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Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - January 2

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:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - January 2

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New Energy Congress

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New Energy Congress


New Energy Congress in the News



Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies

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Islam vs Women

:'Muslim Rape of Women in Germany & Sweden'

:Islam vs Women Andrew K. Dart

:Cologne Police Chief Removed after New Year's Eve Attacks BBC News - Germany

:Militant Islamism is a Continuing Threat Andrew K. Dart


:'"Congressman Brian Babin (R) Texas said he was astonished Obama would push for expanded background checks for gun purchases while refusing enhanced background checks for Syrian and Iraqi refugees as required by the SAFE Act"'

:The Fatal Flaw in 'Vetting' Muslim Refugees

:Lawmakers to Obama: 'Stop Importing The Threat' Leo Lohmann - - January 9, 2016

:Dr. Ben Carson: They don't even want to be here--they want to be resettled in their own country.

New York - Senator Chuck Schumer - Obama

Please Remember - Schumer Forced Obama - Upon US

:'Senator Schumer’s Speech on Obama, Israel & Jews at Temple Beth Shalom, Boca Raton, Florida on September 7th, 2008, urging South Florida to support Obama.'

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Schumer

:'Senator Schumer is THE violator of the 501 Torah Code - Remember New York and never forget.'

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 501 Torah Code

:'ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act) will become Single Payer Government HealthCare'

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research ObamaCare Documentation

:Congress's Role in Repeal: Won and Done Family Research Council - January 7, 2016

:For the First Time Ever, Congress Sends Obamacare Repeal Bill to the President’s Desk January 7, 2016

:HR 3762 Has Passed The House and the Senate Goes to Obama

Jay Sekulow (1)

:'ISIS - the Islamic State - is trying to exterminate Christians. It beheads Christian missionaries, including their young children. It burns Christians alive in cages. It buries explosives and detonates them with Christians kneeling on top of them. It's genocide. It's evil. President Obama is preparing to declare ISIS terror against only one religious minority as genocide. But he is intentionally planning to leave Christians off the list. Why? Because the (Obama) Administration doesn't want to be responsible for following international laws to intervene and stop this historic evil. It's cowardice. And it's wrong. We're dedicated to defending Christians from genocide. We've just filed a critical brief to defend persecuted Christians at the European Court of Human Rights. Now we're working on Capitol Hill to pass critical legislation recognizing the genocide of Christians and demanding crucial legal protections. We won't stop until the U.S. leads the world in ending this evil. Sign Our Petition: Recognize the Genocide Protect Christians. '

:'Jay Sekulow'

:ACLJ Chief Counsel

:'Thursday, January 7, 2016 9:06 am'

:'Jay Sekulow - Youtube Link'

Jay Sekulow (2)

:'President Obama's arrogance is astounding. He is forcing pro-life ministries to pay for or facilitate abortion pills. He is forcing them to violate their faith - to take life when their mission is to protect it. He's not a king. His pro-abortion policies don't trump the Constitution. At the ACLJ, we're aggressively battling against President Obama's lawlessness. Now we face a critical deadline. We're filing a crucial amicus brief at the Supreme Court to defeat President Obama's lawless abortion-pill mandate once and for all. We've defeated the mandate in seven cases for pro-life businesses - including at the Supreme Court. Now it's time to protect the religious liberty of nuns, Christian charities, and pro-life ministries from President Obama's pro-abortion edict. Take direct action with us at the Supreme Court. Our filing deadline is in just 3 days. We urgently need to hear from at least 30,000 more of you. Sign Our Supreme Court Brief: Defeat the Abortion-Pill Mandate.'

:'Jay Sekulow'

:ACLJ Chief Counsel

:'Friday, January 8, 2016 9:08 am'

Jay Sekulow (3)

:'ISIS is now reportedly burning Christians alive inside locked caskets. 1 to 1.8 million Christians in the Middle East have been slaughtered or forced to flee for their lives. President Obama refuses to call this what it is – genocide. Demand the U.S. lead the fight to defeat this historic evil. President Obama just vetoed the first major pro-life bill sent to his desk. It’s as devastating as it was obviously predictable, but should we despair? Christian mom Asia Bibi forgives her persecutors even as she faces death. In the last few weeks, the ACLJ has dealt two devastating blows to President Obama’s out of control IRS. In two days, we are filing a critical Supreme Court amicus brief to defend life and religious liberty from President Obama’s power grab. '

:'God Bless,'

:The ACLJ Team

:'Saturday, January 9, 2016 9:43 am'

:Read Our Eye Opening Report: Genocide – 'A Problem from Hell.'

:Why Fight for Life Continues After Big Abortion Defunding Veto.

:Read: Christian Mom on Death Row Forgives Her Persecutors.

:Victory: Defeating More Disastrous IRS Abuse.


John McCain - A Shill for Military Industrial Complex

:'Why do the People of Arizona Keep Voting for John McCain? - He has done Nothing for Arizona - Check your Open Borders lately?'

:Site:LRP:Military Industrial Complex


John F. Kennedy - 1963

:'John F. Kennedy Speech (Full Version) Regarding Secret Societies'

:zdMbmdFOvTs NZKjm9ezTXQ [

Cognitive Dissonance

:'Cognitive Dissonance is a significant fact of life – and a significant problem of human nature affecting the mental mindset of human beings – governing perception, structuring the awareness and perspective of decision-making regarding reality facts of life, problem solving and structured thinking in general. Perception of truth is governed by the dogma applied, and the natural phenomena of the human mind to cognify visual cues and mental stimulation via learning theory and applied psychology. Train a child to perceive reality (truth) in a specific manner and he/she will never deviate from that training---because the child cannot change. That is why communists, socialists and liberals endeavor to captivate the youth while they are still in schools of learning, and why they acquire access to the media governing entertainment, recreation and advertising. That is why they created whole Departments of Education on a national level structuring the thinking of a nation’s population, and why they dogmatize the structured thinking of entire religious groups—once captivated they form an impenetrable barrier of absolute control of the mental and spiritual perception of their ‘controlled’ congregations. And that is also why they eliminate those already structured under previous alternative mindsets---because likewise they too cannot alter their perception of the newly opposed and imposing inculcation of ‘novelty of fact’ facts.'


Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance

The Problem of Cognitive Dissonance

:[1] : 'W. Edwards Deming – Created the mechanism of Quality Control. He introduced it to his generation --- and they rejected his methodology. He went to Japan – Japan was desperate to enter the American market. Because of Deming the Japanese succeeded, forcing the American companies to take notice. The American companies finally listened to Deming and restructured their thinking, perception and their methodology – manufacturing products and manufactured goods demonstrating improved quality – only now in direct and continuing competition from South Korea, Japan and Taiwan.'

:[2] : 'Most Americans do not recognize that they are being ‘played’—that they are being subjected to rules and regulations that are not equally imposed upon others among their trading partners. While the rest of the industrial world drive vehicles that provide better gas mileage, and greater durability, they do not recognize the apparent dichotomy --- deliberately created within the taxing structure of the fuels that they purchase in maintaining their lifestyles. How soon they forget what happened in 1973 when they were subjected to embargoes, and manufactured fears of shortages (oil and gas). They also had vehicles that had better (greater) gas mileage than they do today. We now know that there are vehicles that already have stupendous (incredible) mileage capabilities – and while they are manufactured within the United States – they are being deliberately shipped to foreign markets – and not to the Americans who manufacture them in the homeland.'

:[3] : 'Most Americans don’t realize that they are ‘structured thinkers’ – not being aware that their system and methodology was deliberately rigged by groups structuring their education and their social and political viewpoint against them from their early childhood via mechanisms beyond their control—they were and still are ‘pawns’ in the game of life—religion, politics and standard of living. The ideological mechanism used to promote their ‘control’ paradigm was and is the Hegelian dialectic. This ideology permeates all of American society—yet they don’t realize it—due to the fact—it is silent and muted. The education system was subverted and taken over by the Russell Trust Association beginning in 1832---Antony C. Sutton provides ample analysis regarding this subject-matter. Special ‘teachers colleges’ were created to promote the ‘controlled’ agenda---and the mechanism of control continue even now. Modern day ‘progressives’ (communists, socialists and liberals) have introduced a modernized version---known as ‘common core’—even more rigorous than the past influence of the RTA Inc., (skull & bones).'

:[4] : 'Global Elites worth many trillions of dollars (truly the richest people alive) formed a secret (open—hidden in plain view) conclave known as the Fourth (4th) World Wilderness Congress in the early 1980s. This Global Get-together was witnessed by George Washington Hunt, who kept a detailed record of that meeting—and everything that was mentioned at the Fourth (4th) World Wilderness Congress is now being imposed as Global Warming—Climate Change and is a mechanism for the Global Elites to retain their wealth, status and control—when they deliberately implode the Global Economy in an attempt to subjugate the dominant “Middle Class” of the industrial world. These same Global Elites have always used surrogates and fellow-travelers in filling their agenda. Obama is a significant player---aided by one of their surrogates—George Soros. Earlier Antony C. Sutton revealed that Karl Marx had also been significantly used by these same families in their subjugation of an earlier version of the global ‘middle’ class.'

:[5] : 'The European version of the Hegelian dialectic is the reemergence of Eastern and Western Europe. Most Western Europeans expected a significant renormalization with the reintegration of Eastern and Western Germany---many of whom were shocked when the former Eastern Bloc began to impose their version of ‘socialism’ upon the ‘westernized’ Germans and Europeans. Prior to the renormalization, Austria and Western Germany would incorporate ‘guest workers’ from Eastern Europe and the surrounding nations willing to send their disadvantaged to the European continent. With the introduction of the Syrian Refugees and the Tunis massacres it is interesting to note that Angela Merkel deliberately allowed their introduction and incorporation into the European mainland. The results of that decision is and are developing as this statement is being written.'

:Site:LRP:George Soros

:Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: The Hegelian Dialectic

:Anger rises in Germany over handling of mass sexual assaults by refugees Google News

North East Region of the United States

:'The Northeast Region of the United States—these were the original thirteen (13) Colonies founded by the early British colonials—they became the Primary Founding States under the Articles of Confederation, ultimately New York becoming the original adopted State (New York City) where George Washington accepted the Presidency. New York’s original Constitution and 18th Century documents <pesn type= provide the appropriate history of the origins and causes of the separation from the British Empire. The original New York State Constitution of 1777 provided documentation inherent within the document (original NYS Constitution) itself declaring its objectives and resolutions which aligned with the Declaration of Independence and the intent of the original founders and its framers. Many don’t even realize that the original holders held allodial property rights granting New Yorkers absolute and complete title to their lands and properties. All of this was hidden from all New Yorkers at subsequent New York State Constitutional Conventions. Those interested in this subject-matter can acquire significant knowledge from the following link" str=" Additional adjunct information can be found here" str="["></pesn>.'

:'If you have read Dr. Antony C. Sutton’s Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution you will recognize significant historical New York personages linked to that event in the following reference: Without Antony C. Sutton’s revelations from his copious and interlocked references regarding 120 Broadway, NYC and the major banks located within the financial district of Wall Street, you will not recognize the historical individuals and their relationship to both NYC, New York State politics and the Federal jurisdiction in its interplay with national and international politics (revolution & empire). The majority of the State’s (NY) population is located in NYC and Long Island---these being mostly populated by liberal ideologues and leftist Democrats. Senator Schumer’s power-base hails from Brooklyn’s Hasidim community. That is primarily why most NY Conservatives would love to separate upstate NY from New York City and Long Island---primarily due to the fact that they do not have a voice in NY State politics.'

:'The Nelson Rockefeller generation of Americans, remember when the region was referred to as the Eastern Liberal Establishment. In 1946 the Rockefeller Foundation allotted $139,000.00 for an official history of WW2 in order to avoid a repeat of debunking history books which embarrassed the establishment after WW1. [Antony C. Sutton – America’s Secret Establishment p.1]. Then we discovered that Foundations were established to control information along with the creation of the American Historical Association by a member of the Russell Trust Association (skull & bones) with the unique foresight to control information and to control the mindset of students. We discovered that regardless of whom we elected as President that he had to select his cabinet from the membership of the Council on Foreign Relations. These changes happened gradually and unperceptively under the radar of most Americans living in the United States at the time. We remember when Jimmy Carter discovered that he had to choose his administration from the Rockefeller controlled CFR, despite his desire to bring his people from Georgia into the Oval Office. Likewise Ronald Reagan was forced to accept George Herbert Walker Bush as his vice-president. The Control Paradigm was consistently applied and engaged guarantying the continued association of the Rockefeller family and the premier secret society of the United States as a safety net for the Establishment. Gradually, American students were ‘dumbed-down’ sufficiently enabling the continued abatement unimpeded and unnoticed. Little by little conservative groups were replaced by liberal thinkers, professors and academicians until the people succumbed to the changes, reflected in the voting patterns and the future political choices made.'



:Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton D.Sc.

:Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: The Hegelian Dialectic

:Site:LRP:Antony C. Sutton: Report:Technological Treason

:Site:LRP:Foundations: Their Significance & Their Ultimate Goal

Left Coast Region of the United States

:'Without going into too much detail—the left coast—those States bordering on the Western Pacific Coast of the United States are solidly (politically) liberal. Their liberal bent has forced the rich to flee the profligate spending habits of the tax and spend liberal governments of California and the surrounding regions. Instead of solving problems—they prefer to use those problems to force their liberal political views directly upon the citizens who pay their salaries and benefits. They first extort money from the hapless citizens in the form of taxes---and then beat them over the head with regulations---suppressing the very lifestyle—that caused them to live there in the first place. They love misery and want everyone else to share in it—and to make matters worse—they then send representatives to the US Congress to partner with the Liberal East Coast politicians in the Senate and House of Representatives---and do the exact same thing to the rest of the country---with rules and regulations destroying the very fabric of our American Society. They are clueless---and will not be able to solve even more pressing problems---like the Jihadi Muslim Extremists who have already invaded our homeland. WAKE-UP and throw out these Liberal Free-loaders before they destroy us all.'

'The Deception Goes Much Deeper involving too much data for this limited page.....'

:'World Wilderness Congress'

:'A series of Ten (10) World Wilderness Congresses were convened by the Global Elite from 1977 to 1913, those attending were the real rulers of this world and their associate world travelers. We know about their intent because George Washington Hunt was present at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987 in Denver and Estes Park, Colorado, and he revealed the true Nature of those meetings.'

:George Washington Hunt 4th World Wilderness Congress 1987

:'Within the United States---Maurice Strong was the key player. His actions created the water shortages and the environmental mess---that led to the water shortages on the left coast.'

:Maurice Strong

:'From those early meetings a series of world regulatory agencies were created to ‘solve’ the created problem—Global Environment Facility.'

:Global Environment Facility

:'Once you begin to connect the dots that seemingly connect to this ‘created’ Gordian Knot you will understand why we have a supposed Climate Change and Global Warming problem---which we do not. It is a deliberately created policy created by the Global Elite (Rockefeller & Rothschild) families. Its true purpose—subjugation of the global “Middle Class” and a transference of their wealth into the hands of the Global Elite using the control of ‘climate’ and ‘wilderness’ as their tools of choice.'

:'The nations of Hungary and Iceland recognizing the deliberate policy of these Global Elites, kicked out their Global Banks and solved their inflationary debt problems---previously created by the Global Elites. For an inside view of their modus operandi read: “The Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins.'

:The Confessions of an Economic Hitman John Perkins

:'The Rothschild Family via their surrogate and intermediary—controlled companies bought out the Weather Channel and kicked out the original founders---installing their own subordinates—hiring new weather forecasters willing to tow the Globalony CiimateGate, Climate Change and Weather Modification scheme.'

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research - Weather Control Documentation

Gun Control

:A Little Gun History Lesson

:'China established gun control in 1935. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. Guatemala established gun control in 1964. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. Uganda established gun control in 1970. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated. Cambodia established gun control in 1956. From 1975 to 1977, one million educated people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.'



:'Andrew K. Dart has provided extensive information on his website regarding subject-matter related to Obama and the Liberal Agenda as well as a variety of data affecting Americans living within the United States. Visit his website for more information:'

Obama & Gun Control

:Obama is the Gun Salesman of the Year Andrew K. Dart

:Obama & Gun Control Andrew K. Dart

:The No Fly List - Terrorist Watch List Andrew K. Dart

:Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim Andrew K. Dart

Guns Save Lives

:Cases in which Guns Save Lives Andrew K. Dart

Gun Control & Crime

:Black Mobs, Black Hate Crimes, and Black Racism Andrew K. Dart

Gun Control & Islamic Terrorism

:The Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino Andrew K. Dart

:Islam is NOT a Religion of Peace Andrew K. Dart

:Islamic invasion disguised as the displacement and acceptance of refugees Andrew K. Dart

:Militant Islamism is a Continuing Threat Andrew K. Dart

Media Bias & Gun Control

:Media bias related to guns and gun control issues Andrew K. Dart

:Pro-Islam Bias in the Media Andrew K. Dart

:Specific examples of Biased News coverage Andrew K. Dart

Terrorist Attacks & Gun Control

:Terrorist attacks reported as Andrew K. Dart

:The Islamic terrorist attack in Garland, Texas Andrew K. Dart

:Islamic Terrorist Attack in San Bernardino, California Dec 2, 2015 Andrew K. Dart

:List of Terrorist Attacks on American Soil The Religion of

Death by Government

:Death by Government - R. J. Rummel

:Absolute Power Kills Absolutely R. J. Rummel

:Genocide & Mass Death by Government R. J. Rummel

:Absolute Power Kills Absolutely (1) R. J. Rummel

Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - East

:'Obama – Commander-in-Chief of the most powerful military force on Earth has done nothing to stop the brutality, murder and genocide of Christian populations in the Middle East. Americans therefore do not trust him to defend them in the United States – when Terrorists attack innocent Americans in the homeland. Most Americans view Obama as a liar, fraud and a usurper of the Office of the President.'



:Snopes & Media Matters are Shills for Obama and therefore cannot be trusted as a verification tool/device/identifier of truth.


Holy Spirit

:'The Gift that keeps on Giving'

:Yq_NL7Ofj9k T_KIOE-phuU [

Speaking in Tongues

:'Speaking in Tongues Medical Study proves Holy Spirit praying'


:'The Best Teaching On Speaking In Tongues I Have Ever Heard'



Are Israel's Days Numbered?

:Are Israel's Days Numbered? - January 9, 2016

Congressional Effort to Repeal ObamaCare

:Congress's Role in Repeal: Won and Done Family Research Council - January 7, 2016



News With Views

:Ballot Access Lawsuit Filed: Rubio and Cruz

:'"A lawsuit was filed last month to keep constitutionally ineligible candidates, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal off the ballot in Vermont. Jindal dropped out of the race in November 2015 because nothing he said appealed to anyone, not to mention his horrific bungling as Governor of Louisiana......."'


:by Devvy Kidd

:Muslim Terror Festering in America: Exposing Obama’s Islamic Operatives

:'"While Muslim numbers statistically remain minimum in the USA, they push at every opportunity to bring Sharia Law into being in our country, i.e., Garland, Texas Minneapolis, Minnesota Detroit, Michigan where their numbers explode. They remain pernicious in their quest......."'


:by Frosty Wooldridge

:New England Police Benevolent Association Endorses Donald Trump

:'"During a Republican presidential campaign bash in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, a key primary state for both the GOP and Democratic Party, the 5,000-member New England Police Benevolent Association, that represents rank-and-file police officers from the Granite State, as well as Massachusetts, announced the PBA’s “proud endorsement of Donald Trump........"'


:by NWV News

:When The Walls Come Tumbling Down

:'"Let’s look to Europe and other nations that are being plundered by their own (Numbers 32:23) governments with the help of the “apathetic” and “tolerant” good people while foreign enemies are sent to plunder and destroy. What’s worse is that these people are paying (through illegal reallocation of taxes) for their own demise......."'


:by Bradlee Dean

:We Must Outlaw Knives, Baseball Bats and Cars

:'"Every time a gun is used in an accidental shooting, a crime, a murder, or terrorist attack in the United States, whether it be a handgun, rifle, AK-47, M-15, or machine pistol, the Democrats and especially President Obama, immediately call for more gun control, magazine limits, or outright confiscation of guns from lawful Americans, in spite of an all-powerful constitutional amendment and U. S. Supreme Court decisions that give authority to all legal citizens to own firearms......."'


:by Ron Ewart

:President is not a King, States Must Make Sure of It

:'"Many kings and monarchs of antiquity suffered from the dangerous Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) in which a person is excessively preoccupied with personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity, mentally unable to see the destructive damage they are causing to themselves and others. This is not a disorder that should be left unchecked in our leaders......."'


:by Jake MacAulay

:Beware of Abu Chris Christie

:'"In 2008, when Christie was serving as US attorney for New Jersey, he embraced and kissed Mohammed Qatanani, imam of the Islamic Center of Passaic County (ICPC), and praised him as "a man of great goodwill." He did this after Qatanani had publicly ranted against Jews and in support of funding Hamas, a U.S. government–designated terror organization, and on the eve of his deportation hearing for not hiding an Israeli conviction for membership in Hamas......."'


:by Kelleigh Nelson

:California’s Monarch Butterfly Path To Extinction: Round-Up

:'"Not until I reached Pismo Beach did I realize the horror Roundup created. Which brings me to this question: how will any creatures of the insect world survive with California’s chemical onslaught by 38 million residents who spray their lawns, parks and gardens with Roundup? What happens when California adds somewhere between 10 and 20 million more people—all of the spraying Monsanto’s Roundup?......."'


:by Frosty Wooldridge

:The Technology of Immortality

:'"Obsolete? Redundant? Well, why not? Facebook tycoon Mark Zuckerberg has vowed to build a robot that will take care of his house, mind the baby, and help him run his business. Have any of you ever told your wife or husband, “You can be replaced by a machine”? Maybe that’s not such an idle threat anymore......."'


:by Lee Duigon

:Coming to America: One Invader Every 27 Seconds, Unless You Wake-Up

:'"In the last 70 years since its inception, the UN has been the recipient of Trillions from the US. Yet we still have disease, hunger and poverty in third world countries. No one ever asks WHY? Perhaps if the UN communists and the variety of dictators – the real recipient of the trillions were not stealing their people would have money. How do I know?......."'


:by Karen Schoen

:Right, Left, Middle - When it Comes to Politicians and Money - Most are Dirty

:'"Blame for escalation of ISIS attacks, including most recently in Paris, is in no small part rightfully placed on Barack Obama. When ISIS reared its ugly head in Iraq and Syria, the United States responded not with overwhelming force to obliterate the scourge from the face of the earth but with a slowly asserted and limited air campaign. That campaign was destined to fail from the start......."'


:by Diane Kepus

:Will America be Reborn?

:'"The president added insult to injury by crying crocodile tears on national television over the Sandy Hook shooting victims. What a guy. Yet Mr. I want your guns does not care enough about Christians being beheaded in the Middle East to allow them to join the throngs of refugees he is allowing into America. Remember, he said he wants to “fundamentally change America.”......."'


:by Ron Edwards

:We Begin a New Year - Consumed

:'"How dare I worry about what the future holds-- much less tomorrow? Want to talk about an uncertain future? There are people throughout this world who are daily persecuted and martyred for their faith. These are people with the same feelings and emotions we are all given who have never backed down from their faith in the promise of eternal life with Jesus Christ......."'


:by Lydia Goodman




Judicial Watch - Tip Sheet


:Tipsheet 1/6/2016

:Illegal Aliens Use Fake Puerto Rican Birth Certificates to Get U.S. Passports, Licenses -- 'As if the country’s monstrous immigration crisis weren’t dire enough, an increasing number of illegal aliens are using fake Puerto Rican birth certificates to obtain authentic U.S. passports and driver’s licenses...' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch: Secret Service Expenses for Obama’s 2013 Hawaii Christmas Vacation Cost Taxpayers $316,698.03, Taxpayers Paid Over $8 Million for 17-Day Vacation -- 'Judicial Watch announced that it recently received expense records from the Department of Homeland Security revealing that...' READ MORE

:Surge in Illegal Aliens, 500% Increase in Some U.S. Ports of Entry -- 'Hordes of Central Americans continue infiltrating the United States through the Mexican border with three ports of entry seeing a mind-boggling 500% increase in illegal immigrants during the first months of fiscal year 2016 compared to...' READ MORE

:Judicial Watch Files for Contempt in Supreme Court against State of Hawaii for Going Forward with Race-Based “Native Hawaiian-Only” Election -- 'Judicial Watch announced it filed a Motion for Civil Contempt against the State of Hawaii for its contravention of an injunction in the race-based “Native...' READ MORE


:We work for you. Donate $5 now to fund our efforts. We have big plans...

:Judicial Watch In The News

:This Obscure Law Had a Big Political Impact in 2015 -- 'While an effort to reform the nation's open records law failed to gain much traction in 2015 after a promising start, the Freedom of Information Act still quietly shaped much of the year's political landscape. Reporters and transparency advocates used FOIA to...' READ MORE



The Control Paradigm - Updated

:'Dr. Antony C. Sutton was the original author of the data pertaining to America’s Secret Establishment. His discovery, and his revelation, regarding the ‘skull & bones’ society, came from a clandestine source. - America’s Secret Establishment [Adobe Acrobat Reader Required] - <pesn type=" str="" str="["></pesn>

:'''Antony C. Sutton On How He Received The Membership List of "Skull & Bones"


:'It is a brotherhood kept together by secrets, secrecy and a system of control created and fostered by them, and their membership, upon the American society. Dr. Sutton is explicit regarding the systemic nature of that control. Read the book for details.'


:Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm - Compendium

Observable Component

:Site:LRP:The Control Paradigm

:Site:LRP:American International Corporation

:Site:LRP:Daniel Coit Gilman: Incorporator: The Russell Trust Association

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Antony Cyril Sutton - Documentation

Non-Observable Component

:'“Skull & Bones is not American at all. It is a branch of a FOREIGN secret society.”'

:'''Antony C. Sutton: p.188 America's Secret Establishment........

:'"Satanic Aspects of the Order - The Photographic Evidence'

:'''Antony C. Sutton: p.207 America's Secret Establishment........

:'"The Satanic Symbolism of the Skull - The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow"'

:'''Antony C. Sutton: p.210 America's Secret Establishment........

:'"Is the Order also the Illuminati? - The German Origins of the Order"'

:'''Antony C. Sutton: p.212 America's Secret Establishment........

:'"Secrecy in both Orders - Obviously Secrecy is only needed if there is something to Conceal"'

:'''Antony C. Sutton: p.213 America's Secret Establishment........


:Site:LRP:Deception and Revelation

:Site:LRP:Conspiracy Theory And The History of Conspiracy

:Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Leslie R. Pastor34



Ron Wyatt's Last Interview - 1999

Ron Wyatt's Personal Testimony

:Who Was Ron Wyatt? Ark Discovery

Audio Interview



:Ron Wyatt's Death Bed Interview - 1999 CovenantKeepers.

Death - Memorial - Burial

:Ron's Death Ark Discovery

The Wyatt Family Website


Ron Wyatt's Newsletters




[1] :Forbidden Archaeology: Incredible Proof Regarding Christ & His Divinity

[2] :Henry Gruver Saw The Lab Report

[3] :Ark of the Covenant: The Most Important Archaeological Find In History

[4] :Ark of the Covenant Index Pages - Revealing God's Treasure - Ark Discovery

[5] :Zedekiah's Cave: Portal to the Ark of the Covenant


Miraculous Healing in Jesus Stuns Israelis Israel Today - January 5, 2014

The Shroud of Turin - Evidence it is authentic by J. Michael Fischer, adapted from the original article by John C. Iannone

Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Ronald Eldon Wyatt


Four (4) Blood Moon Signal & Shemitah Year


:Four (4) Blood Moon Signal & Shemitah Year

:The Shemitah and Wall Street

:The Shemitah

:The Mystery of the Shemitah

:Jonathan Cahn


:Mark Biltz - Blood Moons

:Mark Biltz


The Compendium Group

Site:LRP:Cognitive Dissonance

Site:LRP:The God Compendium

Site:LRP:The Technology Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research 501 Torah Code

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Summer 2015 - Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Fall 2015 - Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2015 - Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Winter 2016 - Compendium

Site:LRP:Documented News and Information Pertaining to Research Leslie R. Pastor - Compendium





:New Book: The VIEW FROM 4-SPACE

:by Antony Sutton, D.Sc.,

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:'"Dr. Sutton apprised me that the paradigm extends even to the field of “Energy.” He sent me his first edition book, “The View from 4-Space,” substantiating that The Control Paradigm extends to the very fabric of the 4th Dimension. With the help of Thomas Eugene Bearden I learned that most inventors are denied funding if their inventions provide significant ‘overunity’ aspects inherent within them. Funding is only provided to favored companies having access within The Control Paradigm. Many do not realize that significant suppression techniques are applied to real Overunity technologies that reach fulfillment protocols.'

:'Overunity is real but it resides within the dimension of 4-Space, necessitating the knowledge of Quantum Mechanics, and the physics of Dirac, Prigogine, and an understanding that you are now delving into the realm of the Creator Himself. The work of Bearden and Bedini have interesting side effects known as ‘precursor engineering’ dynamics, in which physical reality itself is affected. Dirac discovering the truth inherent within Quantum Mechanics was immediately suppressed and was told that he could not divulge specific components of his discovery. His discovery of negative energy and the reversal of the timewave, verified the initial completed Unified Field Theory of James Clerk Maxwell."'

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Precursor Engineering

Precursor Engineering: Directly Altering Physical Reality Thomas Eugene Bearden - 2004

Precursor Engineering: The Direct Engineering of Physical Reality Via Tickling of the Dirac Sea Vacuum Thomas Eugene Bearden




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