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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - January 4

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - January 4

:by Congress:Member:Leslie R. Pastor


New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


New Energy Congress in the News



Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Thunder Energies Corp



New Lens Detects Invisible Entities

:'Thunder Energies Corp (TNRG:OTC) has recently announced that it's detected invisible entities in the terrestrial environment with their new concave-lens Santilli telescope. Previously, Thunder Energies Corp. presented evidence for the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays. In this new breakthrough, Thunder Energies has presented evidence for Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) of the dark and bright type. "This is an exciting discovery. We do not know what these entities are they're completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars, or traditional Galileo telescopes, but these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to our Santilli telescope," stated Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO Thunder Energies Corp. Dr. Santilli is the author of the peer-reviewed monograph, "Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE)," published by the American Journal of Modern Physics. Dr. Santilli is a member of CERN, is the author of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers and has been a professor of mathematics and of physics at MIT and at Harvard University, besides being nominated for the Nobel Prize and other prestigious awards. Today, he is the CEO and Chief Science Officer of Thunder Energies Corporation, in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Thunder Energies develops technologies in optics, nuclear physics and alternative fuel.' --- FKTV.IS - Alexandra Bruce - January 28, 2016

:New Lens Detects Invisible Entities FKTV.IS News

Black Conservative America Responds To Obama and Democrats

:National Rifle Association initially formed to Protect Black Americans

Regarding the Second 2nd Amendment

:'''Black Conservatives Reveal NRA formed to Protect

:Newly Freed Slaves from the KKK & Northern Carpetbaggers

:9RABZq5IoaQ jKMi023Ofro [

Pawn Sacrifice II

:'In the original “Pawn Sacrifice” the two equally matched opponents challenged each other within carefully regulated and defined parameters, rules, and structured within limitless defined movements equally understood and equally recognized, having reasoned and reasonable goals of achievement. The Game had only one outcome, one objective and only one victor, necessitating carefully thought-out and reasoned moves, cognizable to the opponents, participants and observers alike.'

:'The victor became victorious when a movement was made that defied both the logic and the logistics of the restructured format of the game played. The victor thinking outside of the box defied the opponent’s perspective and the anticipated move by making an inconsistent and unconventional approach unanticipated by the opponent, who responded with exasperation and the inability to move, defy or oppose the outcome—checkmate. Spassky's reaction to Fischer's victory was commendable and historic.'

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:'Bobby Fischer Biography'


:'In the present world of 2016, skill, strategy and reason, no longer apply. We live in an age of Ideology---not of politics, but of submissive dogmatism based on fear, terror and outright murder—based on a religion of submission to Allah. Terror masquerading as a religion is not challengeable with reason or logic. If left unchallenged and not stopped dead in its tracks---will ultimately escalate either into World War until victory will be assured by either party---or the world will be depopulated of its best and brightest.'

:Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Islam

:Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm

:Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Compendium

:Site:LRP:The Two Immortals

The CONUNDRUM regarding the CONTROL paradigm.

:I postulated a CONUNDRUM [An enigma presented as a riddle based on reality and real historical facts]

:What we have is a conundrum....

:How can you have a solution to a problem..when the solution...

:creates a problem..necessitating .a infinitum?

:Solutions creating problems necessitating solutions creating more problems.

:All of us are born on a given date (in time)...entering the "conundrum."

:We have no choice...but must participate in a "system" of "control."

:We are deliberately "taught" nonsense to maintain "control."

:When we "wakeup" and "recognize" the "system" of "control," we "respond."

:Our "response" is dependent upon our "knowledge-base."

:We "respond" as "individual" "constructs" challenging a "system" of "control."

:The challenge level is dependent upon "intent".."motive"."perception."

:Do we "stay" within the "control" paradigm or do we "step" out of it?

:We "step" out of a "paradigm" that we did not "create," in order to:

:"Free" ourselves from "control" necessitating our "creation"

:Of a "paradigm."

:What we have is a conundrum....

:Unless we solve the riddle of the 'conundrum', and solve for a solution, rather than a resolution, the conundrum continues.



The Pandemic Control Paradigm


:'Senior Citizens are susceptible to pneumonia when fluid enters their lungs.'

:'A significant antihistamine is available from your pharmacist:'

:'Chlorpheniramine is a significant generic remedy.'

:Site:LRP:The Pandemic Control Paradigm

:'The reason most individuals succumb to colds in the winter time is due to a lack of sunlight hitting the surface area of their skin (such as hands, legs and face and the lack of wearing shirtless attire due to the cold climate) preventing sunlight from making Vitamin D3 directly on the surface area of the skin, which would be absorbed into the body preventing disease and sickness. You can mitigate this by taking the appropriate amount of Vitamin D3 as needed.'

:Vitamin D3


Walter Burien

And The Beat Goes On

:And The Beat Goes On Walter Burien

:Site:LRP:Walter Burien/CAFR Another Aspect Of The Control Paradigm

:'Walter Burien is an expert in the 'financial field' and one who has thorough knowledge regarding CAFR accounts (state, local and federal).

:1. Are you aware of Continental Congress 2009?

:2. Do you believe massive inflation is on the way due to the trillions of fiat dollars needed for the federal budget?

:Walter Burien's Reply:

Detailed Results of the Poll

:'The detailed results of the CAFR1 Poll - Mr. Donald Trump per: "Would he, or would he not start WWIII if elected president of the USA?" The following are response to that poll from some of the recipients:'

:'I waited till all replies finished trickling in and spent the last 3-days, 9-hours a day tabulating results, and clipping the relevant comments made per Mr. Donald Trump. My cursory report from the post of last week in general before I sat down and tabulated were off, but here are the definitive results.'

:'Most who responded just gave a "Yes" or a "No. A few made comment and I found those comments very informative per general perspective from the real people of the USA. A few more men then women replied and the repliers were primarily between 45 to 70 years old. Incomes ranged from average to individuals who owned very high income large businesses. The comments made are not necessarily that of CAFR1 and are strictly the commenters views.'

:'Only one person used all caps. (smile). A few used a 24pt font on their "Yes" or "No". Anonymity was kept on the comments made and all comments relevant to Mr. Trump from the CAFR1 poll are displayed below. Please share the results with others that you know. I am confident they would find it very informative also in all respects.'


:Mr. Donald Trump: - "Would he, or would he not start WWIII if elected president of the USA?" The following are response to that poll from some of the recipients:

:'The percentage numbers were after a one by one detailed tabulation of all replies as follows:'

:No = 65%

:Yes = 29%

:Not sure = 6%


:'(Most commenters are from across the USA. Only three are ex-patriots living outside of the country now)'


:My question back is: Does he have stock or businesses in the war/dope/chemistry industries?

:That should answer which way he will go. Also, who are around him, i.e. who runs him?

:Yes WWIII if he does. Maybe not if he doesn't.



:Mr. Donald Trump: - "Would he, or would he not start WWIII if elected president of the USA?" The following are response to that poll from some of the recipients:


:Not sure.

:This election cycle is stacked w/all hardened criminals and one low-level gangster (= Trump).

:Anything can happen, but there's no telling what will come next ...


:'He has intimated from all this less populist pronouncements that he is much a prisoner of “The Establishment” (meaning the Mafia / Military Industrial Banking / International Oligarchy) Cabal as anyone.. or he is telling them that he’ll be a team player just like every other US president since Kennedy was murdered.'

:'Therefore, I would not see a large war but a continuation of the micro wars we have had for the last 20 years BUT with at least a modicum of class returned to the WH, something we haven’t had since Mrs. Bush left. As we are not likely to change the ownership control of the US anytime soon, your choice may mean a mouthpiece that can help people feel better or worse and divisive as we have now and would continue to have with the Queen of the Night in office. The important point is that the burgeoning class war being encouraged by the current administration would not be fueled by Trump… probably not by Cruz or a couple of the other candidates, either. But not another Bush, please.'


:This last one is like a remake of the dreadful and embarrassing election of 1996.

:No. He isn't going to run unless it is as a third party which will shoe-in Hillary . God help us.

:YES! For years we have been forced to pay for all sorts of military hardware. We now have more enemies than ever and the only way they will go away is to kill them! Eliminate the threat NOW and we will have peace for 100 years as no one will have the balls to take on the USA!


:Yes , he could enable ww3 . Trump is telling many what they want to hear but his family and buds in the tribe bear watching ?

:The media is all over Trump but the under current Rand Paul is surging independent of that as you would think he doesn't exist ? .

:His father a few years back certainly scared hell out of all the right shadow people.

:It's in my opinion that it's the ignorant American people that will enable ww3 as opposed to most any puppet propped up in the White House ? There is little to be changed from the top down as long as America keeps voting in the artificial lists of stooges paraded on the propaganda box .


:A one word response would be undecided.

:Is he a former military meat head who thinks bombs solve anything? I don’t know. I do know he is a negotiator. I've never heard of him using a "brass knuckle" negotiation for building contracts, even though he has built hotels in some pretty rough environments like Mexico, Chicago and New York.

:My only suspicion is how deep is he dependent on banks? All wars are banker wars. I was a stockbroker once and occasionally had to deal with trust accounts. Most all trustees of trust accounts are BANKS. So even the ugly 1% family names, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. are all in trust accounts and really controlled by BANKS. Hence all the money in the world is controlled by BANKS. Even the house of Saud and all middle east sheiks are in trust accounts somewhere, usually City of London BANKS but sometimes Swiss. I learned recently there really is a Swiss bank in Zurich named Habib Bank. No joke.

:Until someone STOPS the central banking system world wide, no single politician can do anything good. I was confused at one time which was worse, Khazarian Jews controlling City of London, or Jesuits controlling Swiss Banks? I later learned about Sabbataens which was a massive collusion between the 2. A Spanish businessman once told me the reason for the Swiss Guard being at the Vatican, was to keep the Pope on a short leash. They control him, not protect him.


:Re Trump, I think you need a tick box that says "It depends on which side of the bed he got out of".

:He's unpredictable. I haven't actually seen any policies from him. Just his absurdly haphazard off-the-top-of-his-head rhetoric when making speeches, which appear to depend entirely on his mood, which reminds me of McCain.

:But what I would say is, either way, he's dangerous, essentially by being extreme on whichever decision he makes.

:And I'd like to suggest though, that he's doing a wonderful job of unwittingly revealing the prejudices and ignorance of the GOP, and creating havoc among its patrons.


:No. The very wealthy have a lot more to lose, than us poorer people.


:No! He has more truth in his answers and his finances would be destroyed with WW III, inimical to his interests.


:Yes, Regardless of what he touts, he is in the pocket of those that want to destroy this country.


:This is my honest answer, I REALLY DO NOT KNOW.

:Trump is 90% Show business 10 % Business according to a person close to him who I know very well (my boss) If WW3 occur it will be because of our policy toward the Middle East (I believe ISIS is just a tool of the West (USA & its NATO vassals,in addition of UK & Israel who infiltrates ISIS with the help of Turkey & Saudi Arab mercenaries with the collaboration of ISRAEL) to destabilize the country we want a "regime change" (puppets who do not take the side of IRAN the main target) IRAN is backed up buy Russia & China Good luck with that....

:So the excuse to bomb Syria would be "ISIS" which of course is another BIG LIE to remove Assad (too Friendly to Iran).... In complete opposition to Russia (who knows the real story from his intel)

:THAT IS A CAUSE FOR WW3 which Obama would start and Trump would get stuck with....

:This is just my opinion which of course might not be the all story


:YES!, We will see war regardless.... of who the CFR puts in to the president's seat. All such elections are controlled events.


:No I don't believe that Donald Trump would start WWIII. From his speeches he has said let them fight their own wars.


:I think NO – he would prevent it.

:I am not sure about Trump, but he appears to NOT be one of the normal political puppets and so I am going by his appearance in giving my answer.

:I believe the overall plan by the powers that be that control our government and media is to destroy our country – the last bastion of a semi-free people that still own guns. I believe the Muslim invasion supported by our puppet government is part of that plan which is to cause more terror attacks to give them more excuses for more power & authority to “protect” us and ultimately declare martial law and take away all of our guns and establish a complete dictatorship.

:I also believe they completely control electronic voting, so they will select whoever they want as president and the election is just a dog & pony show for the ignorant masses.

:So if Trump is an outsider and not one of their controlled minions, he has no chance of winning and voting for him, and in general, is simply a waste of time.

:But if Trump was elected and stayed true to his appearance, I believe he would stop Muslims from immigrating and protect our borders and be much tougher on the terrorists which would stop them and so there would be no need for us to be part of a World War.


:It's hard to determine. On one hand, he wants to protect the homeland, build back the infrastructure, which would also create more real jobs, instead of just flipping burgers. On another, he seems a little aggressive which could spark off attacking somewhere. All in all, he fully believes in what he is saying and tells it like it is to the people, which is what they want to hear,which is the TRUTH. That word is unknown to politicians. I've only heard 2 others speak the truth, Dr.Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders. It's such a shame anymore that people have a choice of the lesser of two evils. I think the one thing different about Trump is, he speaks the truth and can't be bought. A breath of fresh air to those paying attention with their heads out of the sand.


:NO - it would threaten Trump's Business Empire!


:I have no idea but it is my question to him also.

:What do you think of the Pope talking about WW3?


:I’d have to say “YES” he might start WWIII (or should I say “continue” it) because he seems a megalomaniac, and may not be restrained by the rule of law.


:It's the people who are at the very top, the elitist. They are the one's who demand war. The politicians are not so squeaky clean either. They may be useful idiots. Perhaps, you should look behind the curtains, to see who's back there. There you might see the real player, and what they are up to. The ones, that want a "New World Order." Don't let yourself be fooled so easily. 'Nuff said.


:Are we not already involved in a world war with rag-headed savages?

:Now if you mean some sort of nuclear war, of course not. Donald nor any other free world or even civilized leader will do that. I mean why would Donald of all people, do that? It sounds like a silly question actually. I mean because he comes across as somewhat of a narcissistic simpleton sometimes, doesn't mean that he's unaware, or unintelligent or malicious.

:Of course, there are some lower functioning despots who have such unenlightened world views that they might do something that dumb. But there are no leaders in the civilized world that are so unaware that would do that.


:Hi Walter, no question on that answer once any understands who really controls Donald. You have to dig into family marriages and corporations. You can’t have that money power and media pull without strings to NYC and those that run it. His Zionist and Jewish connections are big-time. Do they want a war between Christians and Muslims –you bet? It is no secret who controls Wall St and Federal Reserve Banks.


:You can not trust politician-agents of nwo-mafia, mafia that financing Trump, Hillary and others.

:So,the answer is: yes


:All of the candidates, except one, have at one time or another advocated for more war, in one way or another. Rand Paul is the only one who has not advocated for more war, as best I can remember. That being said, circumstances often outrun any one person’s ability to attempt control of the world around him, and so, any one person’s promise of more war or no more war is merely hot air, re: Wilson on WWI and Roosevelt on WWII. Both campaigned on no war and we all know how that worked out. As for Trump, he is a double edged sword. His “business” acumen could propel us to peace or war, depending on the “art of the deal”. I would look for a candidate who best understands the classical Christian definition of the Just War Theory. Unfortunately, none of the candidates have commented on the Just War Theory. The candidates who have the strongest Christian background are Cruz, Rubio and Carson. Carson has the temperament to be calm at all times and is intelligent, Cruz is very intelligent and can probably think a situation through more clearly than most. Rubio, I am not so sure of and I suspect he will be co-opted quickly. And Paul is probably the most averse to the current situation of more war all the time and so would be an advocate for not jumping into the fray quickly. The rest of the candidates I am not interested in. Hope this helps you, as we all head towards 2016 and beyond.


:Good grief, Walter: where did you get that WONDERFUL incisive question?! That really hits the core of who the man is. I do not know how to reply except to say it might be that he could bring to us either result. My HOPE, if he becomes president, would be that he might take seriously the counsel he will receive and recognize that he must modify his imperial sounding rhetoric and use his leadership abilities to solve rather than to exacerbate problems. I think once he would gain office and realize he is now NOT the "boss" his negotiating skills would help us.


:YES.....this man has no concern for the 99%

:I would have thought that you would have felt "THE BERN" by now.


:No, I don’t think so, any more that we are at war now.


:NO! but we can't wait for a year. Listen to Dr. Steve Pieczenik tell where we are and what needs to be done now. click on BLOG and he has a link to his 50" interview Monday a week ago. Alex Jones interrupted a lot, but Dr. Steve kept his focus about how this country will not last if things and people aren't removed asap. Dr. Steve is supportive of Trump and has the background to assess the situation. His credentials are mentioned at the opening, but he adds some of his insight as the interview progresses.


:NO, as I feel it is already in the works.....

:May GOD keep US all in HIS care!


:I would like to say prevent but seeing his 'take no shit' demeanor, more than likely would 'start'


:A . Trumps actions to start = NO

:B. The plan and mechanism is already in motion. It will not be stopped. Only managed.


:Answer for me is No.

:I do not think he will start a war.

:I think he would prevent any wars that involves the U.S.A.


:NO. Because Trump is strong and the enemies will not mess with him.


:YES. Any competent person in this area of law would point-out that the US has violated war law over and over, with current wars started with "reasons" known to be false as they were told. This is easily proved. Therefore, an honest candidate would start by demanding arrests of current War Criminals.


:Yes, and no. (sorry)

:If he's after short term profit I'd say Yes.

:If he's after enormous long term profits, I'd say No.

:Who really knows his mind. Is he a "sleeper"? Once in office will he "flip" and lobby for humanity or pander to the .01% who (think) they have us by the balls.


:Walter, I do not think he would start WW III. Albert Pike stated how that would happen years ago. I still believe that the bankers have promised the presidency to Hillary and she would have no problem getting hostilities going if that was what she was ordered to do.


:From all I read about him, I would say NO he would not start a war. He would make a DEAL with anybody and come out both sides being pleased.


:No, he "gets along with everyone."


:I'm thinking and praying no he would not


:What we get is a tycoon for a buffoon and, not being up on the “DON” I am not sure of his character but he is like most Presidents of the United States that is open to how the elite wind is blowing in other words, yes he is apt to blow up the world.


:Yes and I believe is like the Ross Perot, to split the election and assist Clinton to victory. They are all pals


:I believe Trump would avoid war.

:He's an egomaniac, not a lunatic.

:Smart enough to know it's not what's best for the people of our or any country.

:My humble opinion.


:No, but he will be up against a system that desires it and is moving to promote it. We use a debt based / war based monetary system as does most of the world


:NO, I think he’ll negotiate with Putin and possibly work out a deal where we cooperate on the ISIS problem. I think he’ll see through the problem and conclude that the Saudis are the real problem and work out a way to put them in their place.


:My answer is he would seek to PREVENT...

:That said.... I really do not believe it matters one iota what any sitting President wants or does not want to happen. That is decided by others who control the shadow govt within the military industrial complex.


:I have vowed to never vote for another presidential candidate who is a member of America's two party political crime syndicate.

:Having said that, should Donald Trump opt to abandon the republican party and run as an independent presidential candidate he would have my full support.

:As an independent president, I believe he would all within his power to prevent WWIII - as a republican president I suspect he would do what republican presidents do best, which is to start or escalate wars.


:I think Hillary is a shoe in the be (s)elected. So do the offshore sportsbooks who have her as a less than even money favorite.

: There is no election just a show.


:No....BUT..... the shadow gov't might!!


:No. Don’t believe the propaganda in the corporate media. The parasite sociopaths perched upon our backs are flipping out, because they fear him.


:I believe that about the only chance we have to avoid war and save America is with him considering the others running.

:We have to get rid of the politicians or we are in for big trouble. I think my second choice would be the lady.


:Trump wouldn't start war with Russia. As a matter of fact Trump said he thought he would get along fine with Putin.


:Yes. Though WWIII could well be starting in the Middle East with no help from the Trumpeter.


:These 'masters of deceit' will bring on WWIII. I believe Trump can keep America strong.......he might even keep us out of that war.


:YES. He's already antagonized most of the Muslim world, which, somehow or other, we have to live with or at least marginalize. He even got himself dis-invited to Israel! He's ticked off Mexico with his promise to make them pay for a wall that doesn't even make sense (there is a net outflow of Mexicans back to Mexico now) even if it could work (most illegals stay after legal Visas have just expired, they aren't running through the Arizona desert). He's hostile to China's devaluing of their currency (true) without taking on the rent-seeking tax policies that undermine job creation and manufacturing in the U.S. (his tax policy seems inspired by Carl Ichan). He'll ratchet up the cold war and maybe turn it hot with Russia when we ought to be collaborating with them to fight jihadists (and not funneling money to them ourselves).


:NO..., WW3 will start itself, rest assured, there are soulless bastards that want it.


:Given what I have observed from Trump's personality, I am leaning towards Yes, in that I would not be surprised to see him get the country in a war, that could potentially turn into a WW III.


:I think anyone who occupies the post will continue the same current trajectory so its a yes from me.


:I don't believe Trump if elected would move toward a WW III. If anything, I would consider he would move more toward ISOLATIONISM....


:YES ... Yes because I suspect that preempting war is the "role" that he has been chosen to play.

:The upshot of an outsider, a "maverick" and "shoot from the hip" style President, who just so happens to initiate WW III ... will be that the Establishment "gets their war", without being seen to "initiate it".


:No. Don't be silly and buy into the establishment bull shit.

:He'll be firm, but do what's right for the U.S.A. without being a shit head to the rest of the world. You'll get what you see.

:That's unless the power hands behind the current sit him down and give him the "Don, you've been elected and we allowed it to happen as popular sentiment was very strong for your candidacy, but now that you have the BIG CHAIR here's how it's really done, now here's what you're gonna do!!!"


:No, he is a Builder/ Developer not a Warrior


:He would do the exact same plan Bush and Obama have been following. He would have to keep pissing away money exponentially. How could he do that without even more wars based on lies?


:Trump would not be allowed to either trigger ANY nuc?ear or biological attack (except possibly "battlefield" nukes) or to commit the PENTAGON into fighting a large scale theater.

:Vanguard Corp and Northern Trust, however, owners of the CIA and lackeys for the Crown Corp, will still insist on funding armies like ISIS, ACADEMIE, XE, BLACKWATER, ETC.


:I believe that no matter who gets the position of Chief Executive of U.S. Incorporated the elections are rigged.

:Nuclear war seems inevitable weather ' frick or frack ' is in that abomination known as the White House. Simply disgusted at how barbarous Amerika is.


:Trump is Judaic we already have wars going to satisfy Israel's insatiable appetite for more of everything to the cost of the USA, so this war will probably escalate under a Trump presidency. I don't anticipate any better from Hillary nor Sanders each of them is totally devoted to the insane wishes of Israel and will also escalate the present wars.

:Not one of these monkeys have a son/daughter to be conscripted and sent to fight, to be injured, damaged, or be killed. Chelsea is married to a Judaic, so what would you expect?

:A pox on all their houses.


:Trump is a puppet and will do whatever the establishment tells him to do. I think we are in real danger of another all out banker war.


:I expect Donald Trump to drop out just like he did the last 3 or 4 times he ran, he certainly gets a lot of free publicity and his casinos and golf tournaments are packed like sardines. Someone said that Jeb Bush would be president or 3 years ago and since all the money is backing Clinton and Bush one of these two will be our next president.


:In my honest opinion, I don't think Trump really wants to be President. I think this is all a game to him and he is going to prove that he has enough money to buy the presidential seat. First, my concerns are that he gave way too much money to the democrats in the past in order to get what he wanted. He even paid Hillary to attend his daughter's wedding. Therefore, Trump is part of the problem, not the solution.

:His past record and his actions so far, have me fearing that he will force his way in and get the GOP endorsement, pick the VP, may or may not get elected, but let's say he is elected, then he will get what he wants, he picked the next President because as he steps down, the VP becomes the President.

:So basically, I think that Trump thinks of the whole process as a game and he is playing to win. I don't think that makes for a good president. I totally like and agree with what he is saying, but I don't trust him at all.






:NO. However, he would go out of his way to inoculate Wall St from any investigations of malfeasance.


:No...WWlll has already begun! The real question is: Who do we want to LEAD this country in this fight?


:No. Only Rand Paul, and maybe Carson would provide a stronger "no". Everyone else is owned by the military industrial complex. The best medicine for war is a strong economy. When combined with Trumps experience with negotiating bankruptcies, he looks to be the best option, so far.


:Yes, I think it is very likely his administration would get the U.S. into military conflict with Russia and/or China (WWIII?), or at a minimum, the present conflict in Africa and the Middle East would continue or escalate.


:No. He is a businessman who by nature likes to create things, not destroy them.


:I don't know, but likely he would heat it up, as it may already be underway... Though my sources tell me that it will not become fully engaged, Trump or no Trump. It should all be resolved way before then.

:Since it's USA, Inc and not a true government, especially since the railroading of Ron Paul twice in a row, I have no interest in this 3-ring circus of an election.


:I suppose I would ask myself the scenario that would lead him to declare war and who the major powers would be... Russia? China? Russia, China, and Iran?

:When Trump is elected I think the money changers would crash wall-street to blame him. Widespread distress would compel military action, maybe there's a false flag committed and blamed on Russia and an already mobilized military gets ready to roll with the NATO countries, Turkey, Saudi Arapea and America.

:But hopefully his business dealing acumen could stem that and reach an agreement with Putin. I don't think he is a hawk.


:I believe if Trump gets into the presidency he’s one of “theirs”. Remember the computerized voting machines can flip your vote to whomever is ‘their’ choice. He’s getting away with a lot of rhetoric against all that we (awakened ones) know.


:Yes, with a caveat.

:He will do what his controllers tell him. My thought is, they will want a war to cover up their criminality.


:No. As a businessman he will negotiate, not slash and burn.


:No, he would negotiate a win-win-win-win-win settlement. I appreciate his practical business approach.


:Yes, He would start a war in a heart beat!

:He is used to bullying EVERYONE around him, or he gets rid of anyone that resists his dictates. He is NOT prone to compromise on anything, and in his whole life, "He does NOT play well with others"!

:He IS the loose cannon the WORLD can not afford to tolerate.


:I do not believe Trump will start WWIII as it has been attempted so much in this past year and failed because it is detrimental to all the people in the world.

:Trump is a business man not an emotional under the wraps of the psychopaths. His business savvy shows in his success in the financial world all these years. When he failed, he knew exactly why he failed and knew that he was in a criminal environment where he was not going to win. He makes the moves that will bring results, not failure as we have had with these multiple crooks called presidents.

:His knowing and being able to tell the "followers" of the cabal to take a walk, will create a great cleaning of the insanity in the cabinet and all the other departments that are so overloaded with evil. He will cut out most of the departments (which is what they fear most) because of the fraudulent abuse of these non-government officials who want our demise not our thriving.

:Trump keeps a lien ship not an over burdened "yes" people in his employment.

:If he lives to the election and the electoral college can be honest, he may win the election. Perhaps there is hope.


:NO because his intent is to help the USA re build He speaks about getting along with Putin.


:TRUMP? Either Hillary or Trump would both escalate to WW3. Both are malignant narcissists.


:Yes he will. They all will. No one is talking about our fiat currency, or anything of significance or why all the candidates are kissing Israel's ass.


:No and no?

:WWIII has already started and it cant be stopped.

:Really it is just one single war for eternity.

:So no


:NO if it is within his power while keeping our USA a free nation.


:Nope, He would be quickly put in his place on his first tour of the White House (just before taking office) by the real people who run the world. Unless of course WW3 is the reason that they positioned him to win in the first place. There are no presidential winners without prior blessings of the "elite". They elect, re-elect, and even assassinate their US Corporate CEOs depending on their performance. Kennedy was the last president to call the shots and his performance didn't match their expectations regarding fiat currency and private banking interests.


:Yes he would start a war. I believe he's a 32degree Freemason. Every war is started with the direct aid (force) of this group at the top level.


:No. I think he would stop our shadow government from funding ISIS.


:For what it's worth, YES, I believe he is part of the Zionist clan currently at work.


:No. Furthermore, the USA is a corporation and we have no business voting for the CEO of a corporation. It is all fraud.


:For the record I think he would prevent.




:Site:LRP:Walter Burien/CAFR Another Aspect Of The Control Paradigm

:'Walter Burien is an expert in the 'financial field' and one who has thorough knowledge regarding CAFR accounts (state, local and federal). The detailed results of the CAFR1 Poll - Mr. Donald Trump per: "Would he, or would he not start WWIII if elected president of the USA?" The following are response to that poll from some of the recipients:'

:'I waited till all replies finished trickling in and spent the last 3-days, 9-hours a day tabulating results, and clipping the relevant comments made per Mr. Donald Trump. My cursory report from the post of last week in general before I sat down and tabulated were off, but here are the definitive results.'

:'Most who responded just gave a "Yes" or a "No. A few made comment and I found those comments very informative per general perspective from the real people of the USA. A few more men then women replied and the repliers were primarily between 45 to 70 years old. Incomes ranged from average to individuals who owned very high income large businesses. The comments made are not necessarily that of CAFR1 and are strictly the commenters views.'

:'Only one person used all caps. (smile). A few used a 24pt font on their "Yes" or "No". Anonymity was kept on the comments made and all comments relevant to Mr. Trump from the CAFR1 poll are displayed below. Please share the results with others that you know. I am confident they would find it very informative also in all respects.'

There is Not a Problem We Can't Fix

:'Dr. Ben Carson: "There is Not a Problem We Can't Fix - Minus Ego and Politics"'

:Site:LRP:Dr. Ben Carson

Blizzard of January 2016

Blizzard of January 2016 - Videos
Dangerous Winter Storm Jonas
Weather Videos Blizzard of January 2016

Hören Sie Was ein Mensch von Schweiz Sagt!

:1IXsTKzOTvo aoemMhRBKG8 [

:'Swiss Member of European Parliament Has Had Enough! '

Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet


:Tipsheet 1/20/2016

:Judicial Watch: New HHS Documents Reveal Security Concerns, Had No ‘Authorization to Operate’ -- 'Judicial Watch released over 1,000 pages of new documents that show federal health care officials knew that the Obamacare website, when it launched in 2013, did not...' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch Uncovers New State Department Records Confirming Arab Smuggling “Cells,” Al Qaeda Leader in Mexico -- 'For more than a decade the U.S. government has known that “Arab extremists” are entering the country through Mexico with the assistance of smuggling network “cells,”......' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch Files Lawsuit against Defense Department for Congressional Travel Records -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it filed a Freedom of Information (FOIA) lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking records concerning travel costs for members of Congress. The lawsuit...' READ MORE

:New York City Retired Detectives Association to Honor Judicial Watch Chief Investigative Reporter Micah Morrison for Investigation of Murder of Police Officer -- 'Judicial Watch announced that on January 13, 2016, the Retired Detectives Association of the New York City Police Department...' READ MORE


:'Why did Drudge link to Judicial Watch 33 times in 2015? Because we get the documents no one else can'.

:Judicial Watch In The News

:New email headaches for Hillary as judge orders release of 29,000 pages of private messages from top aide Huma Abedin -- 'A federal judge has ordered the release of an archived trove of 29,000 pages of emails from one of Hillary Clinton's top aides as secretary of state. The State Department...' READ MORE

:Tipsheet 1/27/2016

:Judicial Watch: Obama Family’s October Weekend Fundraising Getaway to San Diego Cost Taxpayers $2,001,468.90 in Travel Expenses Alone -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it has obtained records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force revealing that the October 2015 Columbus Day getaway...' READ MORE

:U.S. Considers 6 Military Bases to House Illegal Immigrants -- 'A year after fierce opposition disrupted a contentious plan to use American military bases as shelters for illegal immigrants, the Obama administration is quietly working to make it happen and six facilities throughout the nation are currently being...' READ MORE'''

:NYPD to Purge Anti-Terrorism Material Offensive to Muslims -- 'The New York Police Department (NYPD) is the latest of several law enforcement agencies—including the FBI—to succumb to the pressure of Islamic groups demanding changes in anti-terrorism investigations and training they claim...' READ MORE

: Obama Golfs On Your Dime -- 'Imagine being able to jet off to golf weekend getaways on a whim. I don’t even golf but of course it would be nice to be able get out of dodge to avoid the nasty blizzard now arriving here in DC. But it is good to be the king. Or president. Because Barack Obama jets off on Air...' READ MORE

:Tom Fitton Interview

:Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton with an update on the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private server and email scandal. Hint: this scandal is criminal

:Judicial Watch In The News

:Intelligence community watchdog reconfirms that dozens of Clinton emails were classified -- 'The intelligence community believes that at least several dozen of the emails sent and received by Hillary Clinton while she was secretary of state contained classified material, including intelligence material...' READ MORE

:Did Boehner punish GOP enemies by canceling travel? -- 'In 2010, Judicial Watch uncovered the fact that then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had spent some $101,000 of taxpayer money on “in-flight services,” including food and alcohol, during a two-year period. That’s nearly $1,000 per week on...' READ MORE

What Does It Profit A Man ....Mark 8: 36

Hillary Clinton's I. G. - FBI (Email) Investigation

:Hillary Clinton's Emails So Sensitive Even Congress Can't Read Them

:Hillary Clinton's Emails Classified

:I G Investigation Reveals Hillary Clinton's Emails Too Sensitive

Items of Interest

US Money & Debt



:US Debt Clock Link



:'Research is a subject-matter that requires compelling proof when defending a particular point of view contrary to the prevailing dogma accepted by the status quo. And in my case—following in the tradition of Dr. Antony C. Sutton—it must be overwhelming compelling irrefutable proof—in order to overcome the cognitive dissonance of the generally accepted standards of the prevailing dogma already within the science community. Science today is no longer taught as problem solving—merely as maintenance of the generally accepted practices of the structured thinking of University textbooks and the professors who adhere to them. Students merely mimic rather than discover ‘novelty of fact’ subject-matter beneficial to the advancement of mankind.'

:Site:LRP:Creating A NOVELTY OF FACT Invention

:Thomas S. Kuhn's The Structure of Scientific Revolutions

: (Outline)

: (Outline)







Weather is Controlled - Believe or Not!

:Air Force Admits They Can Control The Weather






:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Weather Control Documentation

Drive Thru History - Holy Land

:jp3XR4mj-kQ suLjLanGpTA [


:vN1MMQ8S23M HdfLfCsyo9g [


:'Most people have no understanding regarding “Energy” ---let me clue you in. The entire ‘vacuum’ of the ‘Creation’ is composed of ‘energy’ and ‘space’---Einstein simplified via his equation E=MC^2. If one isolates a single solitary atom and then magnify its nucleus one inch in diameter—its’ orbital electron would appear to be roughly/approximately two miles away—exemplifying the nature of the space/matter/time relationship. If one extrapolates further---time itself is a form of energy—which human beings interact with—establishing a causal relationship—which Einstein again defined as relativity. And if one extrapolates even further relativity can be categorized as either ‘special’ or ‘general’—depending on the nature and function of the interacting relationships involved.'


:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Lt. Col. Thomas Eugene Bearden

:'If one wishes to utilize ‘energy’ from the ‘vacuum’ of the ‘Creation’ then one must ‘change its form’ and ‘adaptation’ to fit the proper protocol in which it is utilized. Tesla proved that one could utilize the ‘energy from the vacuum’ and thus achieve an inexhaustible amount of energy by merely structuring the proper circuit---enabling its effectiveness in perpetuity. If you will recall Tesla proved this with his Pierce Arrow Electric Motor Car when he brought with him his magic box of coils, rods and the use of static voltage---proving that current was not necessary. The electric motor as constructed by Nikola Tesla is more powerful (instant torque) than any automobile motor available today.'


:BqqtJpfZElQ BSGydxapmJQ [


:Site:LRP:Cold Fusion

:Site:LRP:Energy Compendium

:Brilliant Light Power

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Cold Fusion - LENR/CANR

:Site:LRP:Victor I. Klimov - "Energy From The Vacuum" - Verification

:'Brilliant Light Power - Dr. Randell Lee Mills'

:'Novelty of Fact: He Lowered the 'Ground State' of the Hydrogen Atom'


:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research BlackLight Power '(Name changed to Brilliant Light Power).'



: 'The events of 2014-2015 pertaining to the Four (4) Blood Moon Tetrad and the Mystery of the Shemitah appear to be coming to pass. Since January 1, 2016 – January 17, 2016 the New York Stock Exchange has already lost $2,000,000,000,000.($2 Trillion) dollars. The strange weather and the loss of American Military Strength and Prestige appear to be linked to the actions of Barack Hussein Obama. Maybe it is a clarion call for us to get back to our roots.'

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - The Four (4) Blood Moons

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Weather Control Documentation

The Mystery of the Shemitah


Abuse of Power

:'If you examine the nature of the Abuse of Power experienced by many Americans—you will understand the significant nature of the dichotomy experienced by the polarized American population. Conservatives are fed up with Liberals telling them what to do and when to do it—they are angry that Liberals think that Conservatives are stupid. They hate the Nanny State influence that is being imposed upon them. If you will recall—Obama and the Democrats disrupted and in some cases stole the businesses owned and operated by them and their families for generations. Schumer and his ilk deliberately targeted Conservatives (TEA Party) for their objection to the abuse. He even conspired with other liberals in the Congress—by having the IRS, EPA and other Agencies—investigate them---Congress does virtually nothing to solve the problem claiming that their hands are bound---and that America has to wait until the next Republican President is elected into office in 2017---what a crock! Americans know that many things should be attempted right now---and to some degree it is being done, with Health Care, Planned Parenthood and can be done by vetoing everything that Obama attempts to complete during his last year in Office. Obama is surrounded by attorneys who are all too willing to help him evade and avoid—the Constitutional constraints upon his Presidency. That is one good reason for both Term limits and the 13th Amendment.'

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Leslie R. Pastor24

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Leslie R. Pastor29

The 13th Amendment

:Missing 13th Amendment - Found No Lawyers in Public Office

:History of 13th Amendment

:Original 13th Amendment Is Missing -- 'The original 13th Amendment to our Constitution has been illegally removed from publication. One intent of the Amendment was to prohibit the attorneys of powerful European bankers from holding office in America. During the confusion of the War of 1812,when our capital records building was burned, and the Civil War, the bankers and lawyers removed the 13th Amendment, replacing it with the Slave Amendment, which should be the 14th.' Amendment 13 Removed

:The Original Thirteenth Article of Amendment To The Constitution For The United States

:The Real Thirteenth Article of Amendment to the Constitution of the United States - Titles of Nobility and Honour

:The Original 13th Amendment

:'The American political machine controlled by the lawyer class and the liberal elite is so bad that thinking Americans are calling for Term Limits for all politicians. The 13th Amendment was designed to both remove and prevent a lawyer class (lobbyists, pork barrel politics) and the entanglement of any particular groups from strangling the will of the People. Most of this had been obfuscated and hidden from the general electorate. Solutions are now being entertained – because many suspect (correctly) that if things continue—the United States will cease to exist by default.'

:'If you will recall –the 14th Amendment is still misunderstood and it is being misinterpreted today. One merely has to go back in time and view the original intent—by examining the individual who wrote it and the context in which the Amendment was written.'

The Man Who Wrote The Fourteenth (14th) Amendment Explains It - Liberals Are Furious

:Liberals Think You're Stupid Andrew K. Dart

:The Man Who Wrote The Fourteenth (14th) Amendment Explains It! The Jackson Press


:'Liberals who support Obama’s amnesty agenda love to defend “anchor babies.” That is the term that conservatives such as Donald Trump use to describe the citizenship given automatically to people born in the United States… even if their parents are illegal aliens.'

:'But in 1866, the actual author of the post-Civil War Amendment – Senator Jacob M. Howard of Michigan – explained the real purpose of his amendment.'

:'Unfortunately for liberals, it was only for granting citizenship to recently freed African slaves, not foreigners. In fact, it didn’t even include Native Americans.'

:'Howard wrote “that every person born within the limits of the United States, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of persons.”'

:'Sadly, the 14th Amendment is a wildly abused amendment, as it was also justification in the Roe V. Wade abortion case. Clearly, not enough Americans know what the amendment actually was intended for.'

:'That means Donald Trump is 100% correct about the 14th Amendment, and the liberal media is completely wrong. The babies of illegals should not be considered citizens.'

:'Read More'

:Senator Jacob Merritt Howard (MI) - Biographical Information - Continued

:Senator Jacob M. Howard's Speech on The Fourteenth (14th) Amendment

:Senator Jacob M. Howard - Father of the False Claims Act Supplemental Documentation

:Mark Levin: 'Completely False' That Children Born to Illegals Have Constitutional Right to Citizenship Mark Levin - CNS = August 19, 2015

:Internment & Burial

Trans Pacific Partnership


:'Andrew K. Dart'

:What's Actually in the Trans Pacific Partnership? Here's a quick summary:

: • A legislative body superior to Congress

: • A vehicle to pass Obama's climate change treaty

: • Increased legal immigration

: • Reduced patent protection for U.S. pharmaceuticals

: • Quotas on U.S. agricultural exports

: • Increased currency manipulation

: • Reduced U.S. power


:What America Needs - The Case for Trump


:'Trump speaks his mind and everyone loves it. He is successful as a businessman and he delivers and everyone takes notice.'

:'Trump's formula is simple: Hard work and succeed, and he succeeds. The Evidence is apparent to all who study his methods.'

:Donald Trump Andrew K. Dart

Obama & Iran

Andrew K. Dart

:'Andrew K. Dart' | 'And His Website Link' | 'His Editorial Page'


:Obama and Iran Andrew K. Dart


:Obama's Iran Deal: The World's Most Dangerous Hoax. 'The mainstream media blindly championed the Iranian deal at the expense of reason, celebrating its "signing" and every prospective step for implementation. But the not-so-surprising revelation is that there is, in fact, no Iran deal. There are just a number of political commitments made by each of the so-called P5+1 countries, in the hope that Iran will somehow reform itself. Iran, on the other hand, seems barely, if at all, committed to the non-agreement. Rather, it is poised to receive international sanctions relief while continuing on its belligerent course.'

:Obama Admin Blocked Visa Waiver Reforms to Avoid Upsetting Iran. 'Cong