CIA for consultations. He moved out of the Governor’s mansion shortly thereafter, including the Governorship. Jesse spent only $300,000.00 and won—something unheard of, and it irked the CIA.'


:'Donald J. Trump is another mixed bag and it irks the CIA, and the Establishment. They simply don’t trust ‘the Donald’ and will do everything in their power to stop him, including a brokered convention---unless Trump secures the nomination by the will of the people. Ted Cruz is another mixed bag, and he is a strong believer in the US Constitution, a strong conservative, and the right mixture of brains, intellect, education, and political savvy. He too is an outsider politically and not well liked by the US Senate. And that is exactly what the people of the United States like about him. They are fed up with business as usual. They lived through the Bush Administrations and they have had enough of the Obama Administration, their lies, malfeasance and ineptitude. They are opting for real change, either Ted Cruz or Donald Trump and if need be even both if necessary on the same ticket (President and Vice President). And that really scares the Establishment (Republicans and Democrats).'

:Andrew K. Dart's Website


:'''Rothschild Bank Now Under Criminal Investigation After Baron David De Rothschild Indictment

:Morgan Stanley Set To Pay $3.2 Billion For 2008 Financial Collapse, Only 2% Of What They Borrowed

The Compendium Group

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:New Book: The VIEW FROM 4-SPACE

:by Antony Sutton, D.Sc.,

:Dauphin Publications

:ISBN: 978-1-939438-37-9



:'"Dr. Sutton apprised me that the paradigm extends even to the field of “Energy.” He sent me his first edition book, “The View from 4-Space,” substantiating that The Control Paradigm extends to the very fabric of the 4th Dimension. With the help of Thomas Eugene Bearden I learned that most inventors are denied funding if their inventions provide significant ‘overunity’ aspects inherent within them. Funding is only provided to favored companies having access within The Control Paradigm. Many do not realize that significant suppression techniques are applied to real Overunity technologies that reach fulfillment protocols.'

:'Overunity is real but it resides within the dimension of 4-Space, necessitating the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics, and the physics of Dirac, Prigogine, and an understanding that you are now delving into the realm of the Creator Himself. The work of Bearden and Bedini have interesting side effects known as ‘precursor engineering’ dynamics, in which physical reality itself is affected. Dirac discovering the truth inherent within Quantum Mechanics was immediately suppressed and was told that he could not divulge specific components of his discovery. His discovery of negative energy and the reversal of the timewave, verified the initial completed Unified Field Theory of James Clerk Maxwell."'

:'Leslie R. Pastor'

:New Energy Congress - 'Member'





:Education Andrew K. Dart

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Seton Hall University, South Orange, New Jersey, 07079

BA, Government, 1973.


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